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writer:Max Crook
Del Shannon
publisher:Belinda Music
Bug Music
Mole Hole Music
Vicki Music
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Wikidata:Q285001 [info]
Wikipedia:en: Runaway (Del Shannon song) [info]
later parody versions:Karkuri
later translated versions:Mädchenschreck
later versions:Mon amour disparu
referred to in medleys:Diana / Little Darlin’ / Oh! Carol / Runaway (Raul Seixas medley)


1961RunawayDel Shannon2:22
1961RunawayDel Shannon2:19
1965-03-26Runaway (live at Arie Crown Theater, Chicago/March 26, 1965)cover and liveThe Beach Boys3:29
1965-03-27Runaway (live at Arie Crown Theater, Chicago/March 27, 1965)cover and liveThe Beach Boys2:27
1965Runaway (Chicago 1965 with concert promo intro, mono)cover and liveThe Beach Boys2:53
1974-06-07 – 1974-06-09Runaway (live, 1974-06: Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan)cover and liveCarpenters2:12
1977RunawaycoverBonnie Raitt3:57
1980-07-02Runawaycover and liveFred Banana Combo2:10
1999-03-15Runaway (live, 1999-03-15: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveBilly Joel with Bonnie Raitt2:26
1999-03-15Runaway (live, 1999-03-15: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveBonnie Raitt2:15
2002-10-31Runaway (live)cover and liveMisfits2:40
2006-06-18Runaway (live, 2006-06-18: Like a Version: Studio 346, ABC Southbank, Melbourne, Vic, Australia)cover and liveThe Zutons2:26
RunawaycoverThe Evil O'Brians2:45
RunawayDel Shannon2:28
RunawaycoverPå Slaget 122:32
RunawaycoverBonnie Raitt3:23
RunawaycoverSmall Faces?:??
RunawaycoverLos Coronas & Arizona Baby2:56
RunawaycoverBlood for Blood2:21
RunawaycoverCharlie and The Moonhearts?:??
RunawaycoverOla & The Janglers2:26
Runawaycover and liveThe Bates3:00
RunawaycoverThe Bates2:02
RunawaycoverThe Bates1:59
Runawaycover and liveThe Bates1:54
RunawaycoverThe Bates1:49
RunawaycoverMe First and the Gimme Gimmes1:53
RunawaycoverRhythms del Mundo feat. The Zutons3:10
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:32
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:27
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:38
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:36
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:33
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:31
RunawaycoverThe Cox Family3:06
RunawaycoverBonnie Raitt3:27
RunawaycoverBonnie Raitt3:54
RunawaycoverMe First and the Gimme Gimmes1:58
RunawayDel Shannon2:17
RunawaycoverThe Rezidudes2:28
RunawayDel Shannon2:17
RunawayDel Shannon?:??
RunawayDel Shannon2:20
RunawayDel Shannon2:19
RunawayDel Shannon2:18
RunawaycoverGary Lewis & The Playboys2:23
RunawaycoverThe Firebirds2:32
RunawayDel Shannon2:12
RunawayDel Shannon2:19
RunawayDel Shannon2:29
RunawaycoverThe 69 Cats2:30
RunawayDel Shannon2:19
RunawayDel Shannon2:29
RunawayThe Countdown Singers2:31
RunawaycoverShannon and the Clams2:15
RunawaycoverNick Oliver3:42
Runawaycover and instrumentalThe Ventures?:??
RunawaycoverGary Allan2:45
RunawayDel Shannon2:27
RunawayDel Shannon2:19
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:30
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:24
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:27
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:33
RunawaycoverBobby Vinton?:??
RunawayDel Shannon2:18
Runawaycover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:15
Runawaycover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:37
Runawaycover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:09
Runawaycover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:17
Runaway (mono)cover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:14
RunawayDel Shannon2:30
RunawaycoverThe Overtones3:50
RunawaySmall Faces2:48
RunawaycoverTraveling Wilburys2:30
RunawayDel Shannon?:??
Runaway -- 8-BitcoverVampirekiller123452:20
Runaway '67Del Shannon?:??
Runaway (alternate mix)coverSmall Faces?:??
Runaway (demo version)coverTraveling Wilburys2:29
Runaway (live acoustic version)cover and liveThe Zutons2:26
Runaway (live)cover and liveWeeping Willows?:??
Runaway (mono)Del Shannon2:20
Runaway (Rough Mix)coverTraveling Wilburys2:30
Runaway (Rough Mix)coverTraveling Wilburys2:30
Runaway (stereo; different take)Del Shannon2:19