lyricist and composer:Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf Islam)
publisher:Cat Music Ltd.
Island Music, Inc.


1971-02-15Don’t Be ShyCat Stevens2:51
2003-03-03Don't Be Shy (live, 2003-03-03: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan)cover and livePearl Jam3:38
2009-06-03Don't Be Shy (live, 2009-06-03: BBC Theatre, Portland Place, London, UK)liveYusuf Islam?:??
2009-06-14Don't Be Shy (live, 2009-06-14: Lyric Opera House, Baltimore, MD)cover and liveEddie Vedder?:??
2009-11-15Don't Be Shy (live, 2009-11-15: The O2, Dublin, Ireland)liveYusuf Islam3:41
Don't Be ShycoverTravis2:42
Don't Be ShycoverEddie Vedder3:49
Don't Be Shycover and liveEddie Vedder2:30
Don't Be Shy (alternate version)Cat Stevens2:56
Don't Be Shy (demo version)Cat Stevens2:37
Don't Be Shy (Demo)Cat Stevens2:42