Hip Priest

~ Song


writer: Steve Hanley
Marc Riley
Craig Scanlon
Mark E. Smith


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1981-03-31 Hip Priest (live, 1981-03-31: BBC Radio One John Peel session) live The Fall 9:26
1981 Hip Priest (live, 1981: Chicago, USA) live The Fall 7:35
1982-08-21 Hip Priest (live, 1982-08-21: Mainstreet Cabaret, Auckland, New Zealand) live The Fall 7:14
Hip Priest The Fall 7:47
Hip Priest The Fall 7:41
Hip Priest cover Chris Knox 7:46
Hip Priest The Fall 7:45
Hip Priest (live) live The Fall 7:18
Hip Priest The Fall 7:35