New Thing

~ Song


writer: Donnie Vie
Chip Z’Nuff
publisher: Enuff Z’Nuff Songs Inc.
Fajerstein Music Inc.
MCA Music Ltd.
Octa Music Inc.
WB Music Corp.
Warner/Chappell Music, Ltd. (1996–present)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1991-05-19 New Thing (live, 1991-05-19: The Town and Country Club, Kentish Town, London, UK) live Enuff Z’Nuff ?:??
New Thing (live) live Enuff Z’Nuff 5:23
New Thing Enuff Z’Nuff 4:19
New Thing Enuff Z’Nuff 4:21
New Thing Enuff Z’Nuff 4:11
New Thing Enuff Z'nuff 4:21
New Thing (edit) Enuff Z’Nuff ?:??
New Thing (live unplugged in London) live Enuff Z’Nuff 3:26