Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific)

~ Song


lyricist:Oscar Hammerstein II
composer:Richard Rodgers
publisher:EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Williamson Music Company
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Wikidata:Q17151241 [info]
referred to in medleys:South Pacific Suite (order: 3)
part of:South Pacific (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical) (order: 5)


1949-02-28Some Enchanted EveningFrank Sinatra with Orchestra conducted by Axel Stordahl3:07
1949-02-28Some Enchanted EveningFrank Sinatra3:10
1949-03-01Some Enchanted EveningPerry Como3:29
1949-12-13Some Enchanted EveningliveFrank Sinatra & Janet Blair3:16
1949Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific, 1949 original Broadway cast)Ezio Pinza3:03
1957-12-10 – 1957-12-12Some Enchanted EveninginstrumentalPercy Faith4:32
1958-01-15 – 1958-01-30Some Enchanted EveningcoverChico Hamilton Quintet3:15
1967-06-18Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific, 1967 Lincoln Center cast)Giorgio Tozzi3:15
1967-07-24Some Enchanted Evening (1967 original studio master)Frank Sinatra2:35
1981-09-07Some Enchanted Evening (live, 1981-09-07: Rome, Italy)cover and liveRay Charles?:??
1990-06Some Enchanted EveninginstrumentalRuby Braff & Dick Hyman4:23
1996-04You'll Never Walk Alone / Some Enchanted Eveninginstrumental and medleyRoberta Piket7:21
1997-06-06Some Enchanted EveninginstrumentalErnie Andrews4:52
1997Some Enchanted Evening (from South Pacific)coverColm Wilkinson3:16
2005-06-09Entr’acte (South Pacific, 2005 Carnegie Hall concert cast)instrumental, live and medleyOrchestra of St. Luke’s, Paul Gemignani3:07
2005-06-09Finale Act 1: Some Enchanted Evening (reprise)live and partialBrian Stokes Mitchell2:09
2005-06-09Finale Act 2: Dites-moi (reprise)instrumental, live and partialReba McEntire, Alexio Barboza, Alex De Castro, Brian Stokes Mitchell2:03
2005-06-09Some Enchanted EveningliveBrian Stokes Mitchell2:54
2005-06-09Some Enchanted Evening (reprise)liveReba McEntire, Brian Stokes Mitchell3:20
2005-06-09Some Enchanted Evening (reprise)live and partialReba McEntire1:06
2012Some Enchanted EveningcoverJackie Evancho4:10
2013-04 – 2013-05Some Enchanted Eveningcover and instrumentalBilly Hart Quartet5:19
El Parador: Some Enchanted EveningBrent Spiner & Maude Maggart3:55
Finale Ultimo: Dites-moi / Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific, 1986 London studio cast)Richard Rodgers4:14
Introduction / Dites-Moi / A Cock-Eyed Optimist / Some Enchanted Evening / Bloody Mary / There Is Nothing Like a Dame / Bali Ha'iinstrumental and medleyConcert Hall Orchestra, Boris Mersson11:22
Introduction / Dites-Moi / A Cock-Eyed Optimist / Some Enchanted Evening / Bloody Mary / There Is Nothing Like a Dame / Bali Ha'iinstrumentalConcert Hall Orchestra, Boris Mersson11:22
Medlicover and medleyCôr Meibion y Brythoniaid8:04
Some Enchanted EveningliveBetty Buckley3:16
Some Enchanted EveninginstrumentalRay Conniff and His Orchestra and Chorus2:27
Some Enchanted EveningWilliam Michals3:45
Some Enchanted EveningEtta Jones2:25
Some Enchanted EveningHoward Keel2:56
Some Enchanted EveningEmile Belcourt?:??
Some Enchanted EveningVictorian Concert Orchestra, Richard Green3:00
Some Enchanted EveningcoverThe Broadway Singers, Adam Mansell Orchestra3:36
Some Enchanted EveningEd Ames3:23
Some Enchanted EveningBryn Terfel3:41
Some Enchanted EveningBing Crosby with The John Scott Trotter Orchestra3:03
Some Enchanted EveninginstrumentalBill Snyder?:??
Some Enchanted EveningcoverNataniël3:14
Some Enchanted EveningJoni James3:04
Some Enchanted EveningAndy Williams4:20
Some Enchanted EveningPerry Como3:27
Some Enchanted EveningPerry Como3:34
Some Enchanted EveningPerry Como?:??
Some Enchanted EveningPerry Como?:??
Some Enchanted EveningFrank Sinatra2:44
Some Enchanted EveningPerry Como3:36
Some Enchanted EveningEzio Pinza3:05
Some Enchanted Eveninginstrumental101 Strings5:04
Some Enchanted EveningcoverFrank Sinatra2:35
Some Enchanted EveningcoverFrank Sinatra3:29
Some Enchanted EveningEzio Pinza3:03
Some Enchanted EveningcoverArt Garfunkel3:35
Some Enchanted EveningPerry Como3:29
Some Enchanted EveningLorna Dallas, Barry Kent & The Eden Singers2:37
Some Enchanted EveninginstrumentalThe London Promenade Orchestra conducted by Eric Hammerstein3:34
Some Enchanted EveningDean Martin3:32
Some Enchanted EveninginstrumentalMantovani3:34
Some Enchanted EveningHoward Keel2:58
Some Enchanted EveningThe Showtime Orchestra & Singers2:56
Some Enchanted EveningJo Stafford3:13
Some Enchanted EveningBing Crosby3:08
Some Enchanted EveningBing Crosby3:03
Some Enchanted EveningBing Crosby3:00
Some Enchanted EveningBing Crosby3:05
Some Enchanted EveningBing Crosby3:07
Some Enchanted EveningRodgers & Hammerstein2:59
Some Enchanted EveningRodgers & Hammerstein2:58
Some Enchanted EveningRodgers & Hammerstein2:57
Some Enchanted Evening101 Strings5:04
Some Enchanted EveningcoverRay Charles4:50
Some Enchanted EveningJo Stafford3:15
Some Enchanted EveningEzio Pinza3:02
Some Enchanted EveningEmbassy Singers and Orchestra?:??
Some Enchanted EveningEzio Pinza3:01
Some Enchanted EveningAdam Mansell Orchestra, The Broadway Singers3:37
Some Enchanted EveningSamuel Ramey3:46
Some Enchanted EveningJosé Carreras, London Symphony Orchestra, Jonathan Tunick3:19
Some Enchanted EveningAlfie Boe3:09
Some Enchanted EveningRodgers & Hammerstein3:04
Some Enchanted EveningRodgers & Hammerstein3:26
Some Enchanted EveningThe Stage Door Orchestra3:34
Some Enchanted EveningliveRay Charles and His Orchestra?:??
Some Enchanted EveningWillard White3:49
Some Enchanted EveningFrank Sinatra3:09
Some Enchanted EveningSamuel Ramey3:45
Some Enchanted EveningJo Stafford3:14
Some Enchanted EveningHoward Keel2:58
Some Enchanted EveningAl Jolson3:11
Some Enchanted EveningRodgers & Hammerstein3:04
Some Enchanted EveninginstrumentalLes Baxter and His Orchestra3:16
Some Enchanted EveningBernadette Peters3:40
Some Enchanted Evening (1963 original studio master)Frank Sinatra3:29
Some Enchanted EveninginstrumentalPercy Faith & His Orchestra4:34
Some Enchanted EveningThe Percy Faith Orchestra4:32
Some Enchanted EveningcoverBing Crosby3:08
Some Enchanted EveningCharles West?:??
Some Enchanted Eveningcover and instrumentalZiegfield Theatre Orchestra?:??
Some Enchanted EveningcoverBob Dylan3:28
Some Enchanted EveningFrank Sinatra3:27
Some Enchanted EveningJay & the Americans2:15
Some Enchanted EveningThe Mantovani Orchestra3:33
Some Enchanted EveningBarbra Streisand3:55
Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific, 1986 London studio cast)Richard Rodgers3:19
Some Enchanted Evening ('South Pacific')Ivor Emmanuel3:04
Some Enchanted Evening (from 'South Pacific')[unknown]2:57
Some Enchanted Evening (from ‘South Pacific’)The West End Orchestra & Singers3:35
Some Enchanted Evening (from "South Pacific")Footlights Orchestra & Chorus3:37
Some Enchanted Evening (from "South Pacific")South Pacific Cast3:01
Some Enchanted Evening (reprise)Rodgers & Hammerstein2:55
Some Enchanted Evening (reprise) (1963 original studio master)Frank Sinatra & Rosemary Clooney3:21
Some Enchanted Evening (reprise)cover and partialFrank Sinatra3:22
Some Enchanted Evening (reprise)Rodgers & Hammerstein1:35
Some Enchanted Evening (reprise)Rodgers & Hammerstein2:25
Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific)William Michals, National Symphony Orchestra & John Owen Edwards3:44
Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific)cover and instrumentalRichard Walters3:29
Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific)Bryn Terfel3:42
Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific)instrumental[unknown]2:48
Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific)Michael Ball & Alfie Boe3:57
Some Enchanted Evening (understudy)Rodgers & Hammerstein2:54
Some Enchanted Evening From 'South Pacific'Ezio Pinza3:06
Some Enchanted Evening, From "South Pacific"instrumentalRichard Alden his Piano & Orchestra4:10
Some Enchanted Evening, From "South Pacific"instrumentalLondon Promenade Orchestra & Eric Hammerstein3:38
Some Enchanting EveninginstrumentalRonnie Aldrich, His Piano & Orchestra3:33
Some Entchanted EveningPerry Como3:28
South PacificmedleyLondon Philharmonic Orchestra22:38
South Pacific: “Some Enchanted Evening“Gerald Finley, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Edward Gardner3:42
South Pacific: Some Enchanted EveninginstrumentalThe London Pops Orchestra3:19
South Pacific: Some Enchanted EveningEzio Pinza4:21
South Pacific: Some Enchanted EveningRichard Rodgers3:21
South Pacific: Some Enchanted EveningRichard Rodgers3:03
South Pacific: Some Enchanted EveningJohn Raitt?:??
South Pacific: Some Enchanted EveningJosé Carreras, London Symphony Orchestra, Jonathan Tunick3:19
South Pacific: Twin Soliloquies / Some Enchanted EveningmedleyMitzi Gaynor & Giorgio Tozzi5:53