EarthBound (Video Game Soundtrack)

~ Soundtrack


composer: 金津宏
田中宏和 (video game composer & keyboardist)
part of: Mother Series (video game soundtrack) (number: 2)
Wikidata: Q2529000 [info]
other databases: [info]
parts: A Flash of Memory (EarthBound)
Battle Against a Machine (EarthBound)
Battle Against a Mobile Opponent (EarthBound)
Battle Against a Weird Opponent (EarthBound)
Bazaar (EarthBound)
Because I Love You (EarthBound)
Bicycle's Theme (Spinning Pedals) (EarthBound)
Buzz Buzz's Prophecy (EarthBound)
Eight Melodies (EarthBound)
Enjoy Your Stay (EarthBound)
Get on the Bus (EarthBound)
Giygas Disintegrates (EarthBound)
Giygas' Intimidation (EarthBound)
Home Sweet Home (EarthBound)
Hospital Dub (Call the Doctor) (EarthBound)
Hotel (Pearl Necklace) (EarthBound)
Humoresque of a Little Dog (Mother)
Inside the Dungeon (EarthBound)
Kraken of the Sea (EarthBound)
Light of Life (EarthBound)
Lucky Nice Blues (EarthBound)
Megaton Walk (EarthBound)
Onett's Theme (EarthBound)
Paula's Theme (EarthBound)
Pink Cloud Shrine (EarthBound)
Pokey (EarthBound)
Pokey Means Business! (EarthBound)
Pokey's at the Door (EarthBound)
Ramma's Theme (EarthBound)
Sailing to Scaraba (EarthBound)
Sanctuary Guardian (EarthBound)
Sanctuary Guardian's Challenge (EarthBound)
Saturn Valley's Theme (EarthBound)
Save the Miners! (EarthBound)
Snowman (Mother)
Summer's Theme (EarthBound)
The Floating Kingdom of Dalaam (EarthBound)
The Place (EarthBound)
Threed's Theme (EarthBound)
Threed, Zombie Central (EarthBound)
Venus Live! (EarthBound)
Welcome to Your Sanctuary (EarthBound)
What a Great Picture! (EarthBound)
Whoops! (EarthBound)
Winter's Theme (EarthBound)
Winters' Wake Up Call (EarthBound)
You've Come Far, Ness (EarthBound)
いつかきっと (EarthBound)
こんにちわ (EarthBound)
ウィンターズ ホワイト (EarthBound)
エデンの海 (EarthBound)
スマイルズ・アンド・ティアーズ (EarthBound)
タッシー! (EarthBound)
ボーイ ミーツ ガール (EarthBound)
冒険をはじめよう (EarthBound)
眠ってる場合じゃない (EarthBound)
逆襲 (EarthBound)
風が吹く (EarthBound)