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lyricist and composer:Leonard Cohen
publisher:Sony/ATV Music Publishing
lyrics page: [info]


1974Chelsea Hotel #2Leonard Cohen3:07
1976-06-05Chelsea Hotel (live, 1976-06-05: L’Olympia, Paris, France)liveLeonard Cohen3:37
1976-06-23Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 1976-06-23: Strasbourg, France)liveLeonard Cohen5:33
1976-06-25Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 1976-06-25: Casino Barrière, Montreux, Switzerland)liveLeonard Cohen5:37
1976-06-25Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 1976-06-25: Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland)liveLeonard Cohen5:46
1979-12-03Chelsea Hotel #2 (live broadcast, 1979-12-03: Beethovenhalle, Bonn, Germany)liveLeonard Cohen4:24
1985-03-09Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 1985-03-09: Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle, München, Germany)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
1985-07-09Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 1985-07-09: Montreux Casino, Montreux, CH)liveLeonard Cohen5:53
1985-07-09Chelsea Hotel #2 (Solo) (live, 1985-07-09: Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland)liveLeonard Cohen5:42
1988-04-05Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 1988-04-05: Rheingoldhalle, Mainz, Germany)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
1993-05-21Chelsea Hotel (live, 1993-05-21: First We Take Manhatten: Kongresshaus, Zürich, Switzerland)liveLeonard Cohen3:58
1993-05-21Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 1993-05-21: Kongresshaus Zürich, CH)liveLeonard Cohen4:01
2003Chelsea Hotelcover and liveSarah Jane Morris3:43
2008-11-14Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 2008-11-14: The O2, London, England, UK)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-11-17Chelsea Hotel (live, 2008-11-17: The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveLeonard Cohen3:44
2008-11-17Chelsea Hotel (live, 2008-11-17: The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveLeonard Cohen3:32
2008-11-24Chelsea Hotel N°2 (live, 2008-11-24: Olympia, Paris, France)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2008-11-26Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 2008-11-26: L'Olympia, Paris, France)liveLeonard Cohen3:55
2009-01-28Chelsea Hotel #2 (2009-01-28: Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, NSW, Australia)liveLeonard Cohen4:01
2009-04-13Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 2009-04-13: Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA, USA)liveLeonard Cohen?:??
2013-09-12Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 2013-09-12: Dublin, Ireland)liveLeonard Cohen3:24
2013-09-12Chelsea Hotel #2 (live, 2013-09-12: Dublin, Ireland)liveLeonard Cohen3:30
Chelsea HotelcoverLloyd Cole3:24
Chelsea HotelcoverCarissa's Wierd3:38
Chelsea Hotelcover and liveJosh Ritter4:04
Chelsea HotelcoverSarah Jane Morris3:05
Chelsea HotelcoverSarah Jane Morris3:06
Chelsea HotelcoverLambchop3:18
Chelsea Hotelcover and liveJosh Ritter4:35
Chelsea Hotel #2Lloyd Cole3:24
Chelsea Hotel #2Leonard Cohen3:05
Chelsea Hotel #2coverTerry Reid?:??
Chelsea Hotel #2coverAnita Lipnicka & John Porter3:41
Chelsea Hotel #2coverJosh Ritter4:12
Chelsea Hotel #2coverJosh Ritter4:17
Chelsea Hotel #2coverLuca Giovanardi3:17
Chelsea Hotel #2coverOlle Ljungström3:43
Chelsea Hotel #2 (live from pet sounds with tom dunne)cover and liveJosh Ritter4:17
Chelsea Hotel #2 (live)cover and liveLambchop3:00
Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (live, 2004-05-23: Brighton Dome, Brighton, England)cover and liveRufus Wainwright3:47
Chelsea Hotel No. 2Rufus Wainwright3:55
Chelsea Hotel No. 2coverJordane3:47
Chelsea Hotel No. 2coverRufus Wainwright3:55
Chelsea Hotel No. 2coverThe Moonlight Club4:40
Chelsea Hotel No. 2coverRufus Wainwright3:47
Chelsea Hotel No. 2coverJosh Ritter6:12
Chelsea Hotel No.2coverAllison Crowe4:29
Chelsea Hotel No.2coverAnita Lipnicka & John Porter3:41