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writer:Stewart Copeland
Sting (singer, songwriter & member of The Police)
publisher:Police Songs (Publishing company for UK band The Police)
Virgin Music (publisher only, do not use as a label)


1979-03-04Landlord (live, 1979-03-04: Zellerbach Auditorium, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA)liveThe Police2:25
1979-03-04Landlord (live, 1979-03-04: Zellerbach Auditorium, Berkeley, CA, USA)liveThe Police2:25
1979-03-09Landlord (live, 1979-03-09: The Palladium, Dallas, TX, USA)liveThe Police2:43
1979-03-23Landlord (live, 1979-03-23: The Edge, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveThe Police2:44
1979-04-04Landlord (live, 1979-04-04: The Bottom Line, New York City, NY, USA)liveThe Police2:36
1979-04-07Landlord (live, 1979-04-07: The Paradise, Boston, MA, USA)liveThe Police2:43
1979-04-07LandlordliveThe Police2:41
1979-05-16Landlord (live, 1979-05-16: The Roxy, San Diego, CA, USA)liveThe Police2:19
1979-05-26Landlord (live, 1979-05-26: The Longhorn, Minneapolis, MN, USA)liveThe Police2:39
1979-10-02Landlord (live, 1979-10-02: My Father's Place, Long Island, NY, USA)liveThe Police2:28
1979-10-09Landlord (live, 1979-10-09: Rougues, Virginia Beach, VA, USA)liveThe Police2:40
1979-11-27Landlord (live, 1979-11-27: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA)liveThe Police2:27
1979-11-27Landlord (live, 1979-11-27: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA)liveThe Police2:16
1980-04-04Landlord (live, 1980-04-04: Palasport, Torino, Italy)liveThe Police2:48
1980-04-06Landlord (live, 1980-04-06: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany)liveThe Police2:57
LandlordThe Police3:10
LandlordThe Police2:36
LandlordJuliana Hatfield3:21
Landlord (live)liveThe Police2:37