writer:Bill Berry (R.E.M. drummer) (in 1983)
Peter Buck (R.E.M. guitarist) (in 1983)
Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player) (in 1983)
Michael Stipe (in 1983)
publisher:Night Garden Music
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Wikidata:Q1421663 [info]


1984-07-07So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)liveR.E.M.3:23
1987-09-14So. Central RainliveR.E.M.5:20
1987-09-14Time After Time, Etc.: i) Time After Time (live) / ii) Red Rain (live) / iii) So. Central Rain (live)live and medleyR.E.M.8:22
1989-11-10So. Central Rain (live, 1989-11-10: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro)liveR.E.M.3:40
2001-01-13So. Central Rain (live, 2001-01-13: R.E.M. in Rio 2001: Rio Rock Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)liveR.E.M.4:24
2001-05-07So. Central Rain (live)liveR.E.M.3:40
2001-05-21So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)liveR.E.M.4:06
2003-09-09So. Central Rain (live)liveR.E.M.3:33
2006-09-12So. Central Raincover and livePatterson Hood3:05
2006-09-12So. Central RainliveR.E.M.3:55
S. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)R.E.M.?:??
S. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)R.E.M.3:11
So Central RainliveR.E.M.3:16
So Central RainR.E.M.4:16
So Central Rain (Milano 1995)liveR.E.M.4:38
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.3:56
So. Central RainR.E.M.3:15
So. Central Raincover and instrumentalVitamin Piano Series2:52
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.3:46
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.3:39
So. Central RainR.E.M.3:41
So. Central RainR.E.M.3:16
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.5:44
So. Central RainR.E.M.3:16
So. Central RaincoverHarvey Milk2:59
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.3:45
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.?:??
So. Central Rain (live, 2001-01: Rock in Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)liveR.E.M.4:32
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.3:45
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.4:04
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.3:58
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.3:28
So. Central RainR.E.M.3:19
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.?:??
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.4:30
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.3:58
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.?:??
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.?:??
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.3:50
So. Central RainliveR.E.M.4:40
So. Central Rain (BBC's Later With Jools Holland)R.E.M.4:04
So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)coverGrant‐Lee Phillips3:25
So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)R.E.M.3:39
So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)liveR.E.M.4:21
So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)R.E.M.3:14
So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)R.E.M.4:52
So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)liveR.E.M.?:??
So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)R.E.M.3:15
So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)R.E.M.3:16
So. Central Rain (live at the Aragon Ballroom)liveR.E.M.3:23
So. Central Rain (live from Later)liveR.E.M.4:04
So. Central Rain (live, BBC's Later with Jools Holland)liveR.E.M.4:03
South Central RainliveR.E.M.3:43
South Central RainliveR.E.M.4:09
South Central RainR.E.M.3:14
South Central RainliveR.E.M.?:??
South Central RainliveR.E.M.3:26
South Central RainliveR.E.M.3:29
South Central RainliveR.E.M.4:02
South Central Rain (I'm Sorry)cover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:37
South Central Rain (live rehearsal version)liveR.E.M.3:29