lyricist and composer:Chet Powers
publisher:Irving Music (BMI)
Irving Music, Inc.
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Wikidata:Q5554201 [info]
is the basis for:Right Now
Territorial Pissings


1969-07-07Get Together (live, 1969-07-07: Mississippi River Festival, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL, USA)cover and liveJoni Mitchell?:??
1969-11Get Togethercover and liveThe Youngbloods4:21
1979-09-19 – 1979-09-23Get Together (live, 1979-09-19/23: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveJesse Colin Young4:36
2004-10-27 – 2004-12-05Get TogethercoverLizz Wright4:39
Everybody Get TogethercoverTop of the Poppers?:??
Everybody Get TogethercoverThe Dave Clark Five3:18
Get TogethercoverPat Surface4:43
Get TogethercoverAnne Murray2:42
Get TogethercoverAndy Williams with Load Stone?:??
Get TogetherThe Youngbloods4:37
Get TogethercoverWilson Phillips3:46
Get TogethercoverThe Chad Mitchell Trio2:59
Get TogetherThe Youngbloods4:38
Get Together (stereo)coverThe Youngbloods4:38
Get TogethercoverYoungbloods4:36
Get TogethercoverLouis ‘Country & Western’ Armstrong3:41
Get TogetherThe Youngbloods4:41
Get TogethercoverKen Tamplin4:40
Get TogetherThe Youngbloods4:40
Get Together (Your Navy Presents version)coverCarpenters2:37
Get TogethercoverThe Wonder Stuff3:43
Get TogethercoverHamilton Camp4:02
Get TogethercoverThe Chad Mitchell Trio3:03
Get Togethercover and liveNoel Paul Stookey4:07
Get Togethercover and liveNoel Paul Stookey5:10
Get TogethercoverAnn Wilson feat. Nancy Wilson, Deana Carter & Wynonna4:04
Get TogethercoverJesse Colin Young4:52
Get TogethercoverRandy Stonehill3:50
Get Togethercover and liveJack Jones3:11
Get TogethercoverKeb’ Mo’4:00
Get TogethercoverIndigo Girls3:32
Get TogethercoverBig Mountain5:03
Get TogethercoverRichard Clapton4:26
Get TogethercoverKim Richey4:01
Get TogethercoverDavid Crosby2:33
Get Togethercover and liveJudy Collins2:53
Get TogethercoverThe Youngbloods4:33
Get TogetherDella Reese3:40
Let's Get TogethercoverSmith3:32
Let's Get TogethercoverFairport Convention2:48
Let's Get Togethercover and liveFairport Convention2:48
Let's Get TogetherThe Kingston Trio2:47
Let's Get Togethercover and liveKate Wolf5:34
Let's Get TogetherJefferson Airplane3:35
Let's Get TogethercoverWe Five2:13
Let's Get TogethercoverH.P. Lovecraft4:35
Let's Get TogethercoverLobo4:52
Let's Get Togethercover3's a Crowd2:55
Let's Get TogethercoverThe Stone Poneys3:11
Let's Get TogetherliveThe Kingston Trio2:30
Let's Get TogethercoverThe Yankee Dollar4:30
Let's Get TogetherGeorge Hamilton IV3:43
Let's Get TogetherDino Valenti3:01
Let's Get TogethercoverPaul Brady3:43
Let's Get TogetherThe Kingston Trio3:37
Let's Get Together (live)liveThe Kingston Trio2:39
Let's Get Together (mono)coverJefferson Airplane3:36
Let's Get Together (studio version)The Kingston Trio2:34
Let's Stay TogethercoverBig Mountain & Tommy Vicari4:00
Let’s Get TogethercoverJefferson Airplane3:36
Let’s Get TogethercoverBuzzy Linhart5:37