lyricist:Robert Hunter (American lyricist, non-performing member of the Grateful Dead)
composer:Jerry Garcia (guitarist / vocalist in Grateful Dead)
publisher:Ice Nine Publishing Company, Inc.
Universal Music Corp. (USA, affiliated with ASCAP)


1986-12-05Black Muddy River (studio rehearsal 12/5/86)Grateful Dead5:38
1986-12-31Black Muddy River (live, 1986-12-31: Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, KFOG-FM San Francisco Broadcast, Oakland, CA, USA)liveGrateful Dead6:21
1987-01-06 – 1987-01-13Black Muddy RiverGrateful Dead5:58
1987-01-28Black Muddy RiverliveGrateful Dead?:??
1987-03-24Black Muddy River > (live, 1987-03-24: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA, USA)liveGrateful Dead6:09
1987-05-02Black Muddy River (encore)liveGrateful Dead?:??
1987-09-08Black Muddy River (encore)liveGrateful Dead?:??
1987-10-02Black Muddy River (encore)liveGrateful Dead?:??
1987-11-15Black Muddy RiverliveGrateful Dead6:48
1988-03-30Black Muddy River (encore)liveGrateful Dead?:??
1988-09-14Black Muddy RiverliveGrateful Dead?:??
1988-09-14Black Muddy RiverliveGrateful Dead6:14
1988-09-18Black Muddy River (encore)liveGrateful Dead?:??
1988-10-14Black Muddy River (encore)liveGrateful Dead?:??
1989-04-03Black Muddy RiverliveGrateful Dead6:44
1989-04-12Black Muddy RiverliveGrateful Dead6:39
1989-05-06Black Muddy RiverliveGrateful Dead?:??
1989-07-12Black Muddy RiverliveGrateful Dead6:33
1989-08-18Black Muddy River (encore)liveGrateful Dead?:??
1990-03-14Black Muddy RiverliveGrateful Dead6:00
1990-04-02Black Muddy RiverliveGrateful Dead6:28
1991-08-13Black Muddy River (encore)liveGrateful Dead?:??
1995-07-09Black Muddy River (encore)liveGrateful Dead?:??
1998-11-27Black Muddy River (live, 1998-11-27: The Fiddlers, Bristol, UK)cover and liveWaterson:Carthy4:07
1999Black Muddy River (live, 1999)cover and liveNorma Waterson, Martin Carthy & Chris Parkinson3:49
2000-07-07 – 2000-07-09Black Muddy River (live, 2000-07: Tanz & Folkfest, Rudolstadt, Germany)cover and liveWaterson:Carthy4:17
2016-06-17Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company7:55
2016-06-23Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company8:38
2016-07-02Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company9:24
2016-07-15Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company8:20
2016-07-27Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company8:44
2017-06-03Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company8:04
2017-06-17Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company8:03
2017-06-28Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company8:37
2017-11-28Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company6:30
2018-06-01Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company8:38
2018-06-23Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company8:06
2019-06-12Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company8:27
2021-08-18Black Muddy RiverliveDead & Company9:47
Black Muddy RivercoverAnela Lauren6:24
Black Muddy RivercoverJesse McReynolds With David Nelson & Stu Allen5:37
Black Muddy RivercoverGregg Allman4:37
Black Muddy RiverliveThe Dead7:15
Black Muddy RivercoverIsrael Vibration4:45
Black Muddy RivercoverRoots of Creation feat. Melvin Seals5:17
Black Muddy RivercoverWaterson:Carthy4:10
Black Muddy RivercoverBruce Hornsby and DeYarmond Edison7:38
Black Muddy Rivercover and liveWaterson:Carthy4:10
Black Muddy Rivercover and liveBob Dylan4:57
Black Muddy RivercoverIsrael Vibration4:48
Black Muddy RivercoverNorma Waterson4:22
Black Muddy RivercoverThe Persuasions4:17
Black Muddy RivercoverThe Persuasions4:14
Brigid Cruise / Black Muddy Rivercover and medleyWake the Dead6:26