composer:Duke Ellington (US composer, pianist & jazz bandleader) (1938)
lyricist:Irving Gordon (1938)
Irving Mills (1938)
publisher:J. R. Lafleur & Son Ltd.
Lafleur Music Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q1579875 [info]


1938-08-09Prelude to a KissinstrumentalDuke Ellington2:59
1938-08-09Prelude to a Kiss (alternate take 2)Duke Ellington & His Orchestra2:59
1945-05-10Prelude to a KissDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:03
1946-08-01Prelude to a KissJune Christy3:02
1952-10-20Prelude to a KissinstrumentalHorace Silver2:51
1953-04-13 – 1953-04-14Prelude to a KissDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:04
1954-04-02Prelude to a KissSarah Vaughan and Her Trio2:47
1954-06-04Prelude to a Kisscover and instrumentalBarney Kessel3:13
1956-11-03Prelude to a KissinstrumentalThe Hal McKusick Quartette3:42
1957-02-14Prelude to a KissSarah Vaughan and Her Trio2:47
1957-09Prelude to a KissinstrumentalThe Ed Higgins Trio?:??
1957-10-01Prelude to a KissDuke Ellington & His Orchestra4:45
1957-10-17Prelude to a KisscoverElla Fitzgerald5:29
1960-01-13 – 1960-01-14Prelude to a KissBobby Timmons3:23
1962-09-12Prelude to a KissPhineas Newborn, Jr.4:02
1962-11-19Prelude to a KissJune Christy3:56
1973-06Prelude to a Kisscover, instrumental and liveRahsaan Roland Kirk5:04
1973-07-29Prelude to a Kissinstrumental and liveHerb Ellis and Joe Pass5:34
1974-01-23Prelude to a Kiss / Sophisticated Lady / Caravaninstrumental, live and medleyDick Wellstood6:26
1975-11 – 1975-12Prelude to a KissinstrumentalKenny Burrell2:55
1976-05Prelude to a KissStan Getz5:34
1976-11-16Prelude to a KissinstrumentalAl Haig5:25
1977-06-03Prelude to a KissinstrumentalArchie Shepp5:28
1982-10-07Prelude to a KissPhil Woods11:04
1984-09Prelude to a KissinstrumentalTal Farlow5:19
1985-10-27Prelude to a KisscoverBob Cooper, Snooky Young Sextet, Ernie Andrews5:00
1986-02-17Prelude to a KissSteve Lacy & Mal Waldron5:36
1986-06-23Prelude to a KissCarmen McRae5:25
1987-02-07 – 1987-02-08Prelude to a KissinstrumentalBennie Wallace7:49
1987-05Prelude to a KisscoverGeorge Shearing6:25
1988Prelude to a KisscoverJoe Van Enkhuizen, Horace Parlan3:47
1989-06-14Prelude to a Kisscover and liveSun Ra and His Arkestra?:??
1990-02-06 – 1990-02-10Prelude to a KissJohnny Mathis2:54
1990-11-30Prelude to a KissHarold Ashby6:56
1993-12-24Prelude to a KissSeamus Blake Quintet5:22
1994-06-02 – 1994-06-03Prelude to a Kisscover and instrumentalAhmad Jamal4:22
1994-06-27 – 1994-06-30Prelude to a KissinstrumentalDavid “Fathead” Newman5:41
1995-03-13 – 1995-04-03Prelude to a KissBrad Mehldau10:01
1996-06Prelude to a KisscoverJoe Maneri Quartet6:21
1998-10-10Prelude to a kissRenée Fleming, Daniel Barenboim4:15
1999-09-10 – 1999-09-11Prelude to a KissRoy Haynes Trio feat. Danilo Pérez & John Patitucci7:58
1999-10-03 – 1999-10-04Prelude to a KisscoverToshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra10:47
2000-01Prelude to a KissinstrumentalDavid Hazeltine6:35
2001Prelude to a KissinstrumentalJesse van Ruller5:46
2008-06-13Prelude to a KissJonathan Kreisberg7:13
2012-01-20 – 2012-01-22Prelude to a Kisscover and instrumentalLaurent de Wilde7:55
2013-02-28Prelude to a KissinstrumentalTom Rainey Obbligato7:56
2014-09-09 – 2014-09-11Prelude to a KissBob Dorough Trio feat. Michael Hornstein4:49
2015-07-13 – 2015-11-23Prelude to a KissDanielle Talamantes with Henry Dehlinger4:15
2016-02-16Prelude to a KissinstrumentalBoris Kozlov9:09
Day Dream / Prelude to a KissAndré Previn with Mundell Lowe & Ray Brown4:44
Portrait of Mercer Ellington / Prelude to a KisscoverStacy Sullivan with Jon Weber5:36
Prelude to a KisscoverJohnny Mathis4:26
Prelude to a KissTony Bennett2:37
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalJavon Jackson, David Hazeltine, Tony Reedus & Paul Gill7:10
Prelude to a KissNancy Wilson2:45
Prelude to a KissTeddi King3:03
Prelude to a KissJune Christy & Stan Kenton3:42
Prelude to a KissVic Damone3:29
Prelude to a KissJune Christy with The Kentones3:01
Prelude to a KissElla Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington5:27
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalTito Puente5:24
Prelude to a KissKurt Elling5:27
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalMisako Kano3:02
Prelude to a KissJeri Southern3:36
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalGeorge Shearing6:25
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalGene Ammons3:01
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalThe Red Norvo Trio4:04
Prelude to a KissJoe Pass5:47
Prelude to a KissDuke Ellington & His Orchestra?:??
Prelude to a KisscoverClaudia Acuña3:31
Prelude to a KissSophie Milman4:36
Prelude to a KissThe Duke Ellington Orchestra4:26
Prelude to a KissDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:01
Prelude to a KissliveSun Ra6:18
Prelude to a KissMichele Rosewoman Trio5:43
Prelude to a KissMarcus Roberts3:05
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalRed Norvo4:06
Prelude to a KisscoverFantasy .Inc6:27
Prelude to a KissliveSun Ra & His Intergalactic Arkestra4:55
Prelude to a KissBarbara Sfraga5:21
Prelude to a KissBarbara Hendricks & The Monty Alexander Trio3:46
Prelude to a KissEllis Marsalis5:59
Prelude to a KissHal McKusick / Betty St. Claire3:55
Prelude to a KissDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:02
Prelude to a KisscoverElizabeth Shepherd2:51
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalJoe Wilder5:06
Prelude to a KissMarian McPartland4:05
Prelude to a KissDaniel Barenboim4:52
Prelude to a KissliveMarian McPartland5:21
Prelude to a KisscoverSir Roland Hanna, Davey Yarborough8:28
Prelude to a KissMorgana King3:43
Prelude to a KissSarah Vaughan5:57
Prelude to a KisscoverUMO Jazz Orchestra3:28
Prelude to a KissBillie Holiday5:35
Prelude to a KissBillie Holiday2:48
Prelude to a KissTito Puente5:27
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalAndy Bey6:28
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalDon Braden4:07
Prelude to a KissJim Hall4:49
Prelude to a KissNnenna Freelon5:02
Prelude to a KissBillie Holiday5:35
Prelude to a KissMel Tormé3:14
Prelude to a KissDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:58
Prelude to a KissVic Damone3:25
Prelude to a KisscoverCynthia Felton4:58
Prelude to a KissinstrumentalDavid S. Ware feat. Jean-Charles Capon3:53
Prelude To A KissWarren Bernhardt7:40
Prelude To A KissinstrumentalRed Norvo4:02
Prelude To A KissBen Webster?:??
Prelude to a Kiss / Pitter Panther Patter (medley)live and medleyDick Wellstood6:05
Sophisticated Ladies Suite: Prelude to a KissinstrumentalNewton Wayland, Utah Symphony Pops2:55