lyricist and composer:Baker Knight Jr.
publisher:Imagem London Ltd.
Matragun Music Inc.
Wikidata:Q2776406 [info]
later versions:La Rue des coeurs perdus (Lonesome Town)


1968Lonesome TowncoverFrançoise Hardy2:05
1974-02Lonesome TowncoverJerry Garcia6:20
1974-02Lonesome Town (acoustic version)coverJerry Garcia4:57
1977-10Lonesome TowncoverThe Cramps3:15
1981Lonesome Town (1981 rehearsal)coverThe Cramps4:13
1986-02-24Lonesome TowncoverBob Dylan & Tom Petty5:28
1986-08-30Lonesome Town (live, 1986-08-30: Galaxy, Auckland, New Zealand)cover and liveThe Cramps3:35
1999-03-03Lonesome TowncoverPaul McCartney3:30
1999-04-10Lonesome Town [live 4-10-99]cover and livePaul McCartney4:00
Lonesome Roadcover and instrumentalThe Ventures?:??
Lonesome Roadcover and instrumentalThe Ventures1:53
Lonesome Timecover and instrumentalThe Ventures3:32
Lonesome ToenShakin’ Stevens3:12
Lonesome TowncoverBrian Hyland2:27
Lonesome Town (live: London, UK)Richard Hawley3:17
Lonesome Town (live at Other Voices, Series 7)liveRichard Hawley3:29
Lonesome TownRicky Nelson2:15
Lonesome TownRicky Nelson?:??
Lonesome TownRicky Nelson?:??
Lonesome TowncoverJason Donovan2:15
Lonesome TowncoverRupert Hunter5:46
Lonesome TownRicky Nelson?:??
Lonesome TownRicky Nelson2:15
Lonesome TowncoverBob Dylan3:48
Lonesome Town (1989-06-07: International Arena, National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, England, UK)coverBob Dylan?:??
Lonesome TowncoverBob Dylan3:06
Lonesome Towncover and liveBob Dylan with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers5:56
Lonesome TownRicky Nelson2:29
Lonesome TowncoverShakin’ Stevens3:12
Lonesome TownRicky Nelson2:13
Lonesome TowncoverThe Cramps3:03
Lonesome TowncoverMilton Mapes3:08
Lonesome Towncover and instrumentalThe Ventures1:53
Lonesome TowncoverThe Blackeyed Susans Trio3:22
Lonesome TownRicky Nelson2:15
Lonesome TownShakin’ Stevens3:11
Lonesome Towncover and instrumentalThe Ventures1:50
Lonesome Towncover and instrumentalThe Ventures1:49
Lonesome Towncover and instrumentalThe Ventures1:53
Lonesome Towncover and instrumentalThe Ventures1:51
Lonesome TowncoverThe Cramps2:55
Lonesome Town (alternate version)Rick Nelson2:14
Lonesome Town (Mono)coverRicky Nelson2:12