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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (in 1966)
publisher:Dwarf Music (from 1971 to present)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q7697432 [info]


1966-02-05Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:02
1966-02-26Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan3:42
1966-04-13Tell Me MommaliveBob Dylan?:??
1966-04-13Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-04-13: Sydney, Australia)liveBob Dylan4:28
1966-04-19Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:11
1966-04-20Tell Me, Momma (fragment)live and partialBob Dylan1:38
1966-05-05Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:41
1966-05-06Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:19
1966-05-10Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:25
1966-05-11Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:29
1966-05-12Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:25
1966-05-14Tell Me Mama (live: 1966-05-14: Odeon Theatre, Liverpool, England, UK)liveBob Dylan?:??
1966-05-14Tell Me MommaliveBob Dylan?:??
1966-05-14Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:35
1966-05-15Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:29
1966-05-16Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:42
1966-05-17Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan5:10
1966-05-17Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-05-17: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, UK)liveBob Dylan5:10
1966-05-17Tell Me, Momma (live From Manchester May 17, 1966)liveBob Dylan4:51
1966-05-19Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:58
1966-05-20Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:47
1966-05-21Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:27
1966-05-24Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan4:18
1966-05-26Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-05-26: The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveBob Dylan4:52
1966-05-27Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan8:54
[Eat the Document Soundtrack: Scene 8]: Tell Me, MommaBob Dylan2:13
Tell Me MamacoverRobyn Hitchcock4:28
Tell Me Mama (live)liveBob Dylan5:03
Tell Me MamacoverRobyn Hitchcock4:28
Tell Me MommaBob Dylan4:05
Tell Me MummaBob Dylan4:26
Tell Me, Momma (live)liveBob Dylan4:29
Tell Me, Momma (live)liveBob Dylan4:20
Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-02-05: Westchester County Center, White Plains, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan3:59
Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-04-13: Stadium, Sydney, Australia)liveBob Dylan5:30
Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-02-26: Island Gardens, Hempstead, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan3:50
Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-04-20: Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia)liveBob Dylan1:41
Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-05-10: Colston Hall, Bristol, UK)liveBob Dylan4:46
Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-05-14: Odeon Theatre, Liverpool, UK)liveBob Dylan4:12
Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-05-15: Demontfort Hall, Leicester, UK)liveBob Dylan4:22
Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-05-16: Gaumont, Sheffield, UK)liveBob Dylan4:09
Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-05-17: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK)liveBob Dylan4:32
Tell Me, MommaliveBob Dylan & The Band4:12
Tell Me, Momma (live, 1966-05-20: ABC Theatre, Edinburgh, UK)liveBob Dylan4:27
Tell Me, Momma (live)liveBob Dylan4:07
Tell Me, Momma (1966-04-13: Sydney Stadium, Sydney, NSW, Australia)liveBob Dylan?:??
Tell Me, Momma (live)liveBob Dylan?:??
Tell Me, MommaBob Dylan4:53
Tell Me, Momma (live)liveBob Dylan?:??
Tell Me, Momma (live)liveBob Dylan?:??
Tell Me, Momma (live)liveBob Dylan?:??
Tell Me, MommaBob Dylan4:06