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writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
publisher:Maclen Music, Inc.
Northern Songs
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC
lyrics page:https://genius.com/The-beatles-julia-lyrics [info]
http://lyrics.wikia.com/The_Beatles:Julia [info] (until 2020-09-21)
SecondHandSongs:https://secondhandsongs.com/work/3172 [info]
Songfacts:http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=163 [info]
Wikidata:Q1472175 [info]
referred to in medleys:Eleanor Rigby / Julia (Love version) (order: 2)


1968-05Julia (Esher demo)The Beatles3:56
1968-10-13Julia (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:54
1968-10-13Julia (2018 stereo mix)The Beatles2:56
1968-10-13Julia (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:54
1968-10-13Julia (take 2)The Beatles1:57
1968-10-13Julia (5.1 mix)The Beatles2:54
1968-10-13Julia (two rehearsals)The Beatles4:31
1989-12Juliacover and instrumentalClifford Jordan, Ran Blake4:14
1994-10-31Juliacover and livePhish2:46
2002-02-23 – 2002-02-25Juliacover and instrumentalScenario, Simone Santini, Alberto Marsico, Enzo Zirilli?:??
2002-08-09 – 2002-08-10Julia (live, 2002-08: Teatro ND Ateneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina)cover and livePedro Aznar3:16
2008-06-28Julia (live, 2008-06-28: Sgt. Pepper’s … Revisited, Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveEdwin Outwater conducting Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with additional musical support from Aloke DasGupta, Satnam Ramgotra, Gingger Shankar, Christopher Smith, Mohiuddin Ahmed & Mark Power feat. Billy Corgan?:??
JuliacoverGiacomo Bondi4:39
JuliacoverMike Miller3:51
JuliacoverLet hit be3:10
Juliacover and instrumentalRoar Engelberg?:??
JuliacoverThe Vacant Lots2:18
JuliaChris Gall3:18
JuliacoverMorgan James3:02
JuliacoverMagical Mystery Band2:57
JuliacoverNeilson Hubbard3:00
JuliacoverApple Pies4:38
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaRab Howat2:53
JuliacoverWalter Lang Trio4:20
JuliacoverVibes & Strings5:23
Juliacover and instrumentalKit Walker6:21
Juliacover and instrumentalKit Walker6:21
Juliacover and instrumentalLondon String Orchestra3:14
Juliacover and instrumentalNight on Earth3:53
Juliacover and instrumentalRamsey Lewis?:??
Juliacover and instrumentalNonato Luiz4:11
Juliacover and instrumentalWadim Brodski3:10
JuliaThe Beatles2:54
JuliaThe Beatles2:55
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaThe Beatles3:42
JuliaThe Beatles3:44
JuliaThe Beatles3:23
JuliaThe Beatles0:17
JulialiveThe Beatles3:42
JulialiveThe Beatles3:43
JuliaThe Beatles2:55
JuliaThe Beatles2:54
JuliaThe Beatles3:35
JuliaThe Beatles3:56
JuliaThe Beatles3:03
JuliacoverJacob Fred Jazz Odyssey6:57
JuliacoverRamsey Lewis5:20
Juliacover and liveMedeski Scofield Martin & Wood5:18
JuliacoverChocolate Genius4:34
JuliacoverHarry Sacksioni2:04
JuliacoverRamsey Lewis4:19
JuliacoverMichael Occhipinti & Shine On5:05
Juliacover and instrumentalBill Frisell3:31
JuliacoverA Girl Called Eddy3:04
Juliacover and instrumentalSally Harmon3:48
JuliaThe Beatles2:52
JuliainstrumentalKazuhito Yamashita2:44
JuliaJohn Lennon2:59
JuliaJohn Lennon?:??
JuliaJohn Lennon2:59
JuliaJohn Lennon3:44
JuliaJohn Lennon2:56
JuliaJohn Lennon2:54
JuliaJohn Lennon3:42
JuliaBria Skonberg4:50
JuliacoverB For Bang4:09
JuliacoverDon Rosler with Emily O'Reilly2:33
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaThe Beatles3:59
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaThe Beatles?:??
JuliaThe Beatles2:54
JuliaThe Beatles2:56
JuliaThe Beatles4:16
JuliaThe Beatles3:06
JuliaThe Beatles3:38
JuliaThe Beatles3:58
JuliaThe Beatles2:54
JuliaThe Beatles2:54
JuliaThe Beatles2:45
JuliaThe Beatles3:41
JuliaThe Beatles2:54
Julia (1968 Demo)John Lennon?:??
Julia (Demo Take 2)John Lennon3:00
Julia (demo)The Beatles3:54
Julia (Demos Recorded Prior to the White Album)John Lennon?:??
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