lyricist:Ted Koehler (in 1933)
composer:Harold Arlen (in 1933)
publisher:Arko Music Corp.
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
Fred Ahlert Mus. Corp.
Mills Music, Inc.
Ted Koehler Music Co.
The Songwriters Guild
Wikidata:Q3238185 [info]
later translated versions:Ciel de plomb "Stormy Weather"
Ohne dich (Stürmisches Wetter) (Stormy Weather)
Quand il pleut (Stormy Weather)
later versions:Nostalgia (Marie Myriam song)
is the basis for:Bordet fanger


1933-05-03Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All the Time)Ethel Waters3:12
1933-05-03Stormy Weather [1933-05-03]Ethel Waters & The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra3:05
1933-05-16Stormy WeatherinstrumentalDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:01
1933-05-26Stormy WeatherNat Gonella with Garland Wilson2:57
1934-06Stormy WeatherinstrumentalHerman Chittison2:56
1934-06Stormy WeatherinstrumentalHerman Chittison3:05
1937-05-28Stormy WeatherinstrumentalDon Redman and His Orchestra2:40
1937-11-29Stormy WeatherinstrumentalArt Tatum3:11
1937-11-29Stormy WeatherinstrumentalArt Tatum3:14
1939-01-10Stormy WeatherinstrumentalWillie “The Lion” Smith2:37
1939-01-10Stormy WeatherWillie “The Lion” Smith2:41
1940-02-14Stormy WeatherDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:36
1941-12-15Stormy WeatherLena Horne3:22
1941-12-15Stormy WeatherLena Horne3:47
1941-12-15Stormy WeatherLena Horne3:18
1944-04Stormy Weatherinstrumental and liveArt Tatum Trio4:58
1944-12-03Stormy WeatherFrank Sinatra4:16
1944-12-03Stormy WeatherFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra4:15
1944-12-03Stormy WeathercoverFrank Sinatra4:16
1944Stormy WeatherFrank Sinatra4:15
1945-03-30Stormy WeatherNat King Cole3:15
1945-03-30Stormy WeathercoverKay Starr3:10
1945-03-30Stormy WeatherThe Capitol International Jazzmen3:13
1946-01-15Stormy WeathercoverGeorgie Auld & His Orchestra3:15
1946-01-15Stormy WeatherGeorgie Auld3:18
1947-11-03Stormy WeatherFrank Sinatra3:51
1947-11-03Stormy WeatherFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra3:51
1947-11-12Stormy WeathercoverPeggy Lee3:09
1949-12-24Stormy WeatherWillie “The Lion” Smith2:38
1949Stormy WeatherinstrumentalErroll Garner3:08
1950-12Stormy WeatherinstrumentalWillie “The Lion” Smith2:39
1950Stormy WeatherinstrumentalDjango Reinhardt4:12
1950Stormy WeatherWillie “The Lion” Smith2:40
1951-12-28Stormy WeatherinstrumentalEddie Heywood2:41
1951 – 1952Stormy WeatherinstrumentalHoward McGhee, J.J. Johnson, Oscar Pettiford, Clifton Best, Rudy Williams, Charlie Rice2:00
1952-01-17Stormy WeatherinstrumentalHoward McGhee's Korean All Stars2:03
1952-07-27Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:41
1953-02-22Stormy WeatherinstrumentalDizzy Gillespie and His Operatic String Orchestra3:50
1953-04-07Stormy WeatherDuke Ellington and His Orchestra3:12
1955Stormy WeatherCaterina Valente2:47
1956-11-09Stormy WeatherinstrumentalRoland Kirk4:38
1957-05-14Stormy WeatherCurtis Fuller7:22
1957-10-04Stormy WeatherinstrumentalJohn T. Williams Octet2:45
1958-11-27Stormy WeatherinstrumentalRed Garland Trio10:41
1959-03-24Stormy Weather (1959 original studio master)Frank Sinatra3:21
1959-07-14 – 1959-08-09Stormy WeatherinstrumentalOscar Peterson2:43
1959Stormy WeatherinstrumentalOscar Peterson3:34
1959Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All the Time)instrumentalOscar Peterson2:42
1960-01Stormy WeatherBilly Eckstine3:56
1960-02-15Harold Arlen Medleylive and medleyFrank Sinatra & Lena Horne3:59
1960-04Stormy WeatherSarah Vaughan3:31
1960-08Stormy Weather (Keep's Rainin' All the Time)Betty Carter3:21
1960-10-20Stormy Weather (studio, Candid, Nola Penthouse Sound Studio, NYC, October 20, 1960)instrumentalCharles Mingus13:25
1960-12-10Stormy Weather (live, 1960-12-10: Pathé Tuschinski, Amsterdam, Netherlands)liveJudy Garland?:??
1960Stormy WeathercoverElla Fitzgerald5:16
1961-04-23Stormy Weather (live, 1961-04-23: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveJudy Garland6:11
1961-04-23Stormy Weather (live, 1961-04-23: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA, mono)liveJudy Garland5:52
1961-04-23Stormy Weather (live, 1961-04-23: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA, stereo LP edit)liveJudy Garland5:52
1961Stormy WeatherSarah Vaughan2:16
1963-08-07Stormy WeathercoverLou Rawls3:02
1965-01-30Stormy WeatherinstrumentalBen Webster7:21
1965-01-30Stormy Weatherinstrumental and liveBen Webster7:24
1966-03-15Stormy WeathercoverThe George Benson Quartet2:19
1969-09-12Stormy WeatherinstrumentalLee Morgan5:43
1984-04-13 – 1984-05-17Stormy Weather (1984 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:42
1984-05-17Stormy Weather (1984 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:42
1987-06-24Stormy WeatherinstrumentalWoody Shaw7:55
1987-06Stormy WeatherWoody Shaw8:00
1987-10-12Stormy WeatherinstrumentalHouston Person8:35
1993-04-21Stormy WeathercoverJazz Band Ball Orchestra5:10
2001-11Stormy WeatherinstrumentalEnrico Rava / Rusca Trio & Strings8:36
2003-11-26Stormy WeatherinstrumentalAndrea Pozza meets Enrico Rava8:48
2003-11-26Stormy Weather (II)instrumentalAndrea Pozza meets Enrico Rava5:56
2005-11-11Stormy WeatherinstrumentalHarold Mabern Trio4:40
2006-02-13 – 2006-02-15Stormy Weather / When the Sun Comes OutcoverAnn Hampton Callaway5:14
2007-05-13 – 2007-05-16Stormy WeathercoverFrommermann4:13
2007Stormy WeatherDeborah Brown3:07
Cotton Club Paradise: Stormy WeatherSylvia McNair, David Finck, André Previn4:21
I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues / Stormy Weathercover and partialSam Harris3:49
Man That Got Away / Stormy Weather / Blues in the NightmedleyMaureen McGovern7:12
Medley: Easter Parade / It's Only a Paper Moon / Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / Stormy Weatherinstrumental and medleyTom Hazleton7:50
Medley: I’ve Got a Right to Sing the Blues / Stormy Weather / When the Sun Comes OutmedleyJulie Wilson5:58
Om Lindberg kommercoverEdvard Persson & Arvid Richter3:11
Stormy weatherFrank Sinatra3:18
Stormy weatherBillie Holiday3:38
Stormy weatherDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:05
Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:28
Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:36
Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:43
Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:45
Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:43
Stormy WeatherJudy Garland5:09
Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:28
Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:28
Stormy WeatherFrank Sinatra4:16
Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:44
Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:41
Stormy WeatherFrank Sinatra?:??
Stormy WeatherliveJudy Garland6:02
Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday3:34
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