Still Alive (Portal)

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lyricist and composer:Jonathan Coulton
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referred to in medleys:I Survive! (OC ReMix)
Still Distantly Alive
later parody versions:My Little Portal
later translated versions:awen lon
part of:Portal (video game soundtrack)


2008-02-22Still Alive (live, 2008-02-22: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveJonathan Coulton3:05
2008-02-22Still AliveliveJonathan Coulton3:05
2008-08Still Alive (live, 2008-08: PAX 2008)liveJonathan Coulton feat. Felicia Day3:26
2009-01-18Still Alive (live, 2009-01-18: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveJonathan Coulton?:??
2009-05-14Still Alive (live, 2009-05-14: Belly Up Solana Beach)liveJonathan Coulton3:27
2009-11-13Still Alive (live, 2009-11-13: Union Chapel, London, UK)liveJonathan Coulton3:19
2012-10-07Still Alive (Portal)cover and liveVideo Game Orchestra3:26
2012-12Still AliveliveJonathan Coulton3:40
2013-09-28Still Alive (Live!)cover and liveLaura Intravia & Tommy Tallarico4:35
Jonathan Coulton 'Still Alive (Portal)'coverWalt Ribeiro3:08
Jonathan Coulton ‘Still Alive’coverWalt Ribeiro3:08
Mega Man 2 “wily theme” OC ReMixcover, instrumental and medleyTheManPF feat. Zach Chapman, DakotaCityRag, Chocobao & Gamer of the Winds9:50
Portal - Still AlivecoverHat & Button3:46
Portal - Still AlivecoverXMark3:03
Portal – Still AlivecoverUniversity of Maryland’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra5:39
Portal “Live from [SUBJECT HOMETOWN HERE]” OC ReMix (OC ReMix edition)coverUniversity of Maryland’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra4:40
Portal: Still AlivecoverMOD3:06
Portal's Still Alive - Re-donecoverMr. Sandvice & ZingaDJ2:56
Still AlivecoverIsvaffel2:57
Still Alivecover and liveGamer Symphony Orchestra at The University of Maryland4:30
Still Alive (Portal, The Greatest Video Game Music 2)coverLondon Philharmonic Orchestra3:07
Still AlivecoverBroniKoni2:58
Still Alivecover家庭用ロボットアイゼン feat. portal3:04
Still Alivecover and liveUnicante3:05
Still AlivecoverMike Massé2:56
Still AlivecoverFatalExceptionID2:56
Still AliveJonathan Coulton4:15
Still AlivecoverErutan3:06
Still AliveGLaDOS2:57
Still Alive - VGMCONcert Version (from “Portal”)coverGamer’s Rhapsody & Raymusique feat. Brandon L. Harnish, Becca Michaelson, SableProvidence, V-Ron Media, Ryan McGaughey, Sarah Wolf, Ian Martyn & Nate Ringdal3:12
Still Alive (As They Burned Mix)Jonathan Coulton2:54
Still Alive (Cover)coverProfessor Shyguy2:31
Still Alive (From "Portal")coverThe 8‐Bit Big Band3:11
Still Alive (From "Portal")coverMr Dooves2:55
Still Alive (From “Portal”)coverFuzz Pixels feat. Todd Barriage2:48
Still Alive (Groupees fan-voted cover)coverJesse Bishop3:04
Still Alive (J.C. mix)Jonathan Coulton2:56
Still Alive (live in Toronto) (live, Toronto, Canada)liveJonathan Coulton3:47
Still Alive (Portal)cover and liveVideo Game Music Choir2:58
Still Alive (Portal)Robotnik2:55
Still Alive (Portal)coverinsaneintherainmusic feat. Sab Irene5:10
Still Alive (Portal)coverEmbargo Studios2:55
Still Alive (Portal) [Death vocal version]coverDaniel Tidwell2:59
Still Alive (Portal) [instrumental]cover and instrumentalDaniel Tidwell2:56
Still Alive (Raddox Remix)coverRaddox4:31
STILL ALIVE (RADIO MIX (THESINKBOY RMX))TheSinkBoy & Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories1:30
Still Alive (radio mix clean)instrumentalAperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories0:46
Still Alive (radio mix clean)Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories0:45
Still Alive (radio mix)instrumentalAperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories0:46
Still Alive (radio mix)Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories0:45
Still Alive AcapellaPeter Hollens & Jonathan Coulton2:56
Still Alive Floppy Diskcover and instrumentalArganalth2:58
Still Alive from Portal (Karaoke Version)cover and karaokeThe 8‐Bit Big Band3:14