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lyricist:Robert J. Smith (UK guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for The Cure)
composer:Boris Williams
Laurence Tolhurst
Paul S. Thompson
Robert J. Smith (UK guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for The Cure)
Roger O’Donnell
Simon Gallup
publisher:BMG Music Publishing Ltd.
BMG Songs, Inc.
Fiction Songs Ltd.
Universal Music Publishing MGB Ltd.
Wikidata:Q786392 [info]
later translated parody versions:Kumbia Dark


1988-11 – 1989-02Lovesong (album original mix)The Cure3:29
1989-07LovesongliveThe Cure3:24
1989-09-10Love SongliveThe Cure3:37
1996-04-13Lovesongcover and liveTori Amos3:58
1996-08-10Lovesong (1996-08-10: Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)liveThe Cure?:??
1997-10-31LovesongliveThe Cure3:33
2001-11-23Lovesong (live, 2001-11-23: La Scène, Paris, France)liveThe Cure?:??
2002-07-20Lovesong (live, 2002-07-20: Les Vieilles Charrues, France)liveThe Cure?:??
2002-11-11 – 2002-11-12LovesongliveThe Cure3:42
2002-11-11 – 2002-11-12LovesongliveThe Cure3:42
2003-01-20Lovesong (solo) (live, 2003-01-20: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)cover and liveTori Amos4:21
2004-02-09Love Song (live, 2004-02-09: The Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA, USA)cover and live3113:56
2004-05-02Lovesong (live, 2004‐05‐02: Coachella Festival, Indio, CA)liveThe Cure3:30
2005-03-08Lovesongcover and instrumentalDavid Ari Leon3:53
2006-07-30Love Song (live, 2006-07-30: River Riot '06, Westfair Amphitheatre, Council Bluffs, IA, USA)cover and live3113:51
2008-04-15Lovesongcover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:34
2008-08-14Love Song (live, 2008-08-14: Apple Store Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, QC, Canada)cover and liveGood Charlotte4:44
2008-11-10Lovesong (live, 2008-11-10: MTV Live, Piazza San Giovanni, Rome, Italy)liveThe Cure?:??
2011-04-08Lovesong (live, 2011-04-08: Paradiso FM, Amsterdam, Netherlands)cover and liveAdele?:??
2011-09-10LovesongliveThe Cure3:35
2011-09-22Lovesong (live, 2011-09-22: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)cover and liveAdele5:17
2011LovesongliveThe Cure3:37
2012-06-01Lovesong (live, 2012-06-01: Barcelona, Spain)liveThe Cure3:34
2012-06-22Lovesong (live, 2012‐06‐22: Hurricane Festival, Scheeßel, Germany)liveThe Cure3:29
2012-08-24Lovesong (live, 2012‐08‐24: Reading Festival, Reading, England)liveThe Cure3:30
2016-05-13Lovesong (live, 2016‐05‐13: Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas)liveThe Cure3:38
2016-06-10Lovesong (live, 2016‐06‐10: UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL, USA)liveThe Cure3:35
2016-06-18Lovesong (2016‐06‐18: Live at Madison Square Garden, New York)liveThe Cure3:36
2016-06-18Lovesong (live, 2016-06-18: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveThe Cure3:36
2016-06-19Lovesong (live, 2016‐06‐19: Live at Madison Square Garden, New York)liveThe Cure3:38
2016-08-01LovesongcoverDialogue From a Silent Film4:34
2016-12-01Lovesong (live, 2016‐12‐01: The SSE Arena, Wembley, London)liveThe Cure3:34
2018-07-07Lovesong (live, 2018-07-07: The Great Oak Stage, Hyde Park, London, UK)liveThe Cure3:39
2018-07-07Lovesong (live, 2018-07-07: The Great Oak Stage, Hyde Park, London, UK)liveThe Cure3:39
2018-11-30LovesongcoverHuman Lynx4:03
2019-06-30Lovesong (live, 2019‐06‐30: Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK)liveThe Cure?:??
– 2006-10-10Love Songcover and instrumentalRockabye Baby!4:43
– 2009Love SongcoverThe Big Pink5:51
– 2020-07-24LovesongcoverUnwoman3:56
bad love songcover♡kitty♡3:22
Cure Man (Lovesong)coverSawtooth3:07
Love SongcoverThe Countdown Singers3:26
Love SongcoverNox Interna4:38
Love Songcover3113:29
Love SongcoverDaimon5:30
Love Songcover and liveTori Amos3:36
Love SongcoverThe Deluxtone Rockets3:10
Love SongcoverNaimee Coleman3:34
Love SongThe Cure3:29
Love Song (part of a “FabricLive 24: Diplo” DJ‐mix)The Cure2:41
Love SongcoverDominia3:41
Love SongliveThe Cure3:50
Love SongThe Cure3:28
Love SongThe Cure3:29
Love Songcover and liveTori Amos?:??
Love SongcoverCoshida?:??
Love SongcoverStephen Nicholls & Kati Nicholls4:50
Love SongcoverTori Amos3:37
Love Songcover and liveTori Amos?:??
Love Songcover and liveTori Amos3:30
Love SongcoverThe Section Quartet4:32
Love Song (live)The Cure3:26
Love SongThe Cure3:51
Love SongThe Cure3:28
Love SongThe Cure3:29
Love SongThe Cure3:28
Love SongThe Cure3:30
Love SongThe Cure2:55
Love SongThe Cure3:32
Love SongcoverJack Off Jill3:35
Love Songcover and instrumentalEly Jaffe3:04
Love SongcoverBicicletas3:33
Love SongcoverThe Countdown Singers3:26
Love SongcoverCountdown2:42
Love SongcoverVoltaire3:30
Love SongcoverMariee Sioux3:51
Love SongcoverGash2:50
Love Song (Art of mix)The Cure5:56
Love Song (Art of remix)The Cure5:53
Love Song (Art of remix)The Cure5:54
Love Song (extended remix)The Cure6:18
Love Song (live)cover and liveAnita Lipnicka & John Porter4:13
Love Song (remix)The Cure3:29
Lovesong (live, 2012‐07‐09: Ippodromo delle Capannelle, Rome, Italy)liveThe Cure3:28
LovesongliveThe Cure?:??
Lovesong (acoustic)liveThe Cure3:28
LovesongcoverLost Tapes with Haunted Magic4:14
LovesongcoverSebastian Komor4:14
LovesongcoverThe Florist4:11
Lovesongcover and instrumentalDas Traumstern-Orchester4:57
LovesongcoverA.A. Williams4:09
LovesongcoverThe Brains2:34
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