writer:[unknown] (Special Purpose Artist - Do not add releases here, if possible.)
composer:Jean‐Philippe Rameau (French composer of the Baroque era)
download score for free:ère_Jacques.png [info]
Wikidata:Q825728 [info]
later parody versions:Sarah Jackman
later translated versions:Fader Jakob
is the basis for:Frère Jacques (Remix)
I Hear Thunder
O Primeiro Caderno de Karina: 07. Frère Jaques


1979-01 – 1979-02Frère JacquesRaffi with Ken Whiteley1:07
1988Frère JacquesDidier Lockwood2:30
1991Frère JacquesMarie-Claire Clerval2:47
1996Frère JacquesMarie-Claire Salvati1:23
1997Frère JacquesLes petits écoliers chantants de Bondy1:15
Bruder Jakob • Frère Jacques • Brother JacobJean‐Philippe Rameau3:52
Frere JacquesKK, Sophie Barker & The Rainbow Collections?:??
Frere JacquesRose Nadolsky1:34
Frère JacquesEmbrassy, David Salomon Jarquín3:32
Frère JacquesFrancine Chantereau1:31
Frère JacquescoverGeorges Sauvé?:??
Frère Jacques[unknown]1:27
Frère JacquesThe Mike Sammes Singers?:??
Frère JacquesLucienne Vernay et Les Quatre Barbus1:27
Getting Started: Frère Jacques IIinstrumental and partialNick Freeth2:22
Getting Started: Naming the Notes & Frère Jacques Iinstrumental and partialNick Freeth1:32
Scales and Chords: Transposing Frère Jacquesinstrumental and partialNick Freeth1:58