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lyricist:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Yoko Ono (Japanese-American musician and artist)
composer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
publisher:Downtown DMP Songs
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
Lenono Music
フジパシフィックミュージック 第2事業部
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later parody versions:Imagine
Imagine There’s No Boomers
later translated versions:Immagina che (Italian version)
is the basis for:From Bach to The Beatles
lyrics quoted in:現代人諸君!!


1971-05-23Imagine (demo)John Lennon3:19
1971-05-27Imagine (take 1, 5.1 mix)John Lennon3:27
1971-05-27Imagine (take 1)John Lennon3:06
1971-05-27Imagine (take 1) (longer version with bass and banter before start)John Lennon3:25
1971-05-27Imagine (take 10, 5.1 mix)John Lennon3:13
1971-05-27Imagine (take 10)John Lennon3:12
1971-05-27 – 1971-07-04Imagine (2018 5.1 mix)John Lennon3:08
1971-05-27 – 1971-07-04Imagine (2018 remix)John Lennon3:06
1971-05-27 – 1971-07-04Imagine (Quadrasonic mix)John Lennon3:07
1971-07-04Imagine (strings, 5.1 mix)instrumentalJohn Lennon2:15
1971-07-04Imagine (strings) (Elements mix)instrumentalJohn Lennon2:15
1971Imagine (live, 1971: The Apollo)liveJohn Lennon3:11
1971ImaginecoverMerl Saunders - Jerry Garcia, Tom Fogerty, John Kahn, Bill Vitt2:36
1972-01-19Imaginecover and liveJerry Garcia & Merl Saunders8:52
1972-01Imaginecover and instrumentalHank Crawford4:05
1972-08-30Imagine (live 1972-08-30: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveJohn Lennon3:17
1972ImaginecoverJoan Baez3:27
1973-11-07Imagine (live in studio, 1973-11-07: Liisankadun Studio, Helsinki, Finland)coverWigwam3:43
1974-06Imagine (live, 1974-06)cover and liveWigwam3:32
1975-04-18Imagine (Live) (Filmed at the 'Salute To Lew Grade' on April 18th 1975)liveJohn Lennon?:??
1980-11-02Imaginecover and liveElton John5:50
1980-12-04Imagine (1980‐12‐4: Frankfurt)cover and liveQueen2:24
1980-12-14Imagine (live, 1980-12-14: Festhalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany)cover and liveQueen?:??
1980-12-14Imagine (1980‐12‐14: Frankfurt, Germany)cover and liveQueen2:18
1983-12-08Imaginecover and liveDavid Bowie4:39
1983-12-08Imagine (live, 1983-12-08: Hong Kong)cover and liveDavid Bowie4:48
1984-05Imagine (Aria)coverJohn Bayless1:56
1984-05Imagine (Sinfonia)coverJohn Bayless3:24
1985-07-13Imagine (live, 1985-07-13: Live Aid 1985, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, USA)cover and livePatti LaBelle4:58
1985-07-13Imagine (live, 1985-07-13: Live Aid 1985)livePatti LaBelle4:44
1985-07-13Imagine (live, 1985-07-13: Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK)cover and livePatti LaBelle4:59
1985-10ImaginecoverOfra Harnoy & Armin Electric Strings3:26
1987-03-26 – 1987-03-29ImaginecoverMark Knopfler2:41
1987-03Imaginecover and liveChet Atkins & Mark Knopfler2:53
1990-10-06Imagine (live, 1990-10-06: Sofia, Bulgaria)cover and liveSylvie Vartan3:34
1990-10-06Imagine (live, 1990-10-06: Sofia, Bulgarie / introduction en bulgare « La chanson suivante est de John Lennon, et c’est l’une de mes préférées car elle parle d’espoir, de tolérance et de liberté. »)cover and liveSylvie Vartan?:??
1991-08-25Imaginecover, instrumental and liveGonzalo Rubalcaba7:24
1991-12-12Imagine (live, 1991‐12‐12: Sunderland, UK)cover and liveTori Amos3:09
1991-12-12Imagine (live, 1991-12-12: WEAR FM, Toscas Sunderland, UK)cover and liveTori Amos3:09
1992-10-08Imagine (live, 1992-10-08: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveThe Flying Elephants3:40
1993-04-03Imagine (live, 1993-04-03: Feldbach, Austria)cover and liveChesney Hawkes3:28
1993-04ImagineinstrumentalStanley Cowell6:11
1993-07-16Imagine (Live in Argentina)cover and liveGuns N’ Roses2:11
1993-07-16Patience / Imagine (“Unplugged” live, 1993-07-16: USA)cover, live, medley and partialGuns N’ Roses8:17
1994-06-23Imaginecover and instrumentalGonzalo Rubalcaba6:29
1995-09-02Imagine / Give Peace a Chance (live, 1995-09-02: Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH, USA)cover, live and medleyJon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora6:07
1995-09-12Imagine ~ Give Peace a Chance (acoustic) (live, 1995-09-12: Cleveland, OH, USA)cover and liveBon Jovi6:26
1995-12-29Imagine (live, 1995‐12‐29: Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USA)liveBlues Traveler5:59
1996-12 – 1997-01Imagine!coverJeff Berlin7:38
1999-06Imaginecover and instrumentalKarumanta3:07
2001-09-21Imagine (live, 2001-09-21: Sony Music Studios, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveNeil Young3:13
2001-10-21Imaginecover and liveNeil Young & Crazy Horse?:??
2004-07-15Imaginecover and liveSantana5:05
2004-11-22 – 2004-11-23Imaginecover and instrumentalVijay Iyer3:44
2004Imagine (studio demo 2004)coverMadonna?:??
2005-07-15Imagine (soundcheck, Hyde Park, UK July 15th, 2005)cover and liveQueen + Paul Rodgers3:16
2005-07-15Imagine (Hyde Park, UK July 15th, 2005)cover and liveQueen + Paul Rodgers3:53
2008-02ImaginecoverMaureen McGovern3:31
2010-11-04Imagine (live, 2010‐11‐04: Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ, USA)cover and liveA Perfect Circle5:49
2010Imagine (live, 2010: USA)cover and liveA Perfect Circle4:56
2010ImaginecoverHerbie Hancock feat. P!nk, Seal, India.Arie, Jeff Beck, Konono Nº1 & Oumou Sangaré7:20
2011-01-10 – 2011-01-11ImaginecoverJesse Fischer & Soul Cycle feat. Rogiérs4:24
2011-04-23Imagine (live, 2011‐04‐23: Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USA)cover and liveChris Cornell4:07
2011-07-08Imagine (live, 2011-07-08: Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI, USA)cover and liveA Perfect Circle?:??
2011-07-26Imagine (live, 2011‐07‐26: SDSU Open Air Theatre, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA)cover and liveA Perfect Circle4:52
2011-11-16Imagine (live; 2011-11-16: The Howard Stern Show: New York, NY, USA)cover and liveChris Cornell3:31
2013-03-30Imagine (live, 2013-03-30: Jockey Club de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil)cover and liveA Perfect Circle4:51
2014-04-11Imagine (live, 2014-04-11: Changsha, Hunan, China)cover and liveG.E.M. 邓紫棋3:53
2014-07-18Imaginecover and liveEddie Vedder3:57
2014-10-03Imagine (live, 2014-10-03: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:35
2014-10-05Imagine (live, 2014-10-05: Zilker Park, Austin, TX, USA)cover and livePearl Jam4:49
2014-10-09Imagine (live, 2014-10-09: Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln, NE, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:37
2014-10-16Imagine (live, 2014-10-16: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, USA)cover and livePearl Jam4:18
2014-10-17Imagine (live, 2014-10-17: iWireless Center, Moline, IL, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:23
2014-10-19Imagine (live, 2014-10-19: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, USA)cover and livePearl Jam4:21
2014-10-22Imagine (live, 2014-10-22: Pepsi Center, Denver, CO, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:40
2014-12-07Imaginecover and instrumentalOrquestra Ouro Preto5:02
2015-10-01Imaginecover and liveIiro Rantala, Viktoria Tolstoy, Ulf Wakenius, Lars Danielsson & Morten Lund8:19
2015-11-04Imagine (live, 2015-11-04: Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile)cover and livePearl Jam3:58
2015-11-07Imagine (live, 2015-11-07: Estadio Ciudad de la Plata, La Plata, Argentina)cover and livePearl Jam5:23
2015-11-14Imagine (live, 2015-11-14: Estádio do Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil)cover and livePearl Jam4:28
2016-04-11Imagine (live, 2016-04-11: Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:49
2016-04-30Imagine (live, 2016-04-30: International Jazz Day 2016: The White House, Washington, DC, USA)liveHerbie Hancock, Esperanza Spalding, Kurt Elling, Aretha Franklin, Al Jarreau, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Jamie Cullum, Sting, Terence Blanchard, Dianne Reeves, Terri Lyne Carrington, Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Wayne Shorter, Christian McBride, Marcus Miller, Lionel Loueke, Trombone Shorty & Zakir Hussain?:??
2016-05-10Imagine (live, 2016-05-10: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada)cover and livePearl Jam4:06
2016-12-03Imagine (live, 2016‐12‐03: Zénith de Rouen, Le Grand-Quevilly, France)cover and liveKids United2:56
2016Imaginecover and liveThe Best of Britain3:28
2017-04-28Imaginecover, instrumental and liveIiro Rantala & The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen6:36
2017-10-28Imagine (live, 2017-10-28: Foro Pegaso, Toluca, Mexico)cover and liveA Perfect Circle4:55
2017-11-10Imagine (live, 2017‐11‐10: Cross Insurance Arena, Portland, ME, USA)cover and liveA Perfect Circle4:50
2018-06-16Another One Bites the Dust / Image / Jump / Blitzrieg Bop (Live at Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands, June 16, 2018)cover, live and partialFoo Fighters?:??
2018-06-16Another One Bites the Dust / Imagine / Jump / Blitzkrieg Bop (live, 2018-06-16: Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands)cover, live and partialFoo Fighters11:07
2018-06-19Jump X Imagine (2018-06-19: Etihad Stadium, Manchester, England)cover, live and partialFoo Fighters2:53
2018-06-26Imagine (live, 2018-06-26: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy)cover and livePearl Jam3:38
2018-07-07Imagine (live, 2018-07-07: Festival Park Werchter, Werchter, Belgium)cover and livePearl Jam3:36
2018-10-22Keyboard Solo / Jump / Imaginecover, live and partialFoo Fighters?:??
2019-07-26Imagine (live, 2019-07-26: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA)cover and liveYes with John Lodge4:53
2020-11ImaginecoverMeena Cryle, Andy Baum, Peter Dürr, Viki Miehl, Christian Loebenstein, Bluatschink, Tini Kainrath, Anzo Morawitz, Christian Becker, Thomas Eder, Rue Kostron, Mario Stübler & Max Tschida3:46
[Imagine (instrumental, 5.1 mix)]instrumentalJohn Lennon3:06
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / Imaginecover and medleyDave Koz feat. Rebecca Jade4:54
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