writer:Mary Shelley (English writer)
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A Stranger Comes on BoardpartialMary W. Shelley5:50
Chase Over the Frozen OceanpartialMary W. Shelley3:59
Clerval and the Daemon AppearpartialMary W. Shelley5:33
Confrontation With the DaemonpartialMary W. Shelley6:03
Departure for IngolstadtpartialMary W. Shelley5:04
Frankenstein Begins His StorypartialMary W. Shelley3:25
Frankenstein Returns HomepartialMary W. Shelley5:12
Frankenstein’s Wanderings BeginpartialMary W. Shelley4:51
Geneva - London - PerthpartialMary W. Shelley5:07
Horrifying NewspartialMary W. Shelley3:07
In Search of the North West PassagepartialMary W. Shelley4:52
Justine’s TrialpartialMary W. Shelley5:53
Madness and DestructionpartialMary W. Shelley3:55
Murder AgainpartialMary W. Shelley5:42
Part 1partialMary W. Shelley1:50
Part 2partialMary W. Shelley3:43
Part 3partialMary W. Shelley2:27
Part 4partialMary W. Shelley2:41
Part 5partialMary W. Shelley3:05
Part 6partialMary W. Shelley3:18
Part 7partialMary W. Shelley2:51
Part 8partialMary W. Shelley2:22
Part 9partialMary W. Shelley3:41
Part 10partialMary W. Shelley3:32
Part 11partialMary W. Shelley2:26
Part 12partialMary W. Shelley3:26
Part 13partialMary W. Shelley3:11
Part 14partialMary W. Shelley2:05
Part 15partialMary W. Shelley2:48
Part 16partialMary W. Shelley3:27
Part 17partialMary W. Shelley2:47
Part 18partialMary W. Shelley2:09
Part 19partialMary W. Shelley4:42
Part 20partialMary W. Shelley3:00
Part 21partialMary W. Shelley2:51
Part 22partialMary W. Shelley3:16
Part 23partialMary W. Shelley2:23
Part 24partialMary W. Shelley3:20
Part 25partialMary W. Shelley3:25
Part 26partialMary W. Shelley3:04
Part 27partialMary W. Shelley2:07
Part 28partialMary W. Shelley3:31
Part 29partialMary W. Shelley3:06
Part 30partialMary W. Shelley2:33
Part 31partialMary W. Shelley3:30
Part 32partialMary W. Shelley3:21
Part 33partialMary W. Shelley2:20
Part 34partialMary W. Shelley2:42
Part 35partialMary W. Shelley2:29
Part 36partialMary W. Shelley4:09
Part 37partialMary W. Shelley3:17
Part 38partialMary W. Shelley2:41
Release, Return to Geneva and MarriagepartialMary W. Shelley6:25
The Daemon Begins His StorypartialMary W. Shelley5:57
The Daemon ConversespartialMary W. Shelley7:01
The Daemon LivespartialMary W. Shelley4:16
The Daemon ReflectspartialMary W. Shelley6:59
The Daemon TransformedpartialMary W. Shelley6:20
The Daemon’s DemandpartialMary W. Shelley6:43
The Daemon’s Last WordspartialMary W. Shelley6:47
The Final RevengepartialMary W. Shelley4:08
The First MurderpartialMary W. Shelley4:28
The Ice Closes InpartialMary W. Shelley4:18
The Murder of Clerval and PrisonpartialMary W. Shelley5:20
The Orkneys - The Labours Begin AgainpartialMary W. Shelley4:17
The Process of LearningpartialMary W. Shelley7:24
The Study ContinuespartialMary W. Shelley3:58
The Study of AnatomypartialMary W. Shelley4:54