Sea Song

~ Work


lyricist and composer:Robert Wyatt (Canterbury scene)


1974-09-08Sea Song (live, 1974-09-08: Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London, UK)liveRobert Wyatt & Friends9:13
1974-09-10Sea SongliveRobert Wyatt8:12
1974-09-10Sea Song (live, 1974: John Peel, BBC Radio)liveRobert Wyatt8:10
2008-04-07Sea Song (live, 2008-04-07: Casa del Jazz, Roma, Italy)cover and liveRoberto Gatto5:40
2010-12Sea Song (live, 2010-12: Union Chapel, London)cover and liveThe Unthanks6:59
Sea SongcoverMop Meuchiine8:53
Sea SongRobert Wyatt6:31
Sea SongcoverDune & The London Session Orchestra3:47
Sea SongcoverRachel Unthank & The Winterset6:19
Sea Songcoverברי סחרוף3:58
Sea SongcoverAnnie Whitehead5:46
Sea SongcoverEmm Gryner4:33
Sea SongcoverKlimperei?:??
Sea SongcoverNorth Sea Radio Orchestra, John Greaves & Annie Barbazza5:54
Sea SongcoverKlimperei3:15
Sea SongcoverCi s'ha3:19