lyricist and composer:Pete Townshend (of The Who)
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1971-03-17 – 1971-03-18Behind Blue Eyes (original version)The Who3:28
1971-04-26Behind Blue Eyes (live, 1971-04-26: Young Vic Theatre, London, UK)liveThe Who4:49
1971-05Behind Blue Eyes (original album version)The Who3:41
1971-07-31Behind Blue Eyes (live, 1971-07-31: Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Flushing, NY, USA)liveThe Who4:36
1971-12-13Behind Blue Eyes (live, 1971-12-13: Civic Center, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveThe Who3:40
1976-06-12Behind Blue Eyes (live)liveThe Who4:39
1976-06-12Behind Blue Eyes (live)liveThe Who3:42
1979-12-28Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:36
1979-12-28Behind Blue Eyes (Live)liveThe Who?:??
1981-03-28Behind Blue Eyes (Live At Rockpalast 1981)liveThe Who3:47
1982-10-10Behind Blue Eyes (live, 1982-10-10: Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA)liveThe Who3:39
1985-11-01 – 1985-11-02Behind Blue EyeslivePete Townshend3:40
1985-11-01 – 1985-11-02Behind Blue EyeslivePete Townshend4:12
1985Behind Blue EyeslivePete Townshend4:47
1986-01-29Behind Blue Eyes (live, 1986-01-29: Rockpalast, Chapiteau du MIDEM, Cannes, FR)livePete Townshend’s Deep End3:45
1986-01-29Behind Blue EyeslivePete Townshend’s Deep End3:45
1989-08-24Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:45
1993-08-07Behind Blue EyeslivePete Townshend3:49
1994-02-23 – 1994-02-24Behind Blue EyesliveRoger Daltrey feat. The Chieftains & John Entwistle5:01
1997-06-14Behind Blue Eyes (live, 1997-06-14: House of Blues, Chicago, IL, USA)liveThe Who4:44
1998-11-09Behind Blue EyeslivePete Townshend3:44
1999-11-12 – 1999-12-23Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:47
2000-02-25 – 2000-02-26Behind Blue EyeslivePete Townshend3:58
2000-11-27Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:49
2000-11-27Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:49
2001-06-22Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2001-06-22, La Jolla Playhouse, CA, USA)livePete Townshend3:30
2001-06-22Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2001-06-22, La Jolla Playhouse, CA, USA)livePete Townshend3:30
2001-06-23Behind Blue EyeslivePete Townshend5:51
2002-07-31Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2002-07-31: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveThe Who4:03
2002-08-25Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:00
2002-08-28Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2002-08-28: Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, OH, USA)liveThe Who4:11
2002-09-14Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:43
2002-09-15Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:52
2002-09-24Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:58
2002-09-27Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who?:??
2004-03-22Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:02
2004-03-24Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2004-03-24: London, UK)liveThe Who3:59
2004-03-25Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2004-03-25: The Forum, London, UK)liveThe Who3:58
2004-03-29Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2004-03-29: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveThe Who4:05
2004-05-01Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2004-05-01: Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta, GA, USA)liveThe Smithereens4:12
2004-06-07Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2004-06-07: National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, UK)liveThe Who3:43
2004-06-12Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who5:02
2004-06-12Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who?:??
2004-06-12Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who5:42
2004-06-12Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2004-06-12: Isle of Wight Festival, Seaclose Park, Newport, UK)liveThe Who5:02
2004-07-28Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2004-07-28: Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia)liveThe Who5:25
2006-07-02Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:04
2006-07-17Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2006-07-17: Vienne Amphitheatre, Lyon, France)liveThe Who3:59
2006-11-10Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2006-11-10: Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveThe Who5:21
2006-11-25Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2006-11-25: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveThe Who5:25
2006-12-08Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who5:42
2007-05-16Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:22
2007-06-01Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2007-06-01: Liberty Stadium, Swansea, UK)liveThe Who?:??
2007-06-06Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:01
2007-06-19Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:58
2007-06-23Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2007-06-23: Knowsley Hall, Knowsley, UK)liveThe Who3:59
2007-06-26Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:27
2007-06-29Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:09
2007-12-14Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2007-12-14: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USA)cover and liveTrans‐Siberian Orchestra feat. Roger Daltrey?:??
2011-11-19Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2011-11-19: Tampere, Finland)cover and liveStratovarius3:59
2012Behind Blue EyescoverKotipelto & Liimatainen3:35
2015-06-21Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2015‐06‐21: Odyssey Arena, Belfast, UK)liveThe Who4:05
2015-06-23Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2015‐06‐23: 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland)liveThe Who4:02
2015-06-26Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2000-06-26: Hyde Park, London, UK)liveThe Who4:15
2015-06-26Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2000-06-26: Hyde Park, London, UK)liveThe Who?:??
Baba O’Riley / Behind Blue EyescoverSinéad O’Connor feat. Roger Daltrey & The Chieftains8:10
Behind Blue EyescoverDave Stewart3:00
Behind Blue EyescoverLimp Bizkit4:30
Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2003-09-06: Finsbury Park, London, UK)cover and liveLimp Bizkit4:00
Behind Blue EyescoverRobert Svilpa3:41
Behind Blue EyesPete Townshend3:25
Behind Blue EyesPete Townshend3:29
Behind Blue EyesPete Townshend3:30
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:41
Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:40
Behind Blue EyesAnthony Head3:20
Behind Blue EyesliveRoger Daltrey8:27
Behind Blue EyesRoger Daltrey2:29
Behind Blue EyesRoger Daltrey2:30
Behind Blue EyescoverPat DiNizio3:51
Behind Blue EyescoverBill Wolford's Head3:48
Behind Blue EyescoverMike Massé3:43
Behind Blue Eyes (live)liveThe Who3:37
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:33
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:45
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:42
Behind Blue EyesThe Who?:??
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:39
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:41
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:42
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:43
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:42
Behind Blue EyescoverSheryl Crow3:59
Behind Blue EyescoverLimp Bizkit4:30
Behind Blue EyescoverRasputina2:30
Behind Blue Eyes (live, The Howard Stern Show, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveRoger Daltrey2:30
Behind Blue EyescoverDavid West4:22
Behind Blue EyescoverBlack Symphony3:53
Behind Blue Eyes (1995 remix)The Who3:42
Behind Blue EyescoverPat DiNizio4:06
Behind Blue EyescoverPaula Fernandes4:04
Behind Blue EyescoverPat Travers3:46
Behind Blue Eyescover and liveIan Paice’s Sunflower Superjam feat. Bruce Dickinson3:52
Behind Blue EyescoverThe BB Band3:36
Behind Blue EyescoverOut of Phase3:57
Behind Blue EyescoverAmazonics4:03
Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:30
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:27
Behind Blue EyesThe Who4:09
Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:06
Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:44
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:42
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:44
Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:37
Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who4:37
Behind Blue Eyes (live, 1999-10-31: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA)liveThe Who?:??
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:43
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:44
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:39
Behind Blue EyescoverLimp Bizkit6:06
Behind Blue EyescoverLimp Bizkit?:??
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:39
Behind Blue EyescoverSheryl Crow3:54
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:31
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:40
Behind Blue EyesliveThe Who3:43
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:25
Behind Blue EyesThe Who3:21
Behind Blue Eyes (live, 2011-11-19: Tampere, Finland)coverStratovarius?:??
Behind Blue Eyescover and liveThe Chieftains feat. Roger Daltrey4:24
Behind Blue EyescoverThe Buddha Lounge Players3:57
Behind Blue EyescoverWithin Temptation4:13
Behind Blue Eyes (Alt., with False Start)The Who?:??
Behind Blue Eyes (From Lifehouse to Leeds)The Who3:30
Behind Blue Eyes (GRiZ remix)The Who7:08
Behind Blue Eyes (live)liveThe Who3:35
Behind Blue Eyes (new version)Pete Townshend3:57
Behind Blue Eyes (new version)Pete Townshend3:59
Behind Blue Eyes (original album version)The Who3:43
Behind Blue Eyes (Piano Rock remix)coverLimp Bizkit4:54