composer:Thelonious Monk (1948)
publisher:Embassy Music Corporation
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Wikidata:Q7376237 [info]
is the basis for:Rubies
later versions:Dear Ruby


1947-10-24Ruby My Dear (1947 Blue Note studio recording, matrix # BN313-1, master take)Thelonious Monk3:08
1947-10-24Ruby, My Dear (alternate take) (1947 Blue Note studio recording, matrix # BN313-0, alternate take)Thelonious Monk3:06
1950-05-17What's New? Into Ruby My Dearlive and medleyCharlie Parker Quintet2:34
1953-12-15Ruby My Dear (take 2)Kenny Dorham Quintet3:06
1953-12-15Ruby, My Dear (take 1)Kenny Dorham Quintet3:08
1955-09Ruby My DearcoverStan Levey3:18
1956-09Ruby My DearKenny Drew Trio5:46
1957-06-26Ruby My DearThelonious Monk5:34
1957-06-26Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk Septet feat. Coleman Hawkins5:27
1957-07Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk with John Coltrane6:21
1959-10-21 – 1959-10-22Ruby, My Dear (live, 1959-10-2x: Fugazzi Hall in San Francisco, CA, USA)Thelonious Monk4:00
1961-02-07Ruby, My DearEddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Johnny Griffin4:42
1961-08-01Ruby, My DearcoverJunior Mance?:??
1961-12-17Ruby, My DearBud Powell5:49
1962-02-28Ruby, My DearThe Jazztet5:06
1962-08-30Ruby, My Dear (take 5)Milt Jackson Sextet4:17
1962-08-30Ruby, My Dear (take 6)Milt Jackson Sextet4:26
1964-02-21Ruby, My Dear (live, 1964-02-21: Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark)liveThelonious Monk Quartet8:58
1964-02-22Ruby, My Dear (live, 1964-04-22: Alhambra, Paris, France)liveThelonious Monk9:02
1964-02-22 – 1964-02-23Ruby My Dear (live, 1964-02: Paris, France)liveThelonious Monk8:51
1965-03-02Ruby, My Dear (studio, 1965-03-02; solo piano)Thelonious Monk5:41
1965-05-07Ruby My DearNathan Davis6:53
1965-07-04Ruby My Dear (live, 1965-07-02: Newport Jazz Festival, Freebody Park, Newport, RI, USA)liveThelonious Monk7:12
1966-10-01Ruby, My DearJames Moody5:13
1967-11-03Ruby, My Dear (live, 1967-11-03: Salle Pleyel, Paris, France)liveThelonious Monk7:43
1967-11-14Ruby My DearliveThelonious Monk5:58
1969-09-23Ruby My DearcoverSteve Lacy4:23
1971-11-15Ruby My DearThelonious Monk6:03
1975-02Ruby, My DearMcCoy Tyner7:50
1976-10-04Ruby My DearTommy Flanagan4:03
1977-01-18 – 1977-01-19Ruby, My DearHank Jones3:55
1979Ruby, My DearcoverDexter Gordon8:42
1980-07Ruby, My DearSteve Khan3:10
1982-07-22 – 1982-07-23Ruby, My DearMax Roach Quartet4:59
1982-07Solo Medley: Ruby My Dear / My Old Flame / I've Grown Accustomed to Her Facelive and medleyCedar Walton14:22
1985-01-30 – 1985-01-31Ruby My DearAnthony Braxton5:11
1987-04 – 1987-05Ruby, My DearWalter Davis Jr.3:34
1988-02Ruby My DearWalter Davis Jr.2:27
1991-03-07Medley: a) I'll Keep Loving You; b) Ruby, My Dear; c) If You Could See Me Nowlive and medleyBarry Harris11:00
1991-03-15Ruby, My DearBilly Drummond Quintet6:10
1991-09-08Collage of Thelonious Monk: 'Round Midnight / Friday the Thirteenth / Ruby My Dearlive and medleyJaki Byard7:41
1992-07Ruby My DearString Trio of New York5:52
1992-09-18 – 1992-09-19Ruby, My DearJohn Fedchock4:30
1992-09-30 – 1992-10-01Ruby My DearThe Walter Norris Trio7:36
1993-08-28Ruby My DearliveKenny Burrell8:15
1993-10-29Ruby My DearJessica Williams5:19
1993-11 – 1994-08Ruby, My DearcoverKnut Kristiansen3:09
2001-05-12Ruby My DearcoverSteve Reid Trio7:23
2004-01-01Ruby, My Dearcover and liveRichard Galliano New York Trio4:51
2005-07-29Ruby My DearEric Alexander7:54
2013-10-21 – 2013-10-23Ruby My DearcoverJohn Surman / Bergen Big Band7:36
2018-05-23Ruby, My DearFrank Kimbrough, Scott Robinson, Rufus Reid, Billy Drummond4:39
Regi My DeerSwiss Yerba Buena Creole Rice Jazz Band4:18
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk Quartet With John Coltrane5:32
Ruby My Dear (live, 1967-11-03: Salle Pleyel, Paris, France)liveThelonious Monk7:43
Ruby My DearAnthony Braxton15:09
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk5:35
Ruby My DearHeinz Sauer / Michael Wollny4:11
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk Trio3:07
Ruby My DearHank Jones3:51
Ruby My DearPeter Leitch6:52
Ruby My DearEllis Marsalis7:10
Ruby My DearcoverAntoine Hervé5:37
Ruby My DearcoverMarchel Ivery2:30
Ruby My DearcoverDieter Ilg & Charlie Mariano5:20
Ruby My DearcoverArt Farmer4:50
Ruby My DearcoverAndy Summers2:52
Ruby My DearAlan Feinberg4:05
Ruby My DearLee Konitz5:40
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk8:45
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk6:09
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk3:08
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk & John Coltrane6:18
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk3:10
Ruby My DearAlan Feinberg3:59
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk5:27
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk3:09
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk5:36
Ruby My DearThelonious Monk5:38
Ruby My Dear (live, 1969: Paris, France)liveThelonious Monk6:31
Ruby My Dear (alternate version)coverAndy Summers2:40
Ruby My Dear (Live)liveMiho Hazama8:37
Ruby, my dearcoverJohn Coltrane6:26
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk3:10
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk5:23
Ruby, My DearinstrumentalKenny Drew5:47
Ruby, My DearDexter Gordon Quartet8:44
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk with John Coltrane6:19
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk5:40
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk6:07
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk5:26
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk with John Coltrane6:19
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk7:44
Ruby, My DearDexter Gordon8:44
Ruby, My DearCharlie Rouse7:48
Ruby, My DearcoverAlexander von Schlippenbach0:59
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk5:34
Ruby, My DearcoverThelonious Monk with John Coltrane6:21
Ruby, My DearcoverJohn Coltrane6:23
Ruby, My Dear (live)liveThelonious Monk8:46
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk5:27
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk5:26
Ruby, My DearcoverPeter Mulvey2:13
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk5:41
Ruby, My DearSteve Khan3:10
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk5:42
Ruby, My DearThe Charles Lloyd Quartet5:25
Ruby, My DearBobby Broom5:40
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk3:08
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk5:25
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk?:??
Ruby, My DearThelonious Monk5:39
Ruby, My Dear (alternate take)Thelonious Monk?:??
Ruby, My Dear (Monk Medley)Once in a life5:10
Ruby, My Dear (take 1)Thelonious Monk4:47
Ruby, My Dear (take 3)Thelonious Monk5:43
Ruby My Dear / PannonicamedleyBilly Peterson & David Hazeltine3:59