"You Are My Sunshine" is a standard of American old-time country music and one of the official state songs of Louisiana. Though its original writer is disputed, according to the performance rights organisation BMI in 2000, the song had been recorded by over 350 artists and translated into 30 languages.

Written and recorded as early as 1939, the song was first published and copyrighted in 1940 by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell. Davis went on to be governor of Louisiana from 1944 to 1948 and again from 1960 to 1964, and used the song for his election campaign. In 1977, the Louisiana State Legislature decreed "You Are My Sunshine" the state song in honor of Davis. Its most well-known covers include a recording by Johnny Cash in 1989.

In 1999, "You Are My Sunshine" was honored with a Grammy Hall of Fame award, and the Recording Industry Association of America named it one of the Songs of the Century. In 2003, it was ranked as No. 73 on CMT's 100 Greatest Songs in Country Music.

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anthem of:Louisiana, United States
writer:Jimmie Davis (American politician, singer and songwriter)
Charles Mitchell (1940s songwriter)
publisher:Peer International (BMI)
Southern Music Publishing Co., Inc. ((ASCAP) tradename Peermusic) (on 1940-01-30)
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Wikidata:Q2478532 [info]
referred to in medleys:Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine
Vereinzelt Schauer (order: 10)
“Unbegun” Symphony: Andante—Allegro (order: 18)
later parody versions:Man Gaujā benzīns
later translated versions:Mä päivänsäteen näin kerran pienen
Mä päivänsäteen näin kerran pienen
My Sunny Sunshine
You Are My Sunshine


1940-01-17You Are My SunshineBob Atcher and Bonnie Blue Eyes2:46
1940-02-05You Are My SunshinecoverJimmie Davis2:50
1941-06-18You Are My SunshineGene Autry2:26
1941-07-08You Are My SunshineBing Crosby3:34
1941-07-08You Are My SunshineBing Crosby2:35
1941Chattanooga Choo Choo / You Are My Sunshine / Elmer’s Tune (fox trot medley with vocal chorus)cover and medleyNat Brandwynne and His Orchestra?:??
1944-06-03You Are My Sunshine / Sonny Boy / You’re the Topcover and medleyBing Crosby, Frank Sinatra & Bob Hope3:09
1944-08-04You Are My SunshineinstrumentalBunk Johnson3:55
1946-02-20Frank Sinatra Introduces Louisiana Gov. Jimmie Davis / You Are My Sunshinecover and liveFrank Sinatra and Gov. Jimmie Davis with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra2:38
1946-05-27You Are My SunshineliveBob Wills and His Texas Playboys2:05
1947You Are My Sunshine (1947-xx-xx, mx. 1171)instrumentalAlbert Ammons and His Rhythm Kings2:51
1948-11-14You Are My SunshineliveGene Autry1:55
1949You Are My SunshineinstrumentalAlbert Ammons?:??
1957-02-05You Are My Sunshine (2 false starts named (1) on BCD 17254)coverJerry Lee Lewis0:26
1957-02-05You Are My Sunshine (take named (3) on BCD 17254)coverJerry Lee Lewis2:11
1957-02-05You Are My Sunshine (take named (2) on BCD 17254)coverJerry Lee Lewis2:16
1957-02-05You Are My Sunshine (false start named (1) & take named (2) on BCD 17254)coverJerry Lee Lewis2:26
1957-07-23You Are My SunshinecoverJohnnie & Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys2:23
1957You Are My SunshinecoverCarl McVoy2:16
1960You Are My SunshinecoverRick Nelson2:36
1961-08-13You Are My SunshineinstrumentalThe Three Sounds3:04
1961-12-21You Are My Sunshine (stereo mix)coverTony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers2:26
1961-12-21You Are My Sunshine (mono mix)coverTony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers2:22
1962-04-17You Are My SunshinecoverDodo Greene3:03
1962-09-05You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles with The Raelets feat. Margie Hendrix3:00
1963-02You Are My SunshineBill Henderson4:38
1963-03 – 1963-04You Are My SunshinecoverDick Dale and His Del‐Tones1:59
1963You Are My SunshineAndy Williams2:26
1964Medley - I've Got You Under My Skin, You Come a Long Way From St. Louis, Hit the Road Jack, You Are My Sunshine (live, 1964: Frank Sinatra Spectacular)live and medleySammy Davis Jr.6:44
1964You Are My SunshinecoverGene Vincent & The Shouts3:33
1965-08-31You Are My Sunshine (live, 1965‐08‐31: Beethoven Hall, Stuttgart, Germany)cover and liveGeorge Russell Sextet Guest Don Cherry10:40
1966-11-14My Only Sunshine (11/14/66)coverThe Beach Boys6:50
1966-11-22You Are My SunshineinstrumentalJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys3:16
1967-06-20You Are My Sunshine (stereo)coverAretha Franklin4:23
1967-06-20You Are My Sunshine (mono)coverAretha Franklin4:23
1969-01-21You Are My Sunshine 21.12coverThe Beatles1:58
1969-01-27You Are My Sunshine 27.55coverThe Beatles2:10
1969You Are My SunshineJohnny Cash & Bob Dylan3:22
1969You Are My SunshineBob Dylan & Johnny Cash3:28
1969You Are My SunshineBob Dylan & Johnny Cash3:20
1969You Are My Sunshine (1969-02-18: Columbia Studio A, Nashville, TN, USA)Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash3:20
1969You Are My Sunshine (take 1)coverBob Dylan & Johnny Cash3:17
1970-05-23You Are My Sunshine (live, 1970-05-23: show 3, International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA)cover and liveJerry Lee Lewis2:48
1970You Are My Sunshinecover and instrumentalMoe Koffman3:13
1972-04-26You Are My Sunshinecover and liveMose Allison3:06
1972-12-31You Are My Sunshine (live, 1972-12-31, Dalton, Georgia)cover and liveJerry Lee Lewis1:18
1974-04-10You Are My SunshineJimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys2:24
1974-08-28You Are My SunshinecoverChuck Berry2:51
1974You Are My SunshinecoverBryan Ferry6:48
1977-07-13You Are My Sunshineinstrumental and liveMilt Jackson & Ray Brown11:51
1979-06-20You Are My Sunshine (live, 1979-06-20, show 2, The Palomino, Van Nuys, CA, USA)cover and liveJerry Lee Lewis4:35
1982-07-21You Are My Sunshine (live, 1982-07-21: Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland)liveMose Allison4:43
1989-05-24 – 1989-07-18You Are My SunshinecoverGeorge Adams5:05
1989You Are My SunshineJames Morrison6:43
1991-08-04You Are My SunshineinstrumentalThe Ray Brown Trio6:25
1994-09You Are My SunshinecoverAnn Hampton Callaway4:53
1997-02-01You Are My Sunshine (live, 1997‐02‐01: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveTom Petty and the Heartbreakers1:45
1997-05-31Ain’t No Sunshine / You Are My Sunshinelive and medleyPatti Page2:44
2000-01-10 – 2000-01-14You Are My SunshineinstrumentalRay Brown7:06
2001-02-26You Are My SunshineliveGrady Tate2:35
2002-10-14You Are My Sunshinecover and liveErvin Travis and the Virginians?:??
2005-02You Are My SunshineinstrumentalBill Frisell, Ron Carter & Paul Motian5:57
2006-10-26 – 2006-10-30You Are My Sunshinecover and liveB.B. King3:24
2008-01-31Oh! Susanna / You Are My Sunshine (live, 2008-01-31: The Moore Theater, Seattle, WA, USA)cover, live and medleyThe Decemberists2:54
2011-06-28You Are My SunshineliveB.B. King7:02
2016-10-29You Are My Sunshinecover and liveRon Carter, Richard Galliano5:40
2018-03-27You Are My SunshineinstrumentalHouston Person & Ron Carter5:44
2018-11-17You Are My Sunshineinstrumental and liveRon Carter with Renee Rosnes / Jimmy Greene / Payton Crossley6:32
100% Non-Stop Fun Medleycover and medley[unknown]42:46
Eddie Banjomedley and partialFindlay Napier2:36
Hold On (live, 2004-08-19/20: Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, Canada)live and partialSarah McLachlan5:54
Intro-Bossa-Oito / You're My SunshinecoverCanarios5:45
Jesus Gonna Be Herecover, live and partialTom Waits4:25
Medley: Chicago (That Toddlin’ Town) / Blueberry Hill / Calcutta / Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home / You Are My Sunshine / When the Saints Go Marching Home / Ja Da / I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter / Lullaby of Broadway / American Patrolcover, instrumental, medley and partialThe All American Swing Band?:??
Medley: Good Morning, Good Morning / Jingle Jangle Jingle / You Are My Sunshine / Let’s Have Another OnemedleyMax Bygraves3:37
No Good Luck / You Are My Sunshinecover and medleyRuby Solly3:22
SunshinecoverAmanda Rogers1:42
Sunshine (Super Low rmx)coverHis Name Is Alive feat. Nanang Tatang4:16
You Are My Sunchinecover and instrumentalCorbett & Traver?:??
You Are My SunshinMose Allison2:10
You are my SunshinePatricia Barber6:24
You are My SunshineMose Allison4:53
You Are My SunshinecoverRichard Berry & The Pharaohs2:37
You Are My SunshinecoverJimmie Davis?:??
You Are My SunshinecoverLeo Moracchioli2:35
You Are My SunshineinstrumentalTom Adams2:56
You Are My SunshinecoverJimmie Davis?:??
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles2:59
You Are My SunshinecoverThe Dead South3:20
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles3:01
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles2:57
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles?:??
You Are My SunshinecoverMike Tinsley & The Embassy Sisters0:50
You Are My SunshinecoverJohnny and Jack?:??
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles3:01
You Are My Sunshinecover and liveB.B. King4:18
You Are My Sunshinecover横山健3:19
You Are My SunshinecoverRay Charles?:??
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