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writer: Adele Adkins (UK soul/jazz singer)
Greg Kurstin
publisher: EMI April Music Inc.
Kurstin Music
Universal Songs of PolyGram International, Inc.
Wikidata: Q21172725 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2015-11-02 Hello (live, 2015-11-02: The London Studios, London, UK) cover Adele 4:17
Adele Medley: Someone Like You / Hello / Set Fire to the Rain / Rolling in the Deep cover and medley Kevin Olusola 4:12
Hello cover The Animal in Me 5:03
Hello cover Johnny Mathis ?:??
Hello cover Coheed and Cambria 4:44
Hello (video) Adele 6:07
Hello Adele 4:55
Hello cover Kidz Bop 4:19
Hello cover and instrumental Lucky Chops 4:13
Hello (Adele cover released 2015-12-15) cover Claudio Sanchez 4:40
Hello cover Dallas Remington 5:07
Hello Adele 4:56
Hello cover Amazonics 4:30
Hello cover Fulda Cocktail Band 3:36
Hello cover and instrumental Ely Jaffe 3:00
Hello cover Landa 6:06
Hello cover Rockabye Baby! 3:43
Hello cover Fame on Fire 5:00
Hello cover Joe 4:52
Hello cover Leo Moracchioli 4:34
Hello (deep remix) Adele 4:04
Hello (Kizomba Remix by Dj Saï Saï) (Kizomba Remix by Dj Saï Saï) Adele 4:32
Hello (live at Nrj Awards) live Adele 5:07
Hello (Paul Damixie Remix) Adele 4:39
Hello (Paul Damixie Remix) (lyrics video) Adele 4:40
Hello (radio edit) Adele 4:15
Hello (remix) Adele 3:35
Hello, It's Me cover Skye Smy 2:48