co-written by Mexican composer María Grever, according to Songwriters Hall of Fame:

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lyricist and composer:Cole Porter (composer) (in 1935)
publisher:Chappell Music Ltd.
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q814327 [info]
later translated versions:Beguine
Volver a empezar (Begin the Beguine)
later versions:Begin the Beguine (unknown language, not English)
part of:Jubilee
is the basis for:Divine biguine (french)


1935-09-05Begin the BeguineXavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra3:13
1938-07-24Begin the BeguineinstrumentalArt Shaw and His Orchestra3:16
1938-07-24Begin the BeguineArt Shaw and His Orchestra3:16
1938-07-24Begin the Beguine (from the musical comedy “Jubilee”)Artie Shaw and His Orchestra?:??
1939-01-18Begin the BeguineMildred Bailey & Her Orchestra2:49
1939-01-18Begin the BeguineMildred Bailey & Her Orchestra?:??
1939-01-24Begin the BeguineWoody Herman and His Orchestra2:57
1939-02-06Begin the BeguineThe Andrews Sisters2:46
1939-03-14Begin the BeguineBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:53
1939-05-23Begin the BeguineArtie Shaw2:55
1939-07-05Begin the BeguineChick Henderson & Joe Loss and His Band3:32
1939-09-12Begin the BeguineThe Music Maids and the MGM Studio Orchestra, taps by Eleanor Powell & Fred Astaire3:40
1939-09-29Begin the BeguineMildred Bailey2:46
1940-01-31Begin the Beguine (live broadcast, 1940-01-31: New York City, United States)Glenn Miller & His Orchestra and The Andrews Sisters2:57
1940-04-11Begin the BeguineinstrumentalArt Tatum4:10
1940-07-26Begin the BeguineinstrumentalArt Tatum2:43
1940-07-26Begin the BeguineinstrumentalArt Tatum2:46
1940-10-01Begin the Beguine (1940-10-01, mx. 0SW 129-1)Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France2:53
1940-12-18Begin the Beguine (1940-12-18, mx. 0SW 169-1)Pierre Allier et son orchestre2:32
1941-05-07Begin the BeguineinstrumentalArt Tatum3:58
1942-05-08Divine Beguine (Begin the Beguine) (1942-05-08)Stan Brenders et son grand orchestre2:55
1942Begin the BeguineArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:17
1944-02-19Begin the BeguineinstrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra5:06
1944-02-19Begin the Beguine No. 2instrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra5:12
1944-02-26Begin the BeguineinstrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra5:09
1944-05-03Begin the BeguineBing Crosby with John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra3:32
1944-07-29Begin the Beguine (without outro)Frank Sinatra4:12
1944-07-29Begin The Beguine (without intro)coverFrank Sinatra3:25
1944-08-09Begin the Beguine (with Fred Allen remarks)coverFrank Sinatra3:54
1944-08-09Begin the Beguine (2)Frank Sinatra4:12
1944-08-16Begin the Beguineinstrumental and liveJack Teagarden and His Orchestra2:38
1944-11-06Begin the BeguineGlenn Miller featuring Glenn Miller’s American Band of the Allied Expeditionary Forces4:15
1944-11-27Begin the BeguineGlenn Miller featuring Glenn Miller’s American Band of the Allied Expeditionary Forces3:45
1944-12-15Begin the BeguineinstrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra3:23
1944Begin the BeguinecoverFrank Sinatra3:55
1944Begin the BeguineFrank Sinatra3:55
1945-09-26Begin the BeguinecoverFrank Sinatra3:09
1945-11-27Begin the BeguineStan Kenton2:37
1945Begin the Beguineinstrumental and liveMurray McEachern & His AFRS Orchestra3:36
1945Begin the BeguineArt Tatum3:21
1945Begin the BeguineinstrumentalJoe Sullivan3:10
1946-01-08Begin the BeguineliveGene Krupa & His Orchestra2:59
1946-01-21Begin the BeguineinstrumentalArt Tatum3:25
1946-02-20Begin the BeguineGene Krupa and His Orchestra3:20
1946-02-24Begin the BeguineFrank Sinatra2:57
1946-02-24Begin the BeguineFrank Sinatra2:57
1946-02-24Begin the Beguine (edit)Frank Sinatra2:48
1946-02-26Begin the BeguineliveGene Krupa and His Orchestra3:17
1946Begin the BeguineFrank Sinatra2:57
1949-01 – 1949-02Begin the Beguine (1949-01‒1949-02)Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli3:47
1951Begin the Beguineinstrumental and liveArt Tatum3:29
1952-01-23Begin the BeguineinstrumentalCharlie Parker3:11
1952-01-23Begin the BeguineinstrumentalCharlie Parker?:??
1952-01-23Begin the BeguineinstrumentalCharlie Parker?:??
1952-01-23Begin the Beguinecover and instrumentalCharlie Parker3:14
1952-01-23Begin the BeguineinstrumentalCharlie Parker3:15
1952-01-23Begin the BeguineinstrumentalCharlie Parker3:14
1952-01-23Begin The Beguine (New York, January 23, 1952)instrumentalCharlie Parker3:11
1952-01-23Begin the Beguine (Wednesday January 23, 1952)instrumentalCharlie Parker Quintet3:12
1952-12Begin the BeguineinstrumentalOscar Peterson3:12
1952Begin the BeguineinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:12
1954-02-21Begin the BeguineTony Martin with Henri René & His Orchestra3:56
1954-06-14Die Beschwipste Drahtkommode, 3/2 (Tea For Two / Lullaby Of Broadway / Begin The Beguine / My Blue Heaven / Indian Love Call)cover, instrumental and medleyCrazy Otto3:13
1954-07Begin the BeguineinstrumentalErroll Garner4:45
1954Begin the BeguineArtie Shaw3:36
1955-02-26Begin the BeguineinstrumentalJohnny Costa3:15
1955-06Nina / Begin the Beguine (live, 1955-06: Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn, Las Vegas, USA)cover, live and medleyNoël Coward4:22
1955-07-03Begin the BeguineinstrumentalArt Tatum2:59
1955-11-11Begin the BeguineinstrumentalRay Conniff2:45
1955Begin the BeguineCaterina Valente3:11
1956-07Begin the BeguinecoverPat Boone3:20
1956Begin the Beguine (1956 Hi-Fi recording)The Andrews Sisters?:??
1956Begin the BeguinecoverElla Fitzgerald3:39
1957-04-01Begin the BeguineinstrumentalArt Pepper7:23
1957-04-01Begin the BeguineinstrumentalArt Pepper Quartet7:22
1957-04-01Begin the BeguineinstrumentalArt Pepper7:23
1957-04-01Begin the Beguine (alternate take)instrumentalArt Pepper6:17
1957-04-01Begin the Beguine (alternate take)instrumentalArt Pepper6:17
1957-05-23Begin the BeguinecoverFrankie Lymon & The Teenagers2:42
1957-05-23Goody Goody (Bart&Baker vintage mix)coverFrankie Lymon2:08
1957-06-14Begin The Beguineinstrumental and liveDizzy Gillespie Big Band7:58
1957-08-23Begin the BeguineinstrumentalIrving Garner?:??
1957-10-16Begin the BeguineinstrumentalColeman Hawkins3:06
1957-10-21Begin the BeguineTony Bennett4:22
1957Begin the BeguineinstrumentalCharlie Shavers, Sam ‘The Man’ Taylor & Urbie Green3:10
1958-01Begin The BeguineinstrumentalArt Pepper6:20
1958-09Begin the Beguine (stereo)instrumentalCharlie Barnet & His Orchestra2:58
1958-10Begin the BeguineGene Krupa3:50
1959Begin the BeguinePerry Como3:29
1961-11-20 – 1961-11-21Begin the BeguineFrederick Fennell3:27
1962-03-05History of Musical ComedymedleyJulie Andrews and Carol Burnett9:52
1964-10Begin the BeguineinstrumentalIllinois Jacquet3:16
1969Begin the BeguinecoverPete Townshend4:10
1976-12 – 1977-02Begin the BeguineKeith Bird, Duncan Lamont?:??
1977-09-19Begin the Beguinecover and instrumentalOve Linds sextett3:17
1979Begin the BeguineTom Lellis4:44
1982-10-17LADY ナオコメドレー: YOU KEEP ME HANGIN’ ON / 雨 / スニーカーぶる~す / フィーリング / 愛をください / DANCING QUEEN / FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE / しあわせ芝居 / KISS OF FIRE(演奏) / ダンスはうまく踊れない / BEGIN THE BEGUINE / 100%…Soかもね! / YESTERDAY ONCE MORE / I HEAR A SYMPHONY (live, 1982-10-17: Tokyo Yūbin Chokkin Hall, Minato, Tokyo, Japan)cover, live and medley河合奈保子?:??
1983-05Begin the BequineliveJohnny Mathis3:55
1984-05Begin the BeguineinstrumentalJohn Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra3:18
1988Begin the Beguinecover and instrumentalDave Liebman, Steve Gilmore, Bill Goodwin7:32
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