The Castle (Final Fantasy VIII)

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composer:植松伸夫 (video game, film & anime composer known for Final Fantasy)
part of:Final Fantasy VIII (video game soundtrack)


Final Fantasy VIII Remix: Epic Orchestral Medleycover and medleyRebecca Tripp20:00
In the Garden Sleeps a Messenger (The Castle from “Final Fantasy VIII”) (Mog's Mixtape: Final Fantasy Remixed)coverBlackearacheXD & GameLark feat. Ubaldo B & Jackson Alexander Parodi6:07
The Castle (Final Fantasy VIII, Piano Collections)植松伸夫3:43
The Castle (Final Fantasy VIII, Original Soundtrack)植松伸夫5:19
The Castlecover牧歌電子5:13
The Castle (Seas of Time: A Final Fantasy VIII Tribute Album)coverGame Play, Arnaud Mallick & Vince Wilquin4:17