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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (from 1965-06 until 1965-07)
publisher:Special Rider Music
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Wikidata:Q2457460 [info]


1965-07-24Tombstone Blues (live at the Contemporary Songs Workshop, Newport Folk Festival, Freebody Park, Newport, Rhode Island - July 24, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:27
1965-07-29Tombstone Blues (original mono studio mix)Bob Dylan5:53
1965-07-29Tombstone Blues (officially released stereo studio recording)Bob Dylan5:58
1965-07-29Tombstone Blues (alternate take)Bob Dylan3:37
1965-07-29Tombstone Blues (studio: 1965-07-29)Bob Dylan?:??
1965-07-29Tombstone Blues (take 1, 7/29/1965, complete)Bob Dylan7:30
1965-07-29Tombstone Blues (take 4, 7/29/1965, complete)Bob Dylan6:59
1965-07-29Tombstone Blues (take 10, 7/29/1965, false start)partialBob Dylan0:25
1965-07-29Tombstone Blues (take 11, 7/29/1965, breakdown)Bob Dylan3:15
1965-07-29Tombstone Blues (takes 2–3, 7/29/1965, false starts)partialBob Dylan1:16
1965-07-29Tombstone Blues (takes 5–7, 7/29/1965, false starts, rehearsal)partialBob Dylan1:54
1965-08-03Tombstone Blues (take 1, 8/03/1965, complete. vocal overdub)Bob Dylan2:48
1965-08-03Tombstone Blues (take 2, 8/03/1965, complete. vocal overdub)Bob Dylan6:06
1965-08-03Tombstone Blues (take 3, 8/03/1965, complete. vocal overdub)Bob Dylan6:06
1965-08-04Tombstone Blues (take 1, 8/04/1965, harmonica overdub)Bob Dylan1:04
1965-08-04Tombstone Blues (vocal overdub #3) (studio: 1965-08-04)Bob Dylan?:??
1965-08-28Tombstone Blues (1965-08-28: Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Forest Hills, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1965-08-28Tombstone Blues (live at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Queens, New York - August 28, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:40
1965-09-03Tombstone Blues (live, 1965‐09‐03: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1965-09-03Tombstone Blues (Incomplete) (live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California - September 3, 1965)liveBob Dylan4:39
1965-10-29 – 1965-10-31Tombstone Blues (Dropouts) (live at the Back Bay Theater, Boston, Massachusetts - October 29 or 31, 1965)liveBob Dylan4:48
1965-10-30Tombstone Blues (live at Bushnell Memorial Hall, Hartford, CT - October 30, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:23
1965-12-04Tombstone Blues (1965-12-04: Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1965-12-04Tombstone Blues (Incomplete) (live at the Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA - December 4, 1965)live and partialBob Dylan4:55
1984-07-05Tombstone Blues (live, 1984-07: St. James Park, Newcastle, UK)liveBob Dylan4:35
1994-11-17 – 1994-11-18Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan4:55
1996-08Tombstone Blues (live)liveBob Dylan6:27
2000-07-21Tombstone Blues (2000-07-21: Meadows Music Theater, Hartford, CT, USA)Bob Dylan4:53
2000-09-14Tombstone Blues (2000-09-14: The Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland)liveBob Dylan?:??
2002-08-04Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan?:??
2002-10-07Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan5:51
2002-11-16Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone BluescoverThe Dylan Project5:40
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan6:01
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan5:58
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan6:26
Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan4:59
Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan6:27
Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan5:48
Tombstone Blues (live)liveBob Dylan5:04
Tombstone Bluescover and liveSisa3:38
Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone Blues (1999-11-19, late show: Copa Room, Sands Casino, Atlantic City, NJ, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone Blues (1999-11-11: Continental Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone Blues (2003-07-22: Idaho Center Arena, Nampa, ID, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone Blues (1999-11-13: Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone BluesliveBob Dylan?:??
Tombstone BluescoverThe Black-Eyed Snakes3:42
Tombstone BluescoverTim O’Brien3:43
Tombstone BluescoverAnastasia Screamed5:58
Tombstone BluescoverNob Dylan and His Nobsoletes5:36
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan5:57
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan5:55
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan6:19
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan6:02
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan5:53
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan4:55
Tombstone Blues (1996-07-23: Christiania: Den Gra Hal, Copenhagen, Denmark)Bob Dylan?:??
Tombstone BluesBob Dylan5:57
Tombstone Blues (1995-03-31: Brixton Academy, London, England)Bob Dylan8:04
Tombstone Blues (1984-06-28: Minestadio del F.C. Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain)liveBob Dylan & Carlos Santana?:??
Tombstone Blues (1984-05-28: Arena di Verona, Verona, Italy)liveBob Dylan, The Band & Carlos Santana?:??
Tombstone Blues (alternate Chambers Brothers version)Mike Bloomfield feat. Bob Dylan5:57
Tombstone Blues (mono mix) (1965-06-29: Columbia Recording Studios, Studio A, New York City, NY, USA)Bob Dylan?:??
Tombstone Blues (outtake)Bob Dylan6:17
Tombstone Blues (Outtake)Bob Dylan6:18