composer: 山本健誌 (video game composer)
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part of: Super Metroid (Video Game Soundtrack)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Bubble Tea [Metroid Norfair (Flame Stage)] cover Dhsu 3:06
Burning in the Fires of Zebes cover The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, 山本健誌 & 濱野美奈子 2:32
Norfair cover Ghastly Ghost 1:28
Norfair cover The Amazing BrandO 2:30
Norfair (Hot Lava Area) cover tenchux 2:49
Pyroclastica (Norfair - Scorching Lava Area) cover Children of the Monkey Machine 2:28
Super Metroid - Salutations (Upper Norfair/Toology/Morricone Remix) cover and medley Hale-Bopp 3:55
Varia Catacombs cover bLiNd 6:58
ノルフェア 灼熱の溶岩エリア (Super Metroid) 山本健誌 1:27