lyricist and composer:Russ Ballard
publisher:April Music Publishing Inc.
Complete Music Ltd.
Island Music Ltd.
Russell Ballard Ltd
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later parody versions:Markku Aro
later translated versions:Ensi kertaa


1981-07-27I Surrender (live, 1981-07-27: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK)liveRainbow?:??
1984I Surrender (live, 1984-03-14: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan)liveRainbow?:??
1984I Surrender (live, 1984-03-14: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan)liveRainbow6:30
2002-05-17I Surrender (live, 2002-05-17: CLUB QUATTRO, Udagawachō, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan)cover and liveHughes Turner Project4:11
I SurrenderRainbow4:23
I SurrenderRainbow3:23
I Surrender (vocals by Ronnie Romero)Rainbow feat. Ronnie Romero4:10
I Surrender (live, 2017)liveRainbow4:52
I SurrenderRainbow3:23
I SurrenderRainbow4:03
I SurrenderRainbow4:03
I SurrenderAt Vance4:24
I SurrenderRainbow3:58
I SurrenderBlackmore’s Night4:08
I SurrendercoverCatch the Rainbow4:22
I SurrenderHead East4:35
I SurrendercoverConcerto Moon5:47
I SurrendercoverDaniel Flores and Friends?:??
I Surrender (live, 1981-05-07: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)liveRainbow6:05
I Surrender (live, 1984-03-14: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan)liveRainbow5:42
I SurrenderRainbow0:53
I SURRENDER (live, 2002-08: CLUB CITTA’, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan)cover and live小野正利3:53
I Surrender (live)cover and liveStratovarius3:47