Lonesome Valley (folk song)

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This is not the o brother where art thou version

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composer: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
lyricist: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
later versions: Lonesome Valley (From “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1956-12-04 Walk That Lonesome Valley cover and live Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis et Carl Perkins 2:26
1978-05-08 Lonesome Valley Lawrence Eller, Vaughn Eller, and Ross Brown 2:45
1993-06-26 Lonesome Valley (live, 1993-06-26: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA) cover and live Bruce Springsteen 3:05
Lonesome Valley Kevin Coyne 2:50
Lonesome Valley live Joan Baez feat. Pete Seeger 3:32
Lonesome Valley Kevin Coyne 2:57
Lonesome Valley Kevin Coyne 2:58
Lonesome Valley cover and live Bruce Springsteen feat. Joe Ely & Soozie Tyrell 3:37