Jet Pilot

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Work status:

  • Had the temporary working title "Pilot Eyes"
  • First copyright date: 1985-01-29
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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (in 1965-10)
publisher:Special Rider Music (from 1985 to present)


1965-10-05Jet Pilot (studio outtake – 1966)Bob Dylan0:50
1965-10-05Jet Pilot (studio: 1965-10-05)Bob Dylan?:??
1965-10-05Jet Pilot (take 1, 10/05/1965, released on Biograph, 1985)Bob Dylan1:27
Jet PilotliveBob Dylan & The Band1:34
Jet PilotBob Dylan?:??
Jet PilotliveBob Dylan1:03
Jet PilotBob Dylan1:31
Jet PilotBob Dylan1:31
Jet PilotcoverNob Dylan and His Nobsoletes1:11
Jet PilotBob Dylan1:36
Jet Pilot (stereo mix) (1965-10-20: Columbia Recording Studios, Studio A, New York City, NY, USA)Bob Dylan?:??
Jet Pilot EyespartialBob Dylan1:30
Jet Pilot EyesBob Dylan1:30
Jet Pilot Eyes (05-Oct-65)liveBob Dylan1:32
Pilot Eyes (1965-06-16 studio take)Bob Dylan1:30