composer:Herbert Jackson (Chicago house producer, member of Phuture)
DJ Pierre (US House DJ/producer Nathaniel Pierre Jones)
Spanky (Producer/Remixer Earl Smith Jr.)
publisher:Sanlar Publishing


Acid Tracks (part of a “Masterpiece: Created By Gilles Peterson” DJ‐mix)Phuture6:28
Acid Tracks (part of "Trax Records: The 20th Anniversary Edition" DJ mix)Phuture3:42
Acid Tracks (part of “The Original Sound of Ibiza” DJ‐mix)Phuture4:18
Acid TracksPhuture5:43
Acid TracksPhuture5:46
Acid TracksPhuture4:35
Acid TracksPhuture5:46
Acid TracksPhuture5:22
Acid TracksPhuture1:43
Acid TracksPhuture2:58
Acid Tracks (part of “TWe Call It Acieeed!” DJ-mix)Phuture5:23
Acid Tracks (Afro Acid mix) (part of “The Haçienda Acid House Classics” DJ-mix)Phuture5:26
Acid Tracks (original 12″ version)Phuture11:48
Acid TraxPhuture12:19
Acid Trax (part of “The Return of Judge Jules vs. John Kelly” DJ-mix)Phuture1:50
Acid Trax (part of “Acid House Anthems” DJ-mix)Phuture2:28
Acid TraxPhuture11:17
Acid Trax (part of "Club Classics: Universal Stories of Dance" DJ mix)Phuture?:??
Acid TraxPhuture5:24
Acid Trax (part of "The Art of Acid" DJ mix)Phuture2:38
Acid TraxPhuture11:49
Acid TraxPhuture8:32
Acid TraxPhuture11:49
Acid Trax (album version)Phuture11:49
Acid Trax (Plump DJ's edit)Phuture5:42