composer:Vangelis (Greek composer of electronic, new age and classical)
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Rachael's SongVangelis4:20
Rachael's SongVangelis4:38
Rachel's SongVangelis4:29
Rachel's SongcoverPete Tong with The Heritage Orchestra2:10
Rachel's SongVangelis4:20
Rachel's SongVangelis4:52
Rachel's SongVangelis4:15
Rachel's SongVangelis4:20
Rachel's SongVangelis1:37
Rachel's SongcoverGioaria4:22
Rachel's SongVangelis4:34
Rachel's Song (Andy Moor remix)Vangelis8:24
Rachel's Song (Andy Moor remix)Vangelis6:02
Rachel's Song (Andy Moor remix)Vangelis7:04
Rachel’s Song (part of a “Perfecto Presents Another World” DJ‐mix)Vangelis3:04
Rachel’s SongMary Hopkin4:47
Rachel’s SongcoverΒασίλης Σαλέας4:35
Rachel’s Song (part of a “Cream: Chilled Electronic” DJ‐mix)Vangelis4:18
Rachel’s SongVangelis feat. Mary Hopkin4:35
Rachel’s SongVangelis4:28
Rachel’s SongVangelis feat. Mary Hopkin4:13
Rachel’s Song (Andy Moor remix) (2011-05-04: A State of Trance 507)Vangelis6:11
Rachel’s Song (Bladerunner Soundtrack) (part of “Beautiful Voices 008 (Ethnic-Lounge Mix)” DJ‐mix)Vangelis feat. Mary Hopkin3:44
Rachel’s Song (Parks & Wilson remix)Vangelis8:11