composer:Ellas McDaniel
lyricist:Ellas McDaniel
publisher:Arc Music Corp. (U.S. rock & blues publisher)
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Wikidata:Q3434079 [info]
later parody versions:Humpparitari
Humpparitari / Oompah Like a Clown
later translated versions:Roudari hani


1959-09Road RunnerBo Diddley2:47
1962Road Runnercover and liveThe Beatles2:01
1963-03-11Road RunnercoverThe Rolling Stones3:05
1971-04-26(I’m a) Road Runner (live, 1971-04-26: Young Vic Theatre, London, UK)cover and liveThe Who3:14
1971-07-31Roadrunner (live, 1971-07-31: Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Flushing, NY, USA)liveThe Who6:41
2002-03-16Hurriganes Medley (live, 2002-03-16: Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland)live and medleyJuice Leskinen & Remu Aaltonen & Dave Lindholm9:43
(I’m a) Road Runner (live: Germany)cover and liveThe Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain3:13
Road Runnercover and liveThe Rolling Stones3:05
Road Runnercover and liveThe Beatles?:??
Road Runnercover and liveThe Beatles2:16
Road RunnerBo Diddley2:45
Road RunnercoverThee Mighty Caesars2:29
Road RunnercoverThe Rolling Stones3:02
Road RunnercoverThe Rolling Stones?:??
Road RunnercoverThe Rolling Stones?:??
Road RunnerBo Diddley2:45
Road RunnercoverThe Liverbirds3:01
Road RunnercoverThe Zombies2:09
Road RunnercoverThe Zombies2:06
Road Runnercover and liveAerosmith3:21
Road RunnercoverAerosmith3:31
Road Runnercover and liveAerosmith3:48
Road RunnercoverThe Defenders1:58
Road RunnercoverThe Pretty Things3:12
Road RunnercoverThe Royal Guardsmen1:58
Road RunnercoverChris Spedding2:49
Road RunnercoverThee Headcoats2:25
Road RunnercoverUK Subs3:08
Road RunnercoverMicrowave Dave & The Nukes4:53
Road RunnercoverThee Headcoatees3:06
Road RunnercoverAerosmith3:44
Road RunnercoverThe Rolling Stones3:04
Road RunnercoverWayne Fontana & The Mindbenders2:23
Road RunnercoverThe Gants2:19
Road Runnercover and liveThe Rolling Stones3:05
Road RunnercoverThe Rolling Stones3:01
Road RunnercoverThe Rolling Stones3:08
Road RunnercoverWalter Trout4:31
RoadrunnerThe Who?:??
RoadrunnercoverThe Pretty Things3:12
RoadrunnerliveBo Diddley with Mainsqueeze3:25
RoadrunnercoverThe Animals2:50
RoadrunnercoverBrownsville Station2:30
RoadrunnercoverThe Clash3:10
RoadrunnercoverThe Backbeat Band2:24
Roadrunnercover and liveRemu Plays Hurriganes3:43
Roadrunnercover and liveHurriganes3:01
Roadrunnercover and liveHurriganes4:39
RoadrunnercoverThin White Rope4:21
Roadrunner (live, 1987-11-25: The Ritz, New York, NY, USA)liveRon Wood & Bo Diddley3:25
Roadrunnercover and liveThe Rolling Stones3:05
RoadrunnercoverThe Rolling Stones3:05
Roadrunner (demo)coverThe Rolling Stones3:03