writer:Graham Gouldman
Eric Stewart
publisher:Man-Ken Music Ltd.
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q250305 [info]
is the basis for:Luv da Sunshine


1978-08-17Dreadlock Holiday (Top of the Pops 17/8/78)live10cc3:25
1982-03Dreadlock Holiday (live, 1982-03: Wembley Conference Centre, Wembley, UK)live10cc?:??
1982-07-27Dreadlock Holiday (Six Fifty Five Special 27/7/82)live10cc3:48
1982Dreadlock Holiday (live from London/1982)live10cc4:59
1993Dreadlock Holiday (live, 1993-3: Tokyo, Japan)live10cc6:06
2008Dreadlock Holiday (live, 2008)live10cc5:24
Dreadlock Holiday10cc?:??
Dreadlock HolidayBoney M.4:17
Dreadlock HolidayBoney M.4:53
Dreadlock HolidayBoney M.4:19
Dreadlock HolidayBoney M.1:23
Dreadlock HolidayliveGraham Gouldman5:07
Dreadlock Holidaycover and instrumentalCellomania3:30
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:25
Dreadlock Holiday (live)10cc?:??
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:27
Dreadlock Holiday10cc?:??
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:24
Dreadlock HolidaycoverBoney M.4:18
Dreadlock HolidaycoverBoney M.4:52
Dreadlock HolidaycoverBoney M.4:52
Dreadlock Holiday10cc?:??
Dreadlock Holiday (live, 1993: Japan)10cc5:02
Dreadlock Holiday10cc3:04
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:43
Dreadlock Holiday10cc?:??
Dreadlock HolidaycoverTop of the Poppers4:29
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:13
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:23
Dreadlock Holiday (live: London, UK)live10cc4:47
Dreadlock Holiday (live: Japan)live10cc6:11
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:59
Dreadlock Holiday10cc5:00
Dreadlock Holiday10cc5:02
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:26
Dreadlock Holiday10cc5:02
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:28
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:29
Dreadlock Holiday10cc?:??
Dreadlock Holiday (part of “MoS: I Love Reggae” DJ-mix)10cc4:21
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:28
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:59
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:59
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:27
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:13
Dreadlock Holiday10cc5:03
Dreadlock Holiday10cc3:53
Dreadlock Holiday10cc4:28
Dreadlock Holiday (live, 1993-03: Tokyo, Japan)live10cc4:49
Dreadlock HolidaycoverTony Barlay?:??
Dreadlock Holiday ("Greatest Hits 1972-1978" long version)10cc5:01
Dreadlock HolidaycoverVoice Male4:19
Dreadlock HolidaycoverBoney M.4:18
Dreadlock HolidaycoverBoney M.4:53
Dreadlock HolidaycoverBoney M.1:23
Dreadlock Holiday (Decibel Dubstep remix)10cc5:02
Dreadlock Holiday (live)live10cc4:58
Dreadlock Holiday (live)live10cc3:51
Dreadlock Holiday (radio mix)10cc vs. Dee Smoove4:44
Dreadlock Holiday (Rap-Sody / top deck long version)coverBoney M.11:01
Dreadlock Holiday (remix version)10cc vs. Dee Smoove4:56
Dreadlock Holiday (short cut)10cc vs. Dee Smoove3:45
Dreadlock Holidays (Live)live10cc3:04
Dreadlock Woman (Destiny's Child vs 10cc) (part of a “As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 6” DJ‐mix)partial2 Many DJ’s1:18
I Don’t Like Cricket - I Love It (Dreadlock Holiday) (live)live10cc5:08
Independent Women, Part 1 vs. Dreadlock Holiday (Destiny's Child vs. 10cc)partial2 Many DJ’s3:30