composer:Rollo Armstrong
Dido (English singer‐songwriter)
Rick Nowels
lyricist:Dido (English singer‐songwriter)
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Wikidata:Q539119 [info]
Wikipedia:en: White Flag (song) [info]
part of:The Ballad of the Costa Concordia


2004-08White Flag (live, 2004-08: Brixton Academy, London, England, UK)liveDido4:16
2004-08White Flag (live, 2004-08: Brixton Academy, London, England, UK)liveDido5:36
White FlagcoverMurray Head3:56
White FlagcoverMark Bodino3:36
White FlagDido?:??
White FlagcoverRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra3:37
White FlagcoverOut of the Blue?:??
White FlagcoverDacapella?:??
White FlagcoverAndré Herman Düne3:15
White Flagcover and instrumentalVitamin Piano Series3:37
White FlagDido4:01
White FlagcoverDuke University Out of the Blue?:??
White Flagcover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:03
White Flag (radio edit)Dido3:37
White FlagcoverFoxing4:23
White Flagcover0 Eight 5Teens3:15
White FlagcoverStudio 993:36
White FlagcoverMen in Drag3:25
White Flag (live, KYSR 98.7 Star Lounge, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveDido3:11
White FlagDido?:??
White FlagliveDido4:26
White FlagDido3:37
White FlagliveDido3:08
White FlagDido3:09
White FlagDido3:59
White Flag (Al B. Rich radio mix)Dido4:08
White Flag (album mix)coverBelle Lawrence4:44
White Flag (Almighty mix)coverBelle Lawrence3:03
White Flag (Beginnerz Mix)Dido7:27
White Flag (Beginnerz remix)Dido7:33
White Flag (DJ Nadinho Mix)Dido5:04
White Flag (Gigi D'agostino remix edit)Dido?:??
White Flag (Hardcore)coverSkudero5:33
White Flag (Idjut Boys remix)Dido3:45
White Flag (Johnny Too Bad Classic Mix)Dido4:14
White Flag (Johnny Toobad mix)Dido4:10
White Flag (Johnny Toobad Remix)Dido4:06
White Flag (Jonny Toobad mix)Dido4:10
White Flag (Makina)coverSkudero7:56
White Flag (Scumfrog Mix)Dido8:00
White Flag (Scumfrog remix)Dido3:40
White Flag (Scumfrog Remix)Dido3:31
White Flag (Version Idjut)Dido7:12