anthem of:Louisiana, United States
writer:Jimmie Davis (American politician, singer and songwriter)
Charles Mitchell (1940s steel-guitarist)
publisher:Peer International (BMI)
Southern Music Publishing Co., Inc. ((ASCAP) tradename Peermusic) (on 1940-01-30)
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Wikidata:Q2478532 [info]
referred to in medleys:Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine
Vereinzelt Schauer (order: 10)
“Unbegun” Symphony: Andante—Allegro (order: 18)
later parody versions:Man Gaujā benzīns
later translated versions:Mä päivänsäteen näin kerran pienen
Mä päivänsäteen näin kerran pienen
You Are My Sunshine


1940-02-05You Are My SunshineJimmie Davis2:48
1941-06-18You Are My SunshineGene Autry2:26
1941-07-08You Are My SunshineBing Crosby2:39
1941-07-08You Are My SunshineBing Crosby2:34
1941Chattanooga Choo Choo / You Are My Sunshine / Elmer's Tune (Fox Trot Medley With Vocal Chorus)cover and medleyNat Brandwynne And His Orchestra?:??
1941You Are My SunshineBing Crosby2:36
1944-08-04You Are My SunshineinstrumentalBunk Johnson3:55
1946-02-20Frank Sinatra Introduces Louisiana Gov. Jimmie Davis / You Are My Sunshinecover and liveFrank Sinatra and Gov. Jimmie Davis with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra2:38
1947You Are My SunshineinstrumentalAlbert Ammons2:51
1948-11-14You Are My SunshineliveGene Autry1:55
1957-02-05You Are My Sunshine (take named (2) on BCD 17254)coverJerry Lee Lewis2:16
1957-02-05You Are My Sunshine (false start named (1) & take named (2) on BCD 17254)coverJerry Lee Lewis2:26
1957-02-05You Are My Sunshine (take named (3) on BCD 17254)coverJerry Lee Lewis2:11
1957-02-05You Are My Sunshine (2 false starts named (1) on BCD 17254)coverJerry Lee Lewis0:26
1957-07-23You Are My SunshineJohnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys2:23
1957You Are My SunshinecoverCarl McVoy2:16
1960You Are My SunshinecoverRick Nelson2:36
1961-08-13You Are My SunshineinstrumentalThe Three Sounds3:04
1961-12-21You Are My Sunshine (mono mix)coverTony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers2:22
1961-12-21You Are My Sunshine (stereo mix)coverTony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers2:26
1962-04-17You Are My SunshinecoverDodo Greene3:03
1962-09-05You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles with The Raelets feat. Margie Hendrix3:00
1963-02You Are My SunshineBill Henderson4:38
1963-03 – 1963-04You Are My SunshinecoverDick Dale and His Del‐Tones1:59
1963You Are My SunshineAndy Williams2:26
1964Medley - I've Got You Under My Skin, You Come a Long Way From St. Louis, Hit the Road Jack, You Are My Sunshine (live, 1964: Frank Sinatra Spectacular)live and medleySammy Davis Jr.6:44
1964You Are My SunshinecoverGene Vincent & The Shouts3:33
1965-08-31You Are My SunshinecoverGeorge Russell Sextet Guest Don Cherry10:40
1966-11-14My Only Sunshine (11/14/66)coverThe Beach Boys6:50
1966-11-22You Are My SunshineinstrumentalJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys3:16
1967-06-20You Are My Sunshine (stereo)coverAretha Franklin4:23
1967-06-20You Are My Sunshine (mono)coverAretha Franklin4:23
1969-01-21You Are My Sunshine 21.12coverThe Beatles1:58
1969-01-27You Are My Sunshine 27.55coverThe Beatles2:10
1969You Are My SunshineBob Dylan & Johnny Cash3:20
1969You Are My SunshineJohnny Cash & Bob Dylan3:22
1969You Are My Sunshine (1969-02-18: Columbia Studio A, Nashville, TN, USA)Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash3:24
1969You Are My SunshineBob Dylan & Johnny Cash3:28
1969You Are My Sunshine (take 1)coverBob Dylan & Johnny Cash3:17
1970-05-23You Are My Sunshine (live, 1970-05-23: show 3, International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA)cover and liveJerry Lee Lewis2:48
1970You Are My Sunshinecover and instrumentalMoe Koffman3:13
1972-04-26You Are My Sunshinecover and liveMose Allison3:06
1972-12-31You Are My Sunshine (live, 1972-12-31, Dalton, Georgia)cover and liveJerry Lee Lewis1:18
1974-04-10You Are My SunshineJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:24
1974-08-28You Are My SunshinecoverChuck Berry2:51
1974You Are My SunshinecoverBryan Ferry6:47
1977-07-13You Are My Sunshineinstrumental and liveMilt Jackson & Ray Brown11:51
1979-06-20You Are My Sunshine (live, 1979-06-20, show 2, The Palomino, Van Nuys, CA, USA)cover and liveJerry Lee Lewis4:35
1982-07-21You Are My Sunshine (live, 1982-07-21: Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland)liveMose Allison4:43
1989-05-24 – 1989-07-18You Are My SunshinecoverGeorge Adams5:05
1989You Are My SunshineJames Morrison6:43
1991-08-04You Are My SunshineinstrumentalThe Ray Brown Trio6:25
1994-09You Are My SunshinecoverAnn Hampton Callaway4:53
1997-05-31Ain't No Sunshine / You Are My Sunshinelive and medleyPatti Page2:44
2001-02-26You Are My SunshineliveGrady Tate2:35
2002-10-14You Are My Sunshinecover and liveErvin Travis and the Virginians?:??
2005-02You Are My SunshineinstrumentalBill Frisell, Ron Carter & Paul Motian5:57
2006-10-26 – 2006-10-30You Are My Sunshinecover and liveB.B. King3:24
2008-01-31Oh! Susanna / You Are My Sunshine (live, 2008-01-31: The Moore Theater, Seattle, WA, USA)cover, live and medleyThe Decemberists2:54
2011-06-28You Are My SunshineliveB.B. King7:02
2016-10-29You Are My Sunshinecover and liveRon Carter, Richard Galliano5:40
2018-03-27You Are My SunshineinstrumentalHouston Person & Ron Carter5:44
2018-11-17You Are My Sunshineinstrumental and liveRon Carter with Renee Rosnes / Jimmy Greene / Payton Crossley6:32
100% Non-Stop Fun Medleycover and medley[unknown]42:46
Eddie Banjomedley and partialFindlay Napier2:36
Hold On (live, 2004-08-19/20: Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, Canada)live and partialSarah McLachlan5:54
Intro-Bossa-Oito / You're My SunshinecoverCanarios5:45
Jesus Gonna Be Herecover, live and partialTom Waits4:25
Medley: Chicago (That Toddlin’ Town) / Blueberry Hill / Calcutta / Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home / You Are My Sunshine / When the Saints Go Marching Home / Ja Da / I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter / Lullaby of Broadway / American Patrolcover, instrumental, medley and partialThe All American Swing Band?:??
Medley: Good Morning, Good Morning / Jingle Jangle Jingle / You Are My Sunshine / Let’s Have Another OnemedleyMax Bygraves3:37
No Good Luck / You Are My Sunshinecover and medleyRuby Solly3:22
SunshinecoverAmanda Rogers1:42
Sunshine (Super Low rmx)coverHis Name Is Alive feat. Nanang Tatang4:16
You Are My Sunchinecover and instrumentalCorbett & Traver?:??
You Are My SunshinMose Allison2:10
You are My SunshineMose Allison4:53
You Are My SunshineliveB.B. King, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi6:44
You Are My SunshinecoverJasmine Thompson2:37
You Are My SunshineliveJerry Lee Lewis4:34
You Are My SunshineCraig Duncan3:29
You Are My Sunshinecover and liveSupercharge3:57
You Are My SunshinecoverThe Dead South3:20
You Are My Sunshine'Night, Sweet Pea?:??
You Are My Sunshine (1940-02-05)Jimmie Davis2:36
You Are My SunshineJeremy Sassoon4:45
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles3:01
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles3:06
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles3:01
You Are My Sunshinecover and liveRay Charles3:12
You Are My Sunshinecover and liveRay Charles3:23
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles2:58
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles2:52
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles2:58
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles2:58
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles2:58
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles2:59
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles3:03
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles3:00
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