Akumajo Dracula (X68000 video game soundtrack)

~ Soundtrack


composer: 小林裕
part of: Castlevania games
Wikidata: Q617303 [info]
Wikipedia: ja: 悪魔城ドラキュラ (X68000版) [info]
other databases: http://ocremix.org/game/427/akumajo-dracula-x68k [info]
parts: Black Mass :Opening (Akumajo Dracula)
Bloody Tears :Stage4 (Akumajo Dracula)
Creatures in the Depth :Boss (Akumajo Dracula)
Ending Movie (Castlevania Chronicles)
Etude for the Killer :Stage7 (Akumajo Dracula)
Game Over (Akumajo Dracula)
LOAD BGM (Akumajo Dracula)
Last Stage Clear (Akumajo Dracula)
Moon Fight :Stage6-1 (Akumajo Dracula)
Mother Earth :Ending (Akumajo Dracula)
Player Miss (Akumajo Dracula)
Simon's Theme :Stage8 (Akumajo Dracula)
Something Loopy :Name Entry (Akumajo Dracula)
Stage Clear (Akumajo Dracula)
The Bathead :StartDemo (Akumajo Dracula)
The Tower Of Dolls :Stage6-2 (Akumajo Dracula)
The Tower of Gears :Stage5 (Akumajo Dracula)
Thrashard in the Cave :Stage2 (Akumajo Dracula)
Vampire Killer :Stage1 (Akumajo Dracula)
Wiched Child :Stage3 (Akumajo Dracula)
You Goddamned Bathead :Last Boss (Akumajo Dracula)