The Extreme (Final Fantasy VIII)

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composer:植松伸夫 (video game, film & anime composer known for Final Fantasy)
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part of:Final Fantasy VIII (video game soundtrack)


「The Extreme - arrange -」 from FINAL FANTASY Ⅷ (Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade, Original Soundtrack)植松伸夫5:24
「The Extreme -original-」 from FINAL FANTASY Ⅷ (Dissidia Final Fantasy, Original Soundtrack)植松伸夫4:20
Delusion of Fate III: All Existence Denied (FFVIII - A Sacrifice/The Extreme) (Fate's Delusion)cover and medleyKnight of the Round6:18
FF8 「 The Extreme 」 (FF VIOLIN)coverTAM×Hikaru4:57
FF8 The Extreme (FF VIOLIN I+II -INTERNATIONAL- (Remixed and Remastered from [ FF VIOLIN I + II ]))coverTAM + Hikaru5:00
Final Fantasy VIII 'Of Dreams and Time' OC ReMixcover and medleyNekofrog4:56
Final Fantasy VIII 'SeeK' OC ReMixcover and medleyLastair, SnappleMan & norg5:29
FINAL FANTASY VIII The Extremecovermouse on the keys4:48
The ExtremecoverLix6:34
The ExtremeThe Black Mages5:51
The ExtremecoverKPLECRAFT6:38
The ExtremecoverEXCELSIA4:08
The Extreme (Final Fantasy VIII, Original Soundtrack)植松伸夫6:45
The Extreme (Seas of Time: A Final Fantasy VIII Tribute Album)coverAnimeVivi & Auronlu79124:47
The Extreme - ∞ - / Final Fantasy Ⅷ /coverあず♪5:53
The Extreme 〜ファイナルファンタジーVIIIcoverJun Muratani6:24
The Extreme ; Funky Drum'n Bass ManiacoverARM3:40
The Extreme (Final Fantasy VIII)coverSHΛDE5:02
The Extreme (From "Final Fantasy VIII")coverPontus Hultgren feat. Matheus Manente6:17
The Extreme(FINAL FANTASY Ⅸ)coverししあ7:02
Ultimecia (Final Fantasy VIII) - All Existence Denied (BadAss: Boss Themes)coverSkummel Maske4:52