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lyricist and composer:Roger Waters
publisher:Artemis Muziekuitgeverij B V
Hampshire House Publishing Corp.
KPM (music publisher)
Roger Waters Music Overseas Ltd.
TRO-Hampshire House Publishing Corp.
Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Ltd.
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1972-01-21Eclipse (extended ending of Lunatic song) (live, 1972‐01‐21: The Guildhall, Portsmouth)livePink Floyd2:25
1972-01-22Eclipse (extended ending of Lunatic song) (live, 1972-01-22: The Wintergardens, Bournemouth)livePink Floyd2:16
1972-01-23Dark Side of the Moon (live, 1972-01-23: Southampton, UK)livePink Floyd47:22
1972-02-17Eclipse (live, 1972‐02‐20: The Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London (Best of Tour ’72 LP))livePink Floyd?:??
1972-02-17Eclipse (live, 1972-02-17: Rainbow Theatre, London, UK)livePink Floyd3:48
1972-02-17Eclipse (live, 1972-02-17: Dark Side of the Sky: Rainbow Theatre, London, UK)livePink Floyd1:20
1972-02-17Eclipse (live, 1972‐02‐17: The Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London)Pink Floyd3:12
1972-02-18Eclipse (live, 1972-02-18: Rainbow Theatre, London, UK)livePink Floyd3:39
1972-02-19Eclipse (live, 1972-02-19: Rainbow Theatre, London, UK)livePink Floyd3:11
1972-02-20Eclipse (live, 1972-02-20: Rainbow Theatre, London, UK)livePink Floyd2:48
1972-02-20Eclipse (live, 1972‐02‐20: The Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London)livePink Floyd1:16
1972-03-12Eclipse (live, 1972-03-12: Sapporo, Japan)livePink Floyd2:53
1972-03-30Eclipse (live, 1972‐03‐30: The Free Trade Hall, Manchester)livePink Floyd?:??
1972-06 – 1973-01EclipsePink Floyd2:01
1972-09-22Eclipse (live, 1972-09-22: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)livePink Floyd1:49
1972-09-22Eclipse (live, 1972-09-22: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)livePink Floyd1:52
1972-11-29Eclipse (live, 1972-11-29: Palais des Sports, Poitiers, France.)livePink Floyd1:29
1972Eclipse (early mix)Pink Floyd1:39
1973-01Eclipse (original studio stereo mix)Pink Floyd2:12
1973-01Eclipse (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd2:04
1973-03-17Eclipse (live, 1973-03-17: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USA)livePink Floyd1:44
1973-10-12Eclipse (live, 1973-10-12: Olympiahalle München, Munich, Germany)livePink Floyd2:09
1974-06-22Eclipse (live, 1974-06-22: Théâtre de Plein Air, Parc des Expositions, Colmar, France)livePink Floyd1:47
1974-11-16EclipselivePink Floyd5:12
1974-11-16Eclipse (live, 1974-11-16: Empire Pool, Wembley, London, UK)livePink Floyd1:52
1974-11-16Eclipse (live, 1974-11-16: The Empire Pool, Wembley, London, UK)livePink Floyd2:19
1974-11-16Eclipse (live, 1974-11-16: Empire Pool, Wembley, London, UK)livePink Floyd2:09
1974-12-14Eclipse (live, 1974-12-14: Colston Hall, Bristol, UK)livePink Floyd3:03
1975-04-08Brain Damage / Eclipse (live, 1975-04-08: PNE Exhibition Park, Vancouver, Canada)livePink Floyd6:12
1975-04-08Eclipse (live, 1975-04-08: PNE Exhibition Park, Vancouver, Canada)livePink Floyd1:56
1975-04-26Eclipse (live, 1975-04-26: Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA)livePink Floyd2:14
1975-04-26EclipselivePink Floyd2:11
1975-06-18Eclipse (live, 1975-06-18: The Garden, Boston, MA, USA)livePink Floyd3:59
1975-06-28Eclipse (live, 1975-06-28: Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton, ON, Canada)livePink Floyd2:11
1975-06-28EclipselivePink Floyd2:08
1975-06-28Eclipse (Ivor Wyne Stadium, Hamilton, Canada 28-06-1975)livePink Floyd3:52
1975-07-05Eclipse (live, 1975-07-05: Knebworth Festival, Knebworth House, Knebworth, UK)livePink Floyd2:00
1984-06-19Eclipse (live, 1984-06-19: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)liveRoger Waters & Eric Clapton?:??
1994-06-11Eclipse (live, 1994-06-11: Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY, USA)livePink Floyd5:33
1994-07-18Brain Damage / Eclipse (live, 1994-07-18: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA)livePink Floyd5:34
1994-09-04Eclipse (live, 1994-09-04: Feyenoord Stadium, Rotterdam, Netherlands)livePink Floyd2:55
1994-09-17Eclipse (live, 1994-09-17: Festa de l'Unità, Modena, Italy)livePink Floyd2:26
1994-09-19Eclipse (live, 1994-09-19: Cinecitta, Rome, Italy)livePink Floyd1:48
1994-10-19EclipselivePink Floyd2:38
1994-10-20EclipselivePink Floyd3:04
1994-10-20Eclipse (live, 1994-10-20: Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, UK)livePink Floyd1:40
1994-10-20EclipselivePink Floyd?:??
1998-05-31Brain Damage / Eclipse (live, 1998-05-31: Boardwalk, Sheffield, England, UK)cover and liveHaze5:40
1998-11-02Eclipse (live, 1998-11-02: E Center, West Valley, UT, USA)cover and livePhish2:46
2005-10-11Eclipse (live, 2005-10-11: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)cover and liveDream Theater3:10
2005-10-25Eclipse (live, 2005-10-25: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK)cover and liveDream Theater2:49
2010-02-21Brain Damage / Eclipsecover, instrumental and liveNeufeld-Occhipinti Jazz Orchestra11:23
2013-12-02 – 2013-12-06EclipsecoverNguyên Lê with Michael Gibbs & NDR Bigband2:34
Brain Damage / EclipsecoverAlcohol Licks5:20
Brain Damage / EclipsePink Floyd?:??
Brain Damage / Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters6:35
Brain Damage / Eclipsecover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet5:12
Brain Damage / Eclipsecover and instrumentalGordon Withers5:54
Brain Damage / EclipselivePink Floyd?:??
Brain Damage / Eclipse (demo)Pink Floyd3:25
Brain Damage / Eclipse (demo)medleyPink Floyd3:30
Brain Damage + Eclipse (European dates, screen film 1994)Pink Floyd?:??
Brain Damage + Eclipse (European dates, screen film 1994)Pink Floyd5:19
Brain Damage + Eclipse (North American dates, screen film 1994)Pink Floyd5:19
Brain Damage + Eclipse (North American dates, screen film 1994)Pink Floyd?:??
Brain Damage + Eclipse (screen film 1987)Pink Floyd5:09
Brain Damage + Eclipse (screen film 1987)Pink Floyd?:??
Brain Damage/Eclipsecover and instrumentalVitamin Piano Series5:03
EclipsecoverBrad Smith2:06
EclipsecoverBrad Smith & Temp Sound Solutions2:08
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters2:52
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters2:00
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters6:40
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters1:45
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters4:48
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters2:06
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters1:59
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters6:49
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters2:16
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters2:13
Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters2:32
EclipsecoverThe Flaming Lips & Stardeath and White Dwarfs feat. Henry Rollins2:11
EclipselivePink Floyd2:08
EclipsecoverBilly Sherwood, Peter Banks, Tony Kaye, Vinnie Colaiuta, John Wetton, C.C. White2:04
EclipsecoverThe Moist Biscuits1:55
EclipsecoverBilly Sherwood, Bret Douglas, Mike Baker, Trent Gardner, Rob LaVaque & Jon-Michael Engard, Ted Leonard, Robert Berry2:00
EclipsecoverYellow Brick Road1:39
EclipsePink Floyd?:??
EclipsepartialTom Stoppard2:35
EclipsecoverEasy Star All‐Stars feat. The Meditations1:53
EclipsecoverThe Buddha Lounge Players4:49
EclipsecoverMary Fahl2:00
EclipsecoverOut of Phase4:48
EclipsecoverRim Geaper4:45
Eclipsecover and instrumentalThe London Orion Orchestra1:22
EclipseliveRoger Waters2:20
Eclipse (live, 1984-07-18: Civic Center, Hartford, CT, USA)liveRoger Waters & Eric Clapton?:??
Eclipse (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd1:45
EclipsePink Floyd?:??
EclipsePink Floyd1:29
EclipsePink Floyd2:01
EclipsePink Floyd5:16
EclipsePink Floyd?:??
EclipsePink Floyd3:37
EclipsePink Floyd3:52
EclipsePink Floyd2:35
EclipsePink Floyd2:51
EclipsePink Floyd2:03
EclipsePink Floyd2:04
EclipsePink Floyd?:??
EclipsePink Floyd1:48
EclipsePink Floyd2:06
EclipselivePink Floyd1:52
EclipsePink Floyd2:50
EclipselivePink Floyd4:18
EclipsePink Floyd1:16
EclipsePink Floyd2:10
EclipsePink Floyd?:??
EclipsePink Floyd?:??
EclipsePink Floyd2:32
EclipsePink Floyd2:08
EclipsePink Floyd2:31
EclipsePink Floyd4:12
EclipselivePink Floyd1:47
EclipselivePink Floyd?:??
EclipsePink Floyd?:??
EclipsePink Floyd1:54
EclipsePink Floyd1:29
EclipsePink Floyd2:01
EclipselivePink Floyd1:58
EclipselivePink Floyd1:16
EclipselivePink Floyd2:23
EclipselivePink Floyd2:59
Eclipse (live, 1975-06-18 : Boston, MA, USA)livePink Floyd1:57
EclipselivePink Floyd1:31
Eclipse (live, 1975-06-16: Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY, USA)livePink Floyd2:00
EclipselivePink Floyd?:??
Eclipse (live, 1974-11-16: Wembley Empire Pool, London, UK)livePink Floyd?:??
EclipselivePink Floyd?:??
EclipselivePink Floyd1:33
EclipselivePink Floyd1:58
Eclipse (live, 1972-03-06: 東京体育館, Tokyo, Japan)livePink Floyd5:06
EclipselivePink Floyd3:17
EclipselivePink Floyd1:38
EclipselivePink Floyd?:??
EclipselivePink Floyd2:10
EclipselivePink Floyd1:25
EclipselivePink Floyd2:58
EclipselivePink Floyd1:43
EclipselivePink Floyd2:05
EclipselivePink Floyd1:44
EclipselivePink Floyd2:32
EclipselivePink Floyd7:12
EclipselivePink Floyd1:55
EclipselivePink Floyd2:10
EclipselivePink Floyd2:58
EclipsePink Floyd1:59
EclipsePink Floyd0:34
EclipselivePink Floyd1:54
EclipsecoverJohn Wetton1:49
EclipseliveRoger Waters2:12
Eclipse (quadraphonic mix)Pink Floyd1:45
Eclipse ("Mysterious Ending Tiny Music")Pink Floyd0:33
Eclipse (4.0 quad mix)Pink Floyd2:11
Eclipse (5.1 surround mix)Pink Floyd2:29
Eclipse (1974 British tour concert screen film)Pink Floyd1:45
Eclipse (1974 British Tour Concert Screen Film) (5.1 Surround mix)Pink Floyd?:??
Eclipse (1974 French tour concert screen film)Pink Floyd2:21
Eclipse (1974 French Tour Concert Screen Film) (5.1 Surround mix)Pink Floyd?:??
Eclipse (1975 North American tour concert screen film)Pink Floyd1:51
Eclipse (1975 North American Tour Concert Screen Film) (5.1 Surround mix)Pink Floyd?:??
Eclipse (alternate mix version)Pink Floyd1:27
Eclipse (live)livePink Floyd1:45
Eclipse (rehearsal)Pink Floyd1:51
Eclipse (rough mix)Pink Floyd1:25
Eclipse (Victor Rice remix)coverEasy Star All‐Stars2:29
Medley: Brain Damage / Eclipsecover and liveRoger Waters6:28
Variations on a Theme, Part 4 (Includes: Money / Us and Them / Any Colour You Like / Brain Damage / Eclipse)partialPink Floyd17:49