composer:Charlie Parker (aka “Bird”, jazz alto saxophonist)


1951-03-12My Little Suede ShoesCharlie Parker3:07
1952-09-26My Little Suede ShoesliveCharlie Parker5:19
1953-07-26My Little Suede ShoesliveCharlie Parker2:17
1954-08-10My Little Suede ShoesliveChet Baker Quartet6:30
1954-09-10My Little Suede ShoesShorty Rogers and His Giants2:46
1962-04-26My Little Suede ShoesGrant Green6:23
1963-01-29My Little Suede ShoesSonny Stitt3:06
1964-12-07My Little Suede ShoesJ.J. Johnson4:56
1964-12-07My Little Suede ShoesJ.J. Johnson and His Big Band4:56
1978-02-22 – 1978-03-01My Little Suede ShoescoverRoland Hanna4:12
1979-01-04Little Suede ShoesJoe Albany4:39
1984-11My Little Suede ShoesHilton Ruiz?:??
1988-07My Little Suede Shoescover29th Street Saxophone Quartet4:45
1992-05Little Suede ShoesRed Rodney6:33
1993-02-21 – 1993-02-22My Little Suede ShoesMassimo Urbani Quartet7:24
1993-11Little Suede ShoesHilton Ruiz6:09
1993-12-15My Little Suede ShoesDr. Lonnie Smith7:24
1998-05My Little Suede ShoesRoy Haynes5:46
2005-05My Little Suede ShoesEddie Daniels4:07
My Little Suede ShoesDave Pike3:39
My Little Suede ShoesRyan Kisor?:??
My Little Suede ShoesliveCharlie Parker4:08
My Little Suede ShoesDave Pike3:39
My Little Suede ShoesliveNHØP Trio5:44
My Little Suede ShoesSonny Rollins2:48
My Little Suede ShoesFred Hersch & Bill Frisell5:34
My Little Suede ShoesCharlie Parker3:06
My Little Suede ShoescoverStandard Roots3:08
My Little Suede ShoesEddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Sonny Stitt5:33
1956-10-05Medley: I Remember You / My Melancholy Baby / Old Folks / They Can't Take That Away From Me / Just Friends / My Little Suede Shoes / Star Eyesinstrumental and medleySonny Rollins26:56