Adiós Nonino (original instrumental version)

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I think it is a widespread mistake to write "Noñino". It must be "Nonino".

"Nonino" was the name that Piazzolla's kids called his father; it is the Italian nickname for a grandfather (online dictionaries say the Italian word for grandfather is "nonno", but I guess it is added a diminutive form as in signora --> signorina). Thus, there must not be a "ñ" because this letter does not exist in Italian.

This is a BBC-recorded performance from 1989 with a commentary by Piazzolla at approx. 0:50 min where says literally:

"Nonino means 'grandfather' in Italian. And my children used to call my father Nonino, so when he died I wrote this composition called 'Adios Nonino.' "

And as he is saying it, you can hear in his pronounciation that it is actually written "Nonino".

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composer:Astor Piazzolla (composer and bandoneon player) (in 1959-10)
Wikidata:Q2158791 [info]
later versions:Adiós Nonino (Arr. José Bragato)
is the basis for:La yumba / Adiós Nonino
arrangements:Adiós Nonino (catch-all for arrangements)


1966-12-06Adiós, NoninoAníbal Troilo4:16
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1984-10-15Adiós Nonino (live, 1984-10-15: Teatro Nazionale, Milan, Lombardy, Italy)liveAstor Piazzolla8:17
1987-09-06Adiós NoninoliveAstor Piazzolla8:12
1987Adiós NoninoliveAstor Piazzolla?:??
1989-11-04Adiós NoninoliveAstor Piazzolla8:26
1995-10Adiós noninoBarenboim, Mederos & Console4:00
1999-04Adiós noninoTrio Pantango8:42
2001-05-19 – 2001-05-27Adiós NoninoOrchestra da Camera Italiana, Salvatore Accardo, Francesco Fiore, Laura Manzini10:36
2005-11-13 – 2005-11-15Adios noninoArabella Steinbacher, Peter von Wienhardt6:12
2006-09Adiós NoninoRufo Herrera, Orquestra Ouro Preto, Silvio Viegas6:16
2014-05 – 2014-10Adiós NoninoAnne Gastinel6:26
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Adiós NoninoUwaga!5:21
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Adiós NoninoÁstor Piazzolla3:24
Adiós NoninoSexteto Mayor4:20
Adiós NoninoAstor Piazzolla11:27
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Adiós NoninoOrquestra Harmônicas de Curitiba3:11
Adiós noniñoAstor Piazzolla7:58
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Adiós NoniñoAstor Piazzolla11:31
Adiós NoniñoAstor Piazzolla7:42
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Adiós Noniño (bis)Astor Piazzolla8:15
Adiós Nonino (Instrumental)Astor Piazzolla4:16
Adiós Nonino (Tango Rapsodia)Luis Bacalov, Héctor Ulises Passarella, Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Myung-Whun Chung8:06
Adiós nonino (Tango)Quartango7:30
Claro de Luna / Adiós NoninocoverTangoloco5:38
Farewell NoninoVictor Villadangos4:36
Tango Suite: Adios NoniñoGiora Feidman, Berliner Symphoniker, Lior Shambadal3:59