composer: Peter Baumann (Member of Berlin Express & Tangerine Dream)
Christopher Franke
Edgar Froese
is the basis for: Piano Medley
Rebound 03


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2005-06-11 Ricochet, Part Two (live, 2005-06-11: Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, England, UK) live and partial Tangerine Dream 4:18
2014-11-16 Ricochet, Part II (live, 2014-11-16: Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia) live Tangerine Dream 21:11
2016-06-09 Ricochet (live, 2016-06-09: Szczecin Filharmonia, Szczecin, Poland) live Tangerine Dream 6:44
Resurrection by the Spirit partial Tangerine Dream 5:39
Resurrection by the Spirit (2011 remix) partial Tangerine Dream 5:37
Ricochet partial Tangerine Dream 7:14
Ricochet, Part Two live Tangerine Dream 21:06