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  • Copyright renewed in 1994
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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (on 1965-11-25)
publisher:M. Witmark & Sons
Dwarf Music (from 1966 to present)
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Wikidata:Q2551868 [info]
later translated versions:Als ob se'n Frau wöhr
Comme une femme
Tout comme une vraie femme


1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (original mono studio mix)Bob Dylan4:52
1966-03-08Just Like a WomanBob Dylan4:53
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (take 1, 3/08/1966, complete)Bob Dylan4:32
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (take 2, 3/08/1966, complete)Bob Dylan5:13
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (take 3, 3/08/1966, complete)Bob Dylan5:13
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (take 4, 3/08/1966, complete)Bob Dylan5:20
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (take 5, 3/08/1966, false start)partialBob Dylan1:15
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (take 6, 3/08/1966, breakdown)Bob Dylan3:26
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (take 8, 3/08/1966, complete)Bob Dylan5:23
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (take 13, 3/08/1966, breakdown)Bob Dylan3:55
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (take 16, 3/08/1966, complete)Bob Dylan5:10
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (take 17, 3/08/1966, breakdown)Bob Dylan0:52
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (takes 9–10, 3/08/1966, false start, breakdown)partialBob Dylan3:46
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (takes 11–12, 3/08/1966, rehearsal)Bob Dylan1:21
1966-03-08Just Like a Woman (takes 14–15, 3/08/1966, rehearsal)Bob Dylan1:31
1966-03-12Just Like a Woman (3/12/1966, Denver, Colorado hotel room)Bob Dylan4:29
1966-04-13Just Like a Woman (live, 1966-04-13: Sydney, Australia)liveBob Dylan5:24
1966-04-19Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan5:56
1966-04-20Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan6:00
1966-04-20Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan?:??
1966-05-05Just Like a Woman (live, 1966-05-05: Adelphi Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)liveBob Dylan4:01
1966-05-05Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan5:28
1966-05-06Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan5:14
1966-05-10Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan5:34
1966-05-12Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan6:25
1966-05-14Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan5:36
1966-05-15Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan6:00
1966-05-16Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan?:??
1966-05-16Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan6:36
1966-05-17Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan5:52
1966-05-19Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan7:10
1966-05-20Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan6:42
1966-05-21Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan6:12
1966-05-24Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan11:30
1966-05-26Just Like a Woman (live, 1966-05-26: The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveBob Dylan5:26
1966-05-27Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan7:48
1966Just Like a Womancover and liveThe Children4:24
1967-03-04Just Like a Woman (mono)coverDavid Newman4:24
1967-03-04Just Like a Woman (stereo)coverDavid Newman4:24
1969-08-17Just Like a Woman (live, 1969-08-17: Woodstock Festival, Bethel, NY, USA)cover and liveJoe Cocker6:23
1970-04-01Just Like a WomancoverRoberta Flack6:16
1971-01-17Just Like a WomancoverThe Byrds3:59
1971-01-17Just Like a WomancoverThe Byrds3:58
1971-08-01Just Like a Woman (live, 1971-08-01: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York; original mix)liveBob Dylan5:27
1971-08-01Just Like a Woman (2005 remix)liveBob Dylan4:49
1971-09-19Just Like a Womancover and liveVan Morrison7:34
1971-11Just Like a Womancover and liveVan Morrison7:31
1974-01-14Just Like a Woman (live, 1974-01-14: Boston Gardens, Boston, MA, USA)liveBob Dylan & The Band4:18
1974-02-14Just Like a Woman (live, 1974-02: LA Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan & The Band5:06
1974-02-14Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan & The Band4:46
1974-02-14Just Like a Woman (remix)liveBob Dylan & The Band5:06
1975-10-29Just Like a Woman (Seacrest Motel rehearsals)Bob Dylan5:15
1975-11-11Just Like a Woman (live, 1975-11-11: The Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT, USA)liveBob Dylan4:30
1975-11-19Just Like a Woman (live, 1975-11: Memorial Auditorium, Worcester, MA, USA)liveBob Dylan4:18
1975-11-20Just Like a Woman (live, 1975-11: Harvard Square Theatre, Cambridge, MA, USA)liveBob Dylan4:13
1975-11-21Just Like a Womaninstrumental and liveBob Dylan4:32
1975-11-21Just Like a Woman (live, 1975-11-21 (afternoon): Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA)liveBob Dylan4:21
1975-11-21Just Like a Woman (live, 1975-11-21 (evening): Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA)liveBob Dylan4:12
1975-11-26Just Like a Woman (live, 1975-11-26: The Civic Center, Augusta, ME, USA)liveBob Dylan & GUAM?:??
1975-12-04Just Like a Woman (live, 1975-12: Montreal Forum, Montreal, QC, Canada)liveBob Dylan4:49
1978-02-28 – 1978-03-01Just Like a Woman (live, 1978-02/03: Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan)liveBob Dylan5:06
1978-04-01Just Like a Woman (live, 1978-04-01: Randwick Park, Sydney, Australia)liveBob Dylan?:??
1981-03-10Just Like a WomancoverRadka Toneff5:29
1981-06-27Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan3:50
1981-11-10Just Like a Woman (live, 1981-11-10: Saenger Performing Arts Center, New Orleans, LA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1984-05-23Just Like a Woman (live, 1984-05-23: Beverly Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1986-02-24Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan & Tom Petty4:51
1986Just Like a WomanBob Dylan Featuring Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers & The Queens of Rhythm5:01
1989-05-27Just Like a Woman (live, 1989-05-27: Christinehofs Slottspark, Andrarum, Sweden)liveBob Dylan?:??
1992-03Just Like a Womancover and instrumentalBill Frisell4:49
1992-05-09Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan5:56
1992-10-16Just Like a Woman (live, 1992-10-16: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveRichie Havens5:50
1995-03-29Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan5:26
1995-06-07Just Like a Woman (1995-06-07, Riverfront Park, Spokane, WA, USA)liveBob Dylan5:25
1995-09-02Just Like a Woman (live, 1995-09-02: Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, OH, USA)liveBob Dylan5:16
1995-09-02Just Like a Woman (live, 1995-09-02: Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, OH, USA)liveBob Dylan5:07
1996-10-16Just Like a Woman (live, 1996-10-16: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveRichie Havens5:40
1997-12-19Just Like a Woman (1997-12-19: El Ray Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan5:39
1998-01-16Just Like a Woman (1998-01-16: The Theatre at Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1998-05-19Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan6:10
1998-05-19Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan6:10
1998-10-20Just Like a Woman (1998-10-20: Regina Agridome, Regina, SK, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
1998Just Like a WomanliveBob Dylan6:11
1999-06-13Just Like a Woman (live, 1999-06-13: Gorge Amphitheater, Columbia River Gorge, WA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
2000-03-12Just Like a Woman (2000-03-12: Bakersfield Centennial Garden, Bakersfield, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
2002-08-21Just Like a Woman (2002-08-21: Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
2003-08-10Just Like a Woman (2003-08-10: PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
2004-03-21Just Like a Woman (2004-03-21: Kool Haus, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
2004-07-15Just Like a Womancover and liveSantana5:45
2008-05-23Just Like a Woman (2008-05-23: Mile One Centre, St. John's, NL, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
2008-10-27Just Like a Woman (2008-10-27: Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary, AB, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
2008-11-15Just Like a Woman (2008-11-15: K-Rock Centre, Kingston, ON, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
2008-11-18Just Like a Woman (2008-11-18: Centre Bell, Montreal, QC, Canada (Sennheiser MKE2002 source))liveBob Dylan?:??
2009-03-28Just Like a Woman (2009-03-28: Malmö Arena, Malmö, Sweden)liveBob Dylan?:??
2009-03-31Just Like a Woman (live: 2009-04-04: München, Germany) (2009-03-31: AWD-Halle, Hannover, Germany (source 2))liveBob Dylan?:??
2009-04-11Just Like a Woman (2009-04-11: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands)liveBob Dylan?:??
2009-10-29Just Like a Woman (live, 2009-10-29: Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, USA)liveBob Dylan8:15
2010-04-17Just Like a Woman (live, 2010-04-17: Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveCharlotte Gainsbourg5:18
2015-10Just Like a Womancover and instrumentalAbsolutely Sweet Marie4:49
2016-05Just Like a Womancover and liveOld Crow Medicine Show4:10
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