Foggy Dew (Irish ballad)

~ Song


composer: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
lyricist: Charles O’Neill (20th century Irish Canon) (1919)
Wikidata: Q2500085 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Foggy Dew (Irish ballad)#Easter Rising [info]
later translated versions: Дорога в Фогги Дью


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Foggy Dew Band of Shysters ?:??
Foggy Dew Michael Kelly 4:54
The Foggy Dew cover and live Molly 4:14
The Foggy Dew Gilles Servat & Ronnie Drew 4:30
The Foggy Dew Damien Dempsey 5:08
The Foggy Dew Band of Shysters 5:30
The Foggy Dew Patsy Watchorn 3:50