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composer:Joel Zimmerman (performs as deadmau5)
publisher:EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (1989-07-24–present)
EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (PRS‐affiliated)
Copyright Control (not for release label use! this is only for copyrights and publishing relationships) (from 2023 to present)
orchestrations:strobe (ov)


2012-09-09Strobe (live, 2012-09-09: iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, London, UK)livedeadmau59:40
Deadmau5 Meets MetalcoverErock4:34
Strobe (part of “Pacha Pure Dance” DJ-mix)deadmau54:17
Strobe (part of “F*** Me I'm Famous! Ibiza Mix 2010” DJ‐mix)deadmau55:20
Strobe (part of “Clubbers Guide to Festivals” DJ‐mix)deadmau5?:??
Strobe (part of “Superclub: Cream / Gatecrasher / Pacha” DJ-mix)deadmau53:45
Strobe (ATTLAS remix)deadmau58:21
Strobe (City 17 remix)deadmau56:09
Strobe (club edit)deadmau56:19
Strobe (club edit) (part of “Chris Fraser: Raw 2010” DJ-mix)deadmau54:32
Strobe (Club Edit)deadmau510:12
Strobe (Com Truise remix)deadmau56:42
Strobe (Dimension remix) (part of “Hospital: We Are 21” DJ mix)deadmau51:28
Strobe (Dimension remix) (part of “UKF Drum & Bass 2016” DJ-mix)deadmau54:44
Strobe (Dimension remix) (Club Mix)deadmau55:09
Strobe (Dimension remix)deadmau58:29
Strobe (Dimension Remix) (part of "2017-03-04: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, Wilkinson")deadmau5?:??
Strobe (DJ Marky & S.P.Y. remix)deadmau57:13
Strobe (Feed Me remix)deadmau59:26
Strobe (full length version) (part of "day of the deadmau5, Live in Chicago, 2020" DJ-mix)deadmau510:14
Strobe (Klaypex remix)deadmau54:30
Strobe (Lane 8 remix)deadmau57:17
Strobe (live version) (from Australian release)livedeadmau54:57
Strobe (live version) (from iTunes release)livedeadmau54:55
Strobe (Michael Woods 2014 remix) (part of “BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems 2015 With Danny Howard” DJ‐mix)deadmau55:58
Strobe (Michael Woods 2014 remix)deadmau57:12
Strobe (Michael Woods remix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Electro House Sessions 3” DJ-mix)deadmau55:01
Strobe (Michael Woods remix) (part of a “Godskitchen: Pure Trance Anthems 2011” DJ‐mix)deadmau53:16
Strobe (Michael Woods remix)deadmau56:46
Strobe (Monstergetdown chill edit)deadmau58:05
Strobe (Monstergetdown remix)deadmau56:44
Strobe (Monstergetdown RLP edit)deadmau59:11
Strobe (Mr FijiWiji remix)deadmau54:39
Strobe (No Mana remix)deadmau58:34
Strobe (Oliver Winters remix)deadmau57:49
Strobe (Plump DJs remix) (part of “A Love Story 89–10” DJ‐mix)deadmau53:56
Strobe (Plump DJs remix)deadmau55:43
Strobe (radio edit)deadmau53:32