lyricist and composer:Leonard Cohen
publisher:Sony/ATV Music Publishing, LLC (1995-2020)
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Wikidata:Q4896613 [info]
later translated versions:Fugl på en snor
later versions:Vivre tout seul


1968-01-27Bird on a Wire (live, 1968-01-27: The Julie Felix Show, London, UK)liveLeonard Cohen3:43
1968-05Like a Bird (Bird on the Wire)Leonard Cohen3:21
1968-08-31Bird on a Wire (live, 1968-08-31: The Paris Theatre, London, UK)liveLeonard Cohen4:21
1968-08-31Bird on the Wire (live, 1968-08-31: BBC TV)liveLeonard Cohen4:33
1968Bird on the WireLeonard Cohen3:26
1970-03-27Bird on a Wire (live, 1970-03-27 second set: The Fillmore East, New York, US)cover and liveJoe Cocker5:26
1970-03-27Bird on the Wire (live, 1970-03-27 first set: The Fillmore East, New York, US)cover and liveJoe Cocker6:32
1970-08-31Bird on the WireliveLeonard Cohen?:??
1970-08-31Bird on the Wire (live, 1970-08-31: Isle of Wight Festival, UK)liveLeonard Cohen4:15
1972Bird on the Wire (live, 1972: Paris)liveLeonard Cohen4:28
1976-06-05Bird on the Wire (live, 1976-06-05: L’Olympia, Paris, France)liveLeonard Cohen4:54
1976-06-23Bird on the Wire (live, 1976-06-23: Strasbourg, France)liveLeonard Cohen5:00
1976-06-25Bird on the Wire (live, 1976-06-25: Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland)liveLeonard Cohen4:46
1979-12Bird on the Wire (live, 1979-12: UK)liveLeonard Cohen5:11
1985-07-09Bird on a Wire (live, 1985-07-09: Montreux Casino, Montreux, CH)liveLeonard Cohen8:45
1988-04-05Bird on the Wire (live, 1988-04-05: Rheingoldhalle, Mainz, Germany)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
1988-11-09Bird on the Wire (live, 1988-11-09: Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveLeonard Cohen6:10
1993-04-18Bird on a Wire (live, 1993-04-18: Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveLeonard Cohen6:12
1993-05-21Bird on the Wire (live, 1993-05-21: First We Take Manhatten: Kongresshaus, Zürich, Switzerland)liveLeonard Cohen6:53
1993-06-17Bird on the Wire (live, 1993-06-17: O'Keefe Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)liveLeonard Cohen6:53
1993-07-12Bird on the WireliveLeonard Cohen6:51
1993Bird on a Wire (live, 1993: Switzerland)liveLeonard Cohen6:37
1994-06-26Bird on a Wire (live, 1994-06-26: Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, England)cover and liveJohnny Cash3:54
2008-02-11Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-02-11: Oberhausen, Germany)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-05-11Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-05-11: Playhouse, Fredericton, CA)liveLeonard Cohen6:29
2008-05-23Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-05-23: Capitol Theatre, Moncton, NB, CA)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-06-07Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-06-07: SONY Center, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-06-25Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-06-25: Place des Arts Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Montreal, QC, Canada)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-07-06Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-07-06: Rådhus Parken, Århus, Denmark)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-07-16Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-07-16: The Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh, UK)liveLeonard Cohen6:27
2008-07-17Bird on the WireliveLeonard Cohen6:14
2008-10-25Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-10-25: Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-11-06Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-11-06: Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, UK)liveLeonard Cohen6:22
2008-11-06Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-11-06: Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, UK)liveLeonard Cohen6:09
2008-11-14Bird on a Wire (live, 2008-11-14: The O2, London, England, UK)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-11-24Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-11-24: Olympia, Paris, France)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-11-26Bird on the Wire (live, 2008-11-26: L'Olympia, Paris, France)liveLeonard Cohen6:25
2009-01-28Bird on the Wire (2009-01-28: Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, NSW, Australia)liveLeonard Cohen6:21
2009-04-13Bird on a Wire (live, 2009-04-13: Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA, USA)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2013-02-28Bird on a Wire (live, 2013-02-28: Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)cover and liveMikelangelo3:29
2013-06-21Bird on the Wire (live, 2013-06-21: The O₂ Arena, London, UK)liveLeonard Cohen7:01
2013-09-12Bird on the Wire (live, 2013-09-12: Dublin, Ireland)liveLeonard Cohen7:09
2013-09-12Bird on the Wire (live, 2013-09-12: Dublin, Ireland)liveLeonard Cohen7:08
2016-09-09Bird on the Wire (live, 2016-09-09: Fox Oakland Theatre, Oakland, CA, USA)cover and liveTedeschi Trucks Band5:39
Bird on a [sic] WirecoverCliff Le Jeune, Paul Simons & The Blue Engine String Quartet4:28
Bird on a wirecoverJennifer Warnes?:??
Bird on a WirecoverJennifer Warnes4:35
Bird on a WirecoverJoe Cocker4:28
Bird on a Wirecoverk.d. lang4:28
Bird on a WireJohnny Cash?:??
Bird on a WirecoverZachary Richard?:??
Bird on a WirecoverJennifer Warnes4:44
Bird on a WirecoverJennifer Warnes4:45
Bird on a WirecoverJennifer Warnes4:47
Bird on a WirecoverThe Lilac Time3:19
Bird on a WirecoverWillie Nelson4:21
Bird on a WirecoverThe Bobs2:19
Bird on a WirecoverJoe Bonamassa5:21
Bird on a Wirecoverk.d. lang4:29
Bird on a WirecoverAvalanche Quartet3:36
Bird on a WirecoverJimmy Barnes with Troy Cassar-Daley feat. Bella4:26
Bird on a WirecoverStina Nordenstam3:43
Bird on a WirecoverMy Brightest Diamond4:28
Bird on a WirecoverJohnny Cash4:03
Bird on a WirecoverJohnny Cash?:??
Bird on a WirecoverReid Jamieson2:48
Bird on a WireliveJoe Cocker6:36
Bird on a WireJohnny Cash3:37
Bird on a WirecoverJohnny Cash4:02
Bird on a WirecoverTim Hardin5:24
Bird on a WirecoverThe Neville Brothers5:01
Bird on a WireLeonard Cohen3:26
Bird on a WirecoverAnonymous Choir4:28
Bird on a WirecoverKatey Sagal & The Forest Rangers5:03
Bird on a Wirecover and livePerla Batalla6:38
Bird on a WirecoverYasmine4:21
Bird on a WirecoverMarc Ribot & My Brightest Diamond4:26
Bird on a WireLeonard Cohen3:26
Bird on a Wire (live, 2004-05-23: Brighton Dome, Brighton, England)cover and livePerla Batalla6:35
Bird on a WirecoverThe Blackeyed Susans Trio4:09
Bird on a WirecoverJoe Bonamassa5:45
Bird on a Wire (live, 2011-11-05: Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveJoe Bonamassa5:35
Bird on a WirecoverJennifer Warnes4:42
Bird On a WirecoverJennifer Warnes4:42
Bird On A WireEef Barzelay4:06
Bird On A WireJohnny Cash4:01
Bird On A WirecoverJennifer Warnes4:42
Bird On A WireJoe Cocker4:27
Bird On A WireliveJohnny Cash?:??
Bird On A WireliveJohnny Cash?:??
Bird on a Wire (live with orchestra)cover and liveJohnny Cash4:11
Bird on a Wire (live with orchestra)cover and liveJohnny Cash5:11
Bird on the WirecoverPaul Kelly & Charlie Owen3:15
Bird on the Wirecover and liveFirst Aid Kit2:49
Bird on the WireliveLeonard Cohen8:06
Bird on the WireliveLeonard Cohen4:23
Bird on the Wire (live, 1993-05-21: Kongresshaus Zürich, CH)liveLeonard Cohen7:05
Bird on the WirecoverJudy Collins4:38
Bird on the WirecoverAdam Cohen3:25
Bird on the Wire (live, 1968: BBC, London, UK)liveLeonard Cohen4:38
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