Night and Day (Cole Porter; from “The Gay Divorce”)

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lyricist and composer:Cole Porter (composer) (in 1932)
publisher:Chappell & Co., Inc. (USA)
Chappell Music Ltd.
Harms, Inc.
Warner Bros. (holding: File NO Releases)
Warner Bros. Music (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!)
WB Music Corp. (1929-2019)
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Wikidata:Q1477068 [info]
later translated versions:Tag und Nacht (Night and Day)
Tout le jour, toute la nuit (Night and Day; du film "Joyeuse divorcée")
Ночь и день
part of:Gay Divorce
arrangements:Night and Day (a cappella version by Jay Althouse)


1932-11-22Night and DayLeo Reisman & His Orchestra, refrain vocals by Fred Astaire3:28
1932-11-22Night and DayFred Astaire3:24
1932-11-22Night and DayFred Astaire3:17
1932-11-22Night and DayLeo Reisman and His Orchestra vocal refrain by Fred Astaire3:28
1933-05-23Night and DayFred Astaire3:14
1933-09-15Night and DaycoverComedian Harmonists3:17
1934Night and DayFred Astaire4:29
1937-05-18Night and DayArtie Shaw and His New Music2:54
1937-07-20Night and DayTommy Dorsey and His Orchestra2:33
1938-01-31Night and DayDjango Reinhardt & le Quintette du Hot Club de France2:44
1938-01-31Night and Day (1938-01-31)instrumentalQuintette du Hot Club de France2:43
1938-01-31Night and DaycoverDjango Reinhardt2:45
1938-12-10Night and DayMaxine Sullivan and Her Orchestra3:20
1938Night and DayinstrumentalDjango Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli2:43
1939-08-10Night and DayinstrumentalBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:52
1939-08-16Night and DayBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:52
1939-08-16Night and Day (alternate take B)instrumentalBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:53
1939-12-13Night and DayBillie Holiday3:01
1939-12-13Night and DayBillie Holiday and Her Orchestra3:01
1939-12-13Night and Day (take 1)Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra3:00
1939-12-13Night and Day (take 2)Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra3:02
1939 – 1940Night and DayinstrumentalTeddy Wilson2:27
1942-01-19Night and DayFrank Sinatra3:04
1942-01-19Night and DayFrank Sinatra & Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra3:03
1942-09-17Night and DayFrank Sinatra with The Columbia Pictures Orchestra3:15
1942-09-17Night and DayFrank Sinatra3:13
1943-01-19Night and DayFrank Sinatra3:08
1944-02-17Night and DayinstrumentalColeman Hawkins Quartet3:17
1944-02-17Night and Day (New York, February 17, 1944)Coleman Hawkins3:20
1944-05-26Night and DayinstrumentalEddie Heywood Trio4:26
1944-05-26Night and DayinstrumentalEddie Heywood Trio4:27
1944-07-20Night and DayinstrumentalEdmond Hall Quartet with Teddy Wilson2:52
1944-07-20Night and Day No. 2instrumentalEdmond Hall Quartet with Teddy Wilson2:48
1945-04-01Night and DayinstrumentalJoe Sullivan Quintette2:57
1946-01-17Night and DayinstrumentalMantovani and his Concert Orchestra3:09
1946-01-21Night and DayinstrumentalArt Tatum1:30
1946-01-21Night and Dayinstrumental and liveArt Tatum1:31
1946-01Night and DayinstrumentalWilbert Baranco and His Rhythm Bombardiers3:19
1946-06-19Night and DayArtie Shaw and His Orchestra2:48
1946-10-01Night and DayGene Krupa and His Orchestra2:21
1947-10-19Night and DayFrank Sinatra3:20
1947-10-19Night and DayFrank Sinatra3:20
1947-10-22Night and DaycoverFrank Sinatra3:41
1947-12-10Night and Day (1947-12-10)coverRex Stewart Quintet with Django Reinhardt and Hubert Rostaing2:56
1947-12-10Night and Day (1947-12-10)instrumentalRex Stewart Quintet with Django Reinhardt and Hubert Rostaing2:56
1947Opening Theme: Nicht and DayFrank Sinatra3:40
1949-11Night and Dayinstrumental and liveArt Tatum with The Club Norman Orchestra8:37
1950-04Night and DayFrank Sinatra2:33
1950-04Night and DayFrank Sinatra2:33
1950-05-03Night and DayinstrumentalThe Red Norvo Trio4:09
1950-05-03Night and DayinstrumentalThe Red Norvo Trio with Tal Farlow and Charles Mingus4:01
1951-03-23Night and DayinstrumentalStan Getz and Swedish All Stars featuring Bengt Hallberg3:03
1951-04-19Night and DayinstrumentalDon Byas2:37
1952-03-25Night and DayinstrumentalCharlie Parker Big Band2:50
1952-03-25Night and Daycover and instrumentalCharlie Parker Big Band2:50
1952-04-05Night and DayinstrumentalDizzy Gillespie3:04
1952-11-12Night and DayinstrumentalOscar Peterson3:39
1952-12Night and DayFred Astaire5:03
1952-12Night and DayinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio2:04
1952-12Night and Day (The Astaire Story, 1953, with Oscar Peterson)Fred Astaire5:25
1952-12Night and DayinstrumentalOscar Peterson3:38
1952Night and DayinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:42
1952Night and Dayinstrumental and liveArt Tatum1:30
1953-03-10Night and DaycoverDjango Reinhardt et ses Rythmes2:52
1953-03Night and Day (1953-03-10 or 11)instrumentalDjango Reinhardt et ses Rythmes2:53
1953-06-20Night and Day (live, 1953-06-20: RAI Radio Club, Italy)liveFrank Sinatra3:12
1953-09-04Night and DayinstrumentalTeddy Wilson2:59
1953Night and DayFrank Sinatra4:01
1953Night and DaycoverDjango Reinhardt2:50
1954-04-27Night and DayinstrumentalRandy Weston & Sam Gill3:40
1954Night and DayinstrumentalClifford Brown8:41
1954Night and DayinstrumentalBeryl Booker4:05
1955-03Night and DayinstrumentalArt Tatum6:12
1955-03Night and DayinstrumentalArt Tatum, Roy Eldridge, John Simmons & Alvin Stoller6:12
1956-03-27Night and DayElla Fitzgerald3:02
1956-08-26Night and DayinstrumentalSonny Criss4:41
1956-09-11Night and DayinstrumentalThe Art Tatum/Ben Webster Quartet5:29
1956-09-11Night and DayinstrumentalArt Tatum & Ben Webster5:28
1956-09-11Night and DayinstrumentalArt Tatum, Ben Webster, Red Callender & Bill Douglass5:31
1956-09-11Night and DayinstrumentalArt Tatum & Ben Webster3:18
1956-11-26Night and Day (1956 original studio master)Frank Sinatra4:00
1956Night and DaycoverElla Fitzgerald3:06
1956Night and DayinstrumentalSonny Criss4:46
1956Night And DayinstrumentalArt Tatum - Ben Webster Quartet5:27
1957Night and DayinstrumentalCharlie Shavers, Sam ‘The Man’ Taylor & Urbie Green4:03
1957Night and DayFrank Sinatra2:31
1958-12-15Night and DayinstrumentalBill Evans7:36
1958-12-15Night and DayinstrumentalBill Evans Trio7:38
1958-12-15Night and DayinstrumentalBill Evans7:20
1958-12-15Night and DayinstrumentalBill Evans7:33
1958-12-15Night and DayinstrumentalBill Evans7:31
1958-12-15Night and Daycover and instrumentalBill Evans7:35
1958-12-15Night and Daycover and instrumentalBill Evans7:16
1958-12-15Night and DayinstrumentalBill Evans Trio7:38
1958-12-15Night and Daycover and instrumentalBill Evans7:12
1958-12-15Night and Daycover and instrumentalBill Evans Trio7:35
1959-04-09Night and DaycoverAnita O’Day with Billy May2:02
1959-06-04Night and DayMickey Baker3:18
1959-07-21 – 1959-08-01Night and DayinstrumentalOscar Peterson2:35
1959Night and DayinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen2:32
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