writer:Glenn Frey (US musician/singer/songwriter, member of the Eagles)
Don Henley
J.D. Souther
publisher:Benchmark Music
Kicking Bear Music
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Wikidata:Q3808735 [info]


1994-04-26Best of My Love (live, 1994-04-26: Burbank, CA, USA)liveEagles5:39
1994-04-28Best of My Love (live, 1994-04-28: Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA, USA)liveEagles5:38
Best of My Lovecover藤田恵美4:43
Best of My LoveEagles3:46
Best of My LoveEagles4:28
Best of My LoveliveDon Henley4:29
Best of My LovecoverBrooks & Dunn4:40
Best of My LovecoverYvonne Elliman3:39
Best of My Love (2007 remix)cover藤田恵美4:43
Best of My Lovecover7 Bridges: The Ultimate Eagles Experience4:07
Best of My Lovecover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:03
Best of My LoveEagles4:35
Best of My LoveEagles5:19
Best of My LoveEagles5:39
Best of My LoveEagles3:24
Best of My LoveEagles5:39
Best of My LoveThe Eagles4:33
Best of My LovecoverLori Johnson?:??
Best of My LoveEagles5:15
Best of My LoveEagles3:34
Best Of My LovecoverAswad3:52
Best Of My LoveEagles4:20
Best of My Love (single edit)Eagles3:32
Best of My Love (single edit)Eagles3:32
The Best of My LovecoverRod Stewart3:44
The Best of My LoveEagles4:34
The Best of My LovecoverRockabye Baby!3:40
The Best of My LoveEagles5:07